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Amineh Ghorbani

Amineh Ghorbani is a Postdoc researcher at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) of Delft University of Technology. She finished her PhD in 2013 (Cum Laude) for which she developed an agent-based modelling and simulation framework called MAIA. Amineh obtained her M.Sc. in Computer Science from University of Tehran (Iran) (2009) being selected as the best engineering student of that year. She has experience in multi-agent systems research, software engineering, decision support systems as well as institutional design and policy analysis.

Jaffalaan 5
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Email: a.ghorbani@tudelft.nl
Web: http://aminehghorbani.weblog.tudelft.nl/

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Gerard Dijkema

Dr.ir. Gerard P.J. Dijkema (1962) is Associate Professor in the Energy and Industry group. In 2004 Gerard has been elected as Council member (‘hoofdingeland’) of the Public Water Authority the ‘Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland’ (www.hhdelfland.nl) for the period 2005-2008. Gerard graduated as a Chemical Engineer (hons.) from Twente University of Technology (Enschede, The Netherlands) in 1986 and holds a Ph.D from Delft University of Technology (“Process System Innovation by Design " Towards a Sustainable Petrochemical Industry”, 2004).

Jafflaan 5
2628 BX
2628 BX

Email: g.p.j.dijkema@tudelft.nl
Web: http://www.tbm.tudelft.nl/en/about-faculty/departments/engineering-systems-and-services/ei-section/staff/gerardd/gerard-dijkema/

Noortje Schrauwen

Noortje Schrauwen obtained her M.Sc. in industrial ecology from University of Leiden and Delft University of Technology. She has been focusing on sustainable development in which a systematic approached is used, incorporating social changes and innovation, sustainable technologies and solutions, with an understanding of the real effects on the environment. Having a background in sociology and anthropology, she has a special interest in sustainability in developing countries, in particular solving energy issues and improving living conditions and the way the environment is affected. Combining her social background and her technical master, she finds the meeting point of engineering and the social world interesting, and enjoys looking for bridges to build, to innovate and find solutions to current day issues.


Email: noortje.schrauwen@gmail.com
Web: http://newsle.com/person/noortjeschrauwen/27751406


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