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Klaus Jaffe

Degrees in chemistry, biochemistry and behavioral sciences. Researcher in chemical entomology and evolutionary biology for over 30 years. During the last 20 years he is simulation biological and cultural evolution of societies at Universidad Simon Bolivar. He coordinates the Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Science at USB

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Email: kjaffe@usb.ve
Web: http://atta.labb.usb.ve/Klaus/klaus.htm

Luis Zaballa

Born in Bilbao (Spain), 1965. In 1988 he became a Law Graduate from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He became a Spanish Career Diplomat in 1994, being posted at the Embassies of Spain in Angola, Ukraine, and Venezuela. From 2000 to 2002 he was a visiting researcher at the Department Anthropology of Harvard University. In 2006 he published the book Polis: A Natural History of Society, proposing an evolutionary basis for an integrated social science. He has authored several scientific articles on the evolution of human prosocial altruism. He is currently Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Spain in Norway.

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