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Web browsers and JASSS

Many JASSS articles include specialised mathematical symbols and Greek letters. Most modern browsers are capable of reproducing these effectively, but some of them need to be set up properly to do so. If your browser displays the following using the correct Greek letters and mathematical symbols, your browser is fine. If what you see looks like: " & gamma; & ne; & Epsilon;", then read on for advice on how to make your browser display it properly.
γ ≠ Ε
To view these symbol, you need a browser that is compatible with HTML 4.0 or above and that supports Unicode fonts. You also need a Unicode font. The best way to achieve this is to upgrade your browser to the current version.

In Netscape 4.x, it is worth trying to change the character set to a Unicode font. In the View menu, select the Character Set item, and then choose Unicode (UTF-8) from the sub-menu.

Helpful hints on issues of fonts and web browsers can be found at Alan Wood's Unicode Resources. Please let JASSS know if you have any information about displaying symbols that would be helpful to pass on to other readers; email suggestions to jasss@soc.surrey.ac.uk.


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