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Volume 22, Issue 3

June 2019

Refereed articles

Different Modelling Purposes
   Bruce Edmonds, Christophe Le Page, Mike Bithell, Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Volker Grimm, Ruth Meyer, Cristina Montañola-Sales, Paul Ormerod, Hilton Root and Flaminio Squazzoni

A Novel Computational Model of the Wheat Global Market with an Application to the 2010 Russian Federation Case
   Gianfranco Giulioni, Edmondo Di Giuseppe, Piero Toscano, Francesco Miglietta and Massimiliano Pasqui

Contract Farming in the Mekong Delta's Rice Supply Chain: Insights from an Agent-Based Modeling Study
   Hung Khanh Nguyen, Raymond Chiong, Manuel Chica, Richard Middleton and Dung Thi Kim Pham

Learning Opinions by Observing Actions: Simulation of Opinion Dynamics Using an Action-Opinion Inference Model
   Tanzhe Tang and Caspar G. Chorus

How Group Cohesion Promotes the Emergence of Cooperation in Public Goods Game Under Conditional Dissociation
   Xinglong Qu, Zhigang Cao, Xiaoguang Yang and The Anh Han

Coevolutionary Characteristics of Knowledge Diffusion and Knowledge Network Structures: A GA-ABM Model
   Junhyok Jang, Xiaofeng Ju, Unsok Ryu and Hyonchol Om


Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science: Theory, Sentiments, and Empirical Laws
Yuji Aruka, Alan Kirman
Reviewed by Bogumil Kaminski

Multiplex Networks
Emanuele Cozzo et al.
Reviewed by Simone Righi


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