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Christof Knoeri

Christof Knoeri holds a MSc degree from ETH Zurich in environmental science with a specialization in human-environmental systems. He currently works as a research assistent and PhD student in the life-cycle assessment and modeling group at the technology and society laboratory at EMPA.

Ueberlandstrasse 129

Email: christof.knoeri@empa.ch
Web: http://empa.ch/lca

Claudia R. Binder

Claudia R. Binder has a background in natural science and holds a PhD in environmental science from ETH. She is currently full professor and head of the Institute for System Sciences Innovation and Sustainability Research at the University of Graz.

Merangasse 18

Email: claudia.binder@uni-graz.at
Web: http://www.uni-graz.at/isis/

Hans-Joerg Althaus

Hans-Joerg Althaus graduated in Material Science and has been working in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the last 12 years. He is a senior scientist in Empa's Life Cycle Assessment and Modelling group.

Ueberlandstr. 129

Email: hans-joerg.althaus@empa.ch
Web: http://www.empa.ch/lca


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