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Johan Barthelemy

Dr Johan Barthélemy is an early career researcher in the area of Agent-based Modelling. During his PhD he developed the foundations of a parallelized micro-simulation platform for population and mobility behaviour and applied it to the Belgian context. At SMART he applies his experiences in agent-based simulations and high performance computing to develop new models and improve the scalability of existing ones.

SMART Infrastructure Facility
University of Wollongong
NSW 2522

Email: johan@uow.edu.au
Web: http://smart.uow.edu.au

Please direct correspondence about this article to Johan Barthelemy

Philippe Toint

Professor Philippe Toint is currently Vice-rector for Research and IT Policy of the University of Namur in Namur (Belgium). He is also a funding member of Namur Centre for Complex Systems, the director of the Transportation Research Group, chairman (2010-2013) of the Mathematical Optimization Society, SIAM fellow (class 2009) and Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh. His research interest includes smooth nonlinear optimization, with an emphasis on the algorithmic viewpoint, ranging from convergence theory to numerical considerations and software development ( LANCELOT, CUTEr, GALAHAD ); practical and multidisciplinary applications of optimization techniques; the analysis of transportation systems, including dynamic trafic modelling and demand estimation, as well as advanced behavioural models. He teaches algebra, numerical linear algebra, numerical optimization, software quality and transportation modelling.

Rempart de Vierge, 8
5000 Namur

Email: philippe.toint@unamur.be
Web: http://perso.fundp.ac.be/~phtoint/toint.html


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