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Gero Schwenk

Gero Schwenk (Ph.D. in Social Sciences, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany, 2008) is assistant professor at the chair of services marketing at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany. His reseach focuses on computational and bayesian models of social behavior. Past projects include multi agent modeling of choice behavior in social networks, item-response measurement of cognitions of social influence, bayesian network modeling of influence processes and a bayesian meta-analysis regarding pro-environmental behavior. Furthermore he has a strong interest in philosophy of science and the methodological foundations of social science.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt
Marketing Department
Mertonstr. 17-25

Email: gero.schwenk@web.de

Torsten Reimer

Torsten Reimer (Ph.D. in Psychology, Free University of Berlin, Germany, 1996; Habilitation in Psychology, University of Basel, Switzerland, 2005) joined the department of communication at the Unversity of Maryland in the fall of 2006 as an assistant professor specializing in persuasion and social influence processes. Dr. Reimer studies the role of communication in decision making. His research aims to understand the functionality of heuristic information processing in advice giving, persuasion, and group decision-making. The overarching goal of his research project is to explore how communication principles can facilitate decision making by guiding information processing and reducing information overload.

University of Maryland
College Park
MD 20742-7635
United States

Email: treimer@umd.edu
Web: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~treimer/treimer.html


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