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Patrick Groeber

Patrick Groeber is currently a Ph.D. student at the ETH Zurich. His area of research is the emergence of social norms and conventions. He earned his master degree in mathematics from the University of Bremen.

Kreuzplatz 5
8032 Zurich

Email: pgroeber@ethz.ch

Frank Schweitzer

Frank Schweitzer has been Full Professor for Systems Design at ETH Zurich since 2004. In his professional carrier, he worked for different research institutions (Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Sankt Augustin) and universities (Humboldt University Berlin, Cornell University Ithaca NY, Emory University, Atlanta GA). His research focuses on applications of complex systems theory to the dynamics of social and economic organizations. This includes the development of formal concepts, quantitative modeling and computer simulations.

Chair of Systems Design
KPL F 33
Kreuzplatz 5

Email: fschweitzer@ethz.ch
Web: http://www.sg.ethz.ch/people/scfrank

Kerstin Press

Kerstin Press currently works as a scientific employee in the division of Finance, Human Resources and Infrastructure of Zurich University. Her research interest includes the dynamics of industrial clusters, issues relating to the boundaries of the firm as well as university management. She earned a PhD in Economics from Duisburg University, Germany in 2005 and worked as a Post Doc Researcher at the Chair of Systems Design, ETH for about two years.

Division of Finance
Human Resources and Infrastructure
University of Zurich
Kunstlergasse 15
8001 Zurich

Email: kerstin.press@access.uzh.ch


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