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Thomas Hills

Thomas T. Hills received his Ph.D. in 2003 in biology at the University of Utah, studying the neural and cognitive factors influencing spatial foraging in animals. He discovered that many of the molecular and behavioral mechanisms governing spatial foraging are evolutionary precursors of human goal-directed cognition. He has since studied factors influencing the exploitation/exploration trade-off in relationship to learning, problem solving, memory search, and spatial foraging at both the University of Texas at Austin and Indiana University. He is presently an associate scientist at Indiana University in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

1101 E. 10th St
Bloomington, IN
United States

Email: thills@indiana.edu
Web: http://mypage.iu.edu/~thills/thomashills.html

Peter Todd

Peter M. Todd received his PhD in 1992 in psychology at Stanford University, studying neural network models of the evolution of learning. In 1995 he moved to Germany to help found the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (ABC), based at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin. He is currently Professor of Informatics, Cognitive Science, and Psychology at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he leads the ABC-West Lab. His research interests span the interactions between and co-evolution of decision making and decision environments, in domains including mate choice, food choice, and search in space and memory.

1101 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405
United States

Email: pmtodd@indiana.edu
Web: http://www.cogs.indiana.edu/pmtodd.html


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