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J. Gary Polhill

Gary Polhill did a degree in Artificial Intelligence and a PhD in Neural Networks before spending 18 months in industry as a professional programmer. Since 1997 he has been working at the Macaulay Institute on agent-based modelling of land use and related systems. He is interested in complex systems, social dilemmas, spatially-explicit modelling, and best practice in agent-based modelling, programming and design.

Macaulay Institute
Scotland, United Kingdom
AB15 8QH
United Kingdom

Email: g.polhill@macaulay.ac.uk
Web: http://www.macaulay.ac.uk/fearlus

Bruce Edmonds

Bruce Edmonds is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Policy Modelling (http://cfpm.org) at Manchester Metropolitan University. More details about him can be found at his home page: http://bruce.edmonds.name

Centre for Policy Modelling
Manchester Metropolitan University
Aytoun Building
Aytoun Street, United Kingdom
M1 3GH
United Kingdom

Email: bruce@edmonds.name
Web: http://bruce.edmonds.name


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