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Nuno David

Nuno David is a professor at Instituto de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (ISCTE), Lisbon, Portugal. He teaches the disciplines of object-oriented programming and of social systems simulation in the Department of Information Science and Technology of ISCTE. His interests include the methodology and philosophy of computer science, the ontology and epistemology of artificial societies and social simulation, and in particular, the implications of interdisciplinary computer-based approaches for social theory and for computer science methodologies. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Lisbon.

ISCTE - Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa
Av. das Forças Armadas
1649-026 Lisboa

Email: Nuno.David@iscte.pt
Web: http://www.iscte.pt/~nmcd

José Castro Caldas

José Castro Caldas is a researcher at the Centre for Social Studies (CES) of Coimbra University, Portugal. He was previously assistant professor at the Economics Department of ISCTE-IUL and researcher at DINÂMIA/ISCTE. He graduated in Economics and concluded a Master in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management and a PhD in Economics. His present main research interests include personal and collective deliberation, institutional economics and the history of economics.


Email: jmcc@iscte.pt

Helder Coelho

Helder Coelho is a Professor of computer science (artificial intelligence) at the University of Lisbon. He has a BSc and MSc from the IST (Technical University of Lisbon) and a PhD from Edinburgh University, UK. He also has a degree of Informatics Expert from the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Lisbon.

Faculdade de Ciencias
Bloco C5
Piso 1
Campo Grande, Lisboa, Portugal

Email: hcoelho@di.fc.ul.pt
Web: http://www.di.fc.ul/~hcoelho


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