Latest Research

An Agent-Based Model of MySide Bias in Scientific Debates
   Louise Dupuis de Tarlé, Matteo Michelini, AnneMarie Borg, Gabriella Pigozzi, Juliette Rouchier, Dunja Šešelja and Christian Straßer

An Agent-Based Model to Assess Possible Interventions for Large Shigellosis Outbreaks
   Erez Hatna, Jeewoen Shin, Katelynn Devinney, Julia Latash, Vasudha Reddy, Beth Nivin, Alyssa Masor and Sharon K. Greene

An Agent-Based Model for Assessing the Resilience of Drug Trafficking Organizations to Law Enforcement Interventions
   Deborah Manzi and Francesco Calderoni

An Agent-Based Model of Transhumant Decision-Making Processes in Senegal
   Cheick Amed Diloma Gabriel Traoré, Etienne Delay, Djibril Diop and Alassane Bah

Exploring the Complexities of Negotiation: Strategies for Successful Intra- and Inter-Team Negotiation in Organizations
   Minyoung Choi and Jae-Suk Yang

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Volume 27
Issue 3
June 2024