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Jinho Choi

Jinho Choi obtained his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees from KAIST. He is a faculty member of School of Business at Sejong University. Prior to joining the Sejong faculty, he worked for Entrue Consulting Partners, LG CNS as a business/IT consultant. He has coauthored six EC-related books (in Korean), and has published a number of articles in IT journals, including OMEGA, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Expert Systems with Applications, and Online Information Review and many other domestic journals. His current research interests are network analysis and knowledge evolution, data mining, and supply chain optimization.

School of Business
Sejong University
98 Gunja-dong Gwangjin-gu
South Korea

Email: jhchoi@sejong.ac.kr

Gyoo Gun Lim

Gyoo Gun Lim received his PhD in Management Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) of Korea in 2001. He is currently an Associate Professor of MIS at School of Business, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. His current research interests include e-business, IT service, and intelligent systems. His work has been published in several journals including Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Information & Management. He will serve as a corresponding author for this paper with Professor Kun Chang Lee.

School of Business
Hanyang University
7 Haengdang-dong Sungdong-gu
South Korea

Email: gglim@hanyang.ac.kr

Kun Chang Lee

Kun Chang Lee has a double appointment in the SKK Business School and Department of Interaction Science as a Professor of MIS and Creativity Science, at Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea). He acquired his PhD from KAIST in 1988. He has served as a president of the Knowledge Management Society of Korea from March 2008 to March 2010. He is a corresponding author for this paper. His research works has appeared in Journal of MIS, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, etc.

SKK Business School and Department of Interaction Science
Myung Ryun 3-53
Chong No-Ku
South Korea

Email: kunchanglee@gmail.com
Web: http://wiz.skku.edu/leekc


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