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Guido Fioretti

Guido Fioretti, born 1964, made a PhD in economics after graduating in electronic engineering, both at La Sapienza university, Rome. He is currently an assistant professor of organization science at the university of Bologna. His research areas range from cognitive science and decision theory to the collective behaviour of societies and organizations. His interest for artificial societies stem from the possibility of investigating complex decision situations offered by agent-based modelling. Guido Fioretti believes in one single social science, defined by the object of investigation rather than by any particular method of enquiry.

Department of Management Science
Via Capo di Lucca 34

Email: guido.fioretti@unibo.it
Web: http://www.cs.unibo.it/people/faculty/fioretti/

Alessandro Lomi

Alessandro Lomi is a Professor of Economics and Management in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Italian Switzerland at Lugano (CH) and a Professor of Organization Theory and Behavior in the Department of Management Sciences at the University of Bologna (Italy) where he is also a member of the Institute of Advanced Study. From 2005 he is an International Research Collaborator of the Social Network Laboratory at the School of Behavioral Science, The University of Melbourne (Australia). His research interests include the analysis of social networks within and between organizations, computational models of organizational and economic processes, and demographic models of industry evolution.

Department of Management Science
via Capo di Lucca 34
40126 Bologna

Email: alessandro.lomi@unibo.it


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