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Gaëtan de Menten

Gaëtan de Menten holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Namur, Belgium, and is currently employed as an analyst developer at the Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium. He is specialized in Python and other open source technologies.

47-49 Avenue des Arts
B - 1000 Brussels

Email: gdm@plan.be

Gijs Dekkers

Dr. Gijsbrecht ‘Gijs’ Dekkers is attaché/senior researcher at the Directorate General of the Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium. He is also a research associate at the Centre for Sociological Research CESO, KU Leuven, Belgium, senior research associate at CEPS-INSTEAD, Luxembourg, and lecturer at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. Dr. Dekkers is chief editor of the International Journal of Microsimulation (http://www.microsimulation.org/IJM/IJM_editorial_board.htm) and he is member of the International Microsimulation Association (www.microsimulation.org), the European network of Social Policy Analysis ESPAnet and the ENEPRI network. Besides doing applied and academic research involving dynamic microsimulation, his main activity is developing and extending the model MIDAS and applying it for policy assessment in Belgium. He is also head of a team of researchers that developed the open-source toolbox LIAM2 (http://liam2.plan.be), designed for the development of dynamic microsimulation models. Finally, Gijs Dekkers is regularly consulted by governments or research institutions in various countries (including Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Japan) on microsimulation modelling and gives numerous presentations or keynotes abroad. Dr. Dekkers holds a M.A. in Economics (cum laude) at the University of Maastricht, and a doctorate in social sciences at Tilburg University, both in the Netherlands.

47-49 Avenue des Arts
B - 1000

Email: gd@plan.be

Please direct correspondence about this article to Gijs Dekkers

Geert Bryon

Geert Bryon is a senior analyst developer at the Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium. He develops scientific software in different programming languages (C/C++, APL, Python) and builds data oriented web sites. He holds an MSc in Mathematics from the University Of Ghent, Belgium.

47-49 Avenue des Arts
B - 1000 Brussels

Email: gb@plan.be

Philippe Liégeois

Philippe Liégeois is Scientific advisor and Head of the coordination unit “Modelling and Simulation”at CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg, and Research associate at DULBEA, Free University of Brussels/ULB, Belgium. His research interests go from modelling (microsimulation, computable general equilibrium, overlapping generations, with administrative and survey data) to the evidence-based policy assessment, including the effects of the ageing of the population. He was manager of the “MiDaL” project funded through the EU-PROGRESS programme (Grant VS/2009/0569, December 2009 " November 2011) that involved the prior development of LIAM2. Philippe Liégeois is Civil Engineer in Electronics, University of Liège, Belgium, and PhD in Economics, ULB. He is member of the board of the International Microsimulation Association and member of the ENEPRI network (http://www.enepri.org), He is also the national correspondent for EUROMOD (https://www.iser.essex.ac.uk/euromod) in Luxembourg.

avenue de la Fonte
L-4364 Esch-sur-Alzette

Email: philippe.liegeois@ceps.lu

Cathal O'Donoghue

Cathal O'Donoghue is the Head of the Rural Economy Research Centre of Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority having previously taught at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His research involves the design and use of microsimulation models for the evaluation of public policy. e.g. SWITCH (Irish tax- benefit model at the ESRI, Dublin); LIAM (Life-cycle Income Analysis Model at LSE); EUROMOD (European tax-benefit model at Cambridge U.); Pensim2 (UK Pensions projection model at the Department for Work and Pensions, London); SLIEVE (Sri Lanka inequality and environmental evaluation model at the World Bank). He has acted as a consultant to a range of national and international organisations. He is also a Research Associate of the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, the Department of Applied Economics at ULB Brussels, DAE at the University of Cambridge, an ICER Research Fellow at the University of Turin and a SAGE Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. He is convenor of the UK Department of Work and Pensions' Expert Group on Economic Demography.

Teagasc Mellows Campus
Co. Galway

Email: cathal.odonoghue@teagasc.ie
Web: http://www.agresearch.teagasc.ie/rerc/personalpage/odonoghuec.asp


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