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Volume 14, Issue 4

October 2011

Refereed articles

Role-Playing Game and Learning for Young People About Sustainable Development Stakes: An Experiment in Transferring and Adapting Interdisciplinary Scientific Knowledge
   Françoise Gourmelon, Mathias Rouan, Jean-François Lefevre and Anne Rognant

A Virtual Laboratory for the Study of History and Cultural Dynamics
   Juan-Luis Suárez and Fernando Sancho

Group-Level Exploration and Exploitation: A Computer Simulation-Based Analysis
   Jennifer Kunz

Sympathy and Punishment: Evolution of Cooperation in Public Goods Game
   Hang Ye, Fei Tan, Mei Ding, Yongmin Jia and Yefeng Chen

Simulating the Social Processes of Science
   Bruce Edmonds, Nigel Gilbert, Petra Ahrweiler and Andrea Scharnhorst

Modelling Theory Communities in Science
   Petra Ahrweiler

A Social Process in Science and its Content in a Simulation Program
   Wolfgang Balzer and Klaus Manhart

Using Social Simulation to Explore the Dynamics at Stake in Participatory Research
   Olivier Barreteau and Christophe Le Page

Two Challenges in Simulating the Social Processes of Science
   Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Simulating What?
   Harry Collins

Two Outline Models of Science: AMS And HAMS
   Jim Doran

A Brief Survey of Some Relevant Philosophy of Science
   Bruce Edmonds

Conference Models to Bridge Micro and Macro Studies of Science
   Matthew Francisco, Staša Milojevic and Selma Šabanovic

Bibliometrics, Stylized Facts and the Way Ahead: How to Build Good Social Simulation Models of Science?
   Matthias Meyer

Modeling Scientists as Agents. How Scientists Cope with the Challenges of the New Public Management of Science
   Marc Mölders, Robin D. Fink and Johannes Weyer

Science as a Social System and Virtual Research Environment
   Sergey Parinov and Cameron Neylon

For an Integrated Approach to Agent-Based Modeling of Science
   Nicolas Payette

Social Simulation That 'Peers into Peer Review'
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Károly Takács

The Competition for Attention and the Evolution of Science
   Warren Thorngate, Jing Liu and Wahida Chowdhury

Toward Multi-Level, Multi-Theoretical Model Portfolios for Scientific Enterprise Workforce Dynamics
   Levent Yilmaz

Computer Simulation and Emergent Reliability in Science
   Kevin Zollman


Web Citations Analysis of the JASSS: the First Ten Years
   Mohammad Karim Saberi, Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam and Sedigheh Mohamadesmaeil


Macroeconomics from the Bottom-up (New Economic Windows)
Gatti, Domenico Delli, Desiderio, Saul, Gaffeo, Edoardo, Cirillo, Pasquale and Gallegati, Mauro
Reviewed by Charlotte Bruun

Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile Decision-Making in a Turbulent World
Room, Graham
Reviewed by Lynne Hamill

The Calculus of Selfishness (Princeton Series in Theoretical and Computational Biology)
Sigmund, Karl
Reviewed by Herbert Gintis

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution
Bowles, Samuel and Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Noah Mark

A Behavioral Theory of Elections
Bendor, Jonathan, Diermeier, Daniel, Siegel, David A. and Ting, Michael M.
Reviewed by Jasper Muis

Simulating Change: Archaeology into the Twenty-First Century (Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry)
Costopoulos, Andre and Lake, Mark W. (eds.)
Reviewed by Jim Doran

Innovation and Health: Theory, Methodology and Applications (Industrial Dynamics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Series)
Grebel, Thomas
Reviewed by Cristiano Antonelli

Improving Natural Resource Management: Ecological and Political Models (Statistics in Practice)
Haas, Timothy
Reviewed by Tatiana Filatova


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