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Cara H. Kahl

Cara H. Kahl has a doctorate in social psychology & agent-based modeling. She currently works at the Institute of Technology, Work Processes and Vocational Education at the Hamburg University of Technology in Germany. Apart from creativity, her current research interests include organizational behavior and how to validly represent psychological constructs within agents. The research presented in this contribution was conducted at the Social Psychology Department, University of Hamburg.

Institute of Technology Work Processes and Vocational Education (G-3)
Hamburg University of Technology

Email: cara.kahl@tuhh.de
Web: https://de.linkedin.com/in/carahkahl

Please direct correspondence about this article to Cara H. Kahl

Hans Hansen

Hans Hansen majored in physics at Oldenburg University. His PhD, conducted in Oldenburg and at the IRCAM in Paris, is on the perception of tonal noise. An alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation, he is currently pursuing a MA in philosophy. His main research interests include auditory perception and its physical correlates. He founded the Schalllabor HHK GmbH and is a lecturer for technical acoustics and thermodynamics at the University of Applied Science in L├╝beck, Germany.

Schalllabor HHK GmbH
Springeltwiete 7
D-20095 Hamburg

Email: hansen@schalllabor-hamburg.de
Web: http://www.schalllabor-hamburg.de/


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