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Alberto Acerbi

Alberto Acerbi is a cognitive and evolutionary anthropologist with a particular interest in individual based modeling and artificial life. His main interests are human cultural transmission and evolution dynamics and the modeling of animals and human social learning. He is currently a postdoc at the Centre for the study of cultural evolution (Stockholm University).

Lilla frescativägen 7B

Email: alberto.acerbi@gmail.com
Web: http://laral.istc.cnr.it/acerbi/

Stefano Ghirlanda

Stefano Ghirlanda is Carol L. Zicklin Visiting Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Brooklyn College, City University of New York (on leave of absence from University of Bologna), and a fellow of the Centre for the Study of Cultural Evolution (Stockholm University). His main interests are neural network models of behavior and models of cultural evolutionary processes.

2900 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11210
United States

Email: dr.ghirlanda@gmail.com
Web: http://www.intercult.su.se/~stefano/

Magnus Enquist

Magnus Enquist is professor of ethology and head of the Centre for the study of cultural evolution (Stockholm University). His work has mainly been theoretical, but at the same time based on his background as a naturalist. Main research interests are the evolution of behaviour, but also include behavioural mechanisms such as recognition and learning. Recently he broadened his interests to include human behaviour and in particular the evolution of culture.

Lilla frescativägen 7B,
10691 Stockholm

Email: magnus.enquist@intercult.su.se
Web: http://www.intercult.su.se/~magnus/


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