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Nicolas Becu

Dr Nicolas Becu is a modeling scientist from CNRS based in Paris (France). He is a member of PRODIG research unit, a team of geographers investigating the links between environment and development in northern as well as in southern countries. He develops and uses multi-agent simulations to investigate the links between social interactions and environmental management in various case studies and is carrying companion modeling approaches to bring together scientists, civil society and decision-makers. He teaches multi-agent simulations and companion modeling to Master and PhD students at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

CNRS - PRODIG research unit
rue Valette

Email: nicolas.becu@cnrs.fr
Web: http://www.prodig.cnrs.fr/

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Christine Raimond

Dr Christine Raimond is a rural geographer from CNRS (France) and she is also a member of PRODIG research unit in Paris. She studies the dynamics of farming systems with special attention to the influence of practices on the construction of landscapes and biodiversity. Her research led her to question the development of knowledge systems of biodiversity using databases and GIS. She has worked in various multidisciplinary research programs in Central Africa (Cameroon, Chad) and teaches in the Master PED (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne ) on the theme "Rural areas and environment".

CNRS - Laboratoire de géographie PRODIG
2 rue valette

Email: christine.raimond@univ-paris1.fr
Web: http://www.prodig.cnrs.fr/

Eric Garine

Dr Eric Garine is an ethnologist, lecturer at the Université de Paris Ouest (France). He is belonging to the Laboratoire d'Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative. He carries anthropological studies of phenomena that lie at the interface of biology and culture, as part of a multidisciplinary collaboration with the specialists of life sciences. He has studied various aspects of the human ecology of the Duupa society for more than 20 years.

LESC " Laboratoire d Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative
allée de l Université

Email: eric.garine@mae.u-paris10.fr
Web: http://www.mae.u-paris10.fr/lesc/spip.php?article61

Marc Deconchat

Dr Marc Deconchat is the director of DYNAFOR, a landscape ecology lab with a wide range of disciplines, from economy to entomology, dealing with biodiversity in fragmented habitats. As an agronomic engineer from ENSAT, he has also the basic knowledge about agriculture constraints. He has international experience from his post doc in Berkeley University and his sabbatical in New Zealand (ENSIS "Christchurch). He is the author of papers in high ranking journals (Ecological modelling, Landscape ecology, Ecology and society, Annals of forest sciences, Biodiversity and conservation, Ecography) and also of dissemination documents towards stakeholders.

BP 52627
F-31326 Castanet

Email: marc.deconchat@toulouse.inra.fr
Web: http://dynafor.inra.fr/

Kouami Kokou

Dr. Kouami Kokou is an ecologist specialized in forest ecology, biodiversity management and protected areas management.

University of Lomé
Faculty of Science
Laboratory of Botany/Ecology
BP 1515 Lome

Email: kokoukouami@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.univ-lome.tg/


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