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Károly Takács

Károly Takács is the principal investigator of MTA TK “Lendület” Research Center for Educational and Network Studies (RECENS) at the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Groningen / ICS. His main research interests are the theoretical and experimental analysis of the dynamics of social networks, in relation to problems of cooperation and conflict.

Országház u. 30.

Email: takacs.karoly@tk.mta.hu
Web: http://web.uni-corvinus.hu/~tkaroly/

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Flaminio Squazzoni

Flaminio Squazzoni is associate professor of economic sociology at the University of Brescia, Italy, where he leads the GECS-Research Group on Experimental and Computational Sociology. He is President of the European Social Simulation Association (Sept 2012/Sept 2016) and editor of JASSS-Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation. He is Chair of the COST Action "New frontiers of Peer Review" (2014-2018). His fields of research are agent-based computational sociology, the sociology of markets and peer review. He has authored "Agent-Based Computational Sociology" (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).

Department of Economics and Management
University of Brescia
Via San Faustino 74/B
Brescia, Italy

Email: flaminio.squazzoni@unibs.it
Web: http://www.eco.unibs.it/gecs/squazzoni.html


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