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Dan Miodownik

Dan Miodownik (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2005) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He studies the emergence, unfolding and regulation of anti-regime mobilization, protest behavior, ethnic polarization, and civil wars.

Department of Political Science
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus
Jerusalem, 91905

Email: miodownik@mscc.huji.ac.il
Web: http://plutomail.huji.ac.il/~miodownik

Britt Cartrite

Britt Cartrite (Ph.D., University of Colorado 2003) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics at Alma College. He researches the emergence of ethnopolitical mobilization, with an emphasis on movements in Western Europe and the application of complexity theory.

Department of Political Science
614 W. Superior
Alma, MI 48801
United States

Email: cartrite@alma.edu

Ravi Bhavnani

Ravi Bhavnani (Ph.D., University of Michigan 2003) is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University. He combined doctoral work in political science with a degree certificate in complex systems. His current research focuses on the micro-foundations of mass participation in ethnic violence, rebellion, and civil war.

Department of Political Science
303 S. Kedzie Hall
East Lansing
United States

Email: bhavnani@msu.edu
Web: http://polisci.msu.edu/bhavnani


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