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Ugo Merlone

His main research interests are mathematical modeling of organizations and bounded rationality agents interactions dynamics. He published several papers in peer reviewed journals and has been visiting scholar at University of Arizona, London School of Economics and Harvard University.

Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics
University of Torino
Piazza Arbarello 8

Email: merlone@econ.unito.it
Web: http://web.econ.unito.it/merloneugo/

Michele Sonnessa

Michele Sonnessa, PD Dr. phil. is a temporary professor at the University of Torino, Italy. His main interest concerns the comparison and the integration of different simulation techniques, such as System Dynamics, Process Simulation and Agent-Based Modelling.He is administrator of the JAS project (http://jaslibrary.sourceforge.net).

Department of Computer Science
University of Torino
Corso Svizzera 185
10149 Torino

Email: sonnessa@di.unito.it

Pietro Terna

Pietro Terna, (born in 1944) is full professor of Economics at the University of Torino (Italy), Department of Economics and Finance G.Prato. His recent works are in the fields (i) of artificial neural networks and economic and financial modeling and (ii) of social simulation with agent based models, where he has been pioneering the use of Swarm. He has been developing an original simulation system to reproduce enterprise and organization behavior, named java Entrerprise Simulator, visible at http://web.econ.unito.it/terna/jes Now he is developing a new version of the Swarm protocol upon Python, visible at http://eco83.econ.unito.it/terna/slapp/

Dipartimento di Scienze economiche e finanziarie
corso Unione Sovietica 218bis

Email: pietro.terna@unito.it
Web: http://web.econ.unito.it/terna


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