Latest Research

An Exploration of Drivers of Opinion Dynamics
   Els Weinans, George van Voorn, Patrick Steinmann, Elisa Perrone and Ahmadreza Marandi [In Press]

Schwartz Human Values and the Economic Performance
   Marcin Czupryna, Katarzyna Growiec, Bogumił Kamiński and Paweł Oleksy [In Press]

Modelling Adaptive and Anticipatory Human Decision-Making in Complex Human-Environment Systems
   Jens Koed Madsen, Brian Powers, Richard Bailey, Ernesto Carrella, Nicolas Payette and Toby Pilditch [In Press]

Job Done? Future Modeling Challenges After 20 Years of Work on Bounded-Confidence Models
   Shuo Liu, Michael Mäs, Haoxiang Xia and Andreas Flache

Bounded Confidence Revisited: What We Overlooked, Underestimated, and Got Wrong
   Rainer Hegselmann

Opinion Dynamics Model Revealing Yet Undetected Cognitive Biases
   Guillaume Deffuant

Calibrating an Opinion Dynamics Model to Empirical Opinion Distributions and Transitions
   Martin Gestefeld and Jan Lorenz

Scientific Disagreements and the Diagnosticity of Evidence: How Too Much Data May Lead to Polarization
   Matteo Michelini, Javier Osorio, Wybo Houkes, Dunja Šešelja and Christian Straßer

The Wisdom of the Small Crowd: Myside Bias and Group Discussion
   Edoardo Baccini, Zoé Christoff, Stephan Hartmann and Rineke Verbrugge

How Availability Heuristic, Confirmation Bias and Fear May Drive Societal Polarisation: An Opinion Dynamics Simulation of the Case of COVID-19 Vaccination
   Teng Li and Wander Jager

What Matters Most in Supporting Cooperation, the Gossip Content or the Gossiper’s Intention? Simulating Motive Interpretation in Gossip Dynamics
   Martina Testori, Francesca Giardini, Charlotte K Hemelrijk, Terence D Dores Cruz and Bianca Beersma

An Assimilation Anomaly: Averaging-Induced Reversal of Overall Opinion in Two Interacting Societies
   Jacob Landsberg and Adam Landsberg

Network Structure Can Amplify Innovation Adoption and Polarization in Group-Structured Populations with Outgroup Aversion
   Bruce Miller, Ivan Garibay, Jacopo Baggio and Edwin Nassiff

Equation-Based Versus Agent-Based Models: Why Not Embrace Both for an Efficient Parameter Calibration?
   Priscilla Avegliano and Jaime Simão Sichman

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Volume 26
Issue 4
November 2023