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Olivier Barreteau is a water scientist, currently with Cemagref Irrigation Research Unit. After a PhD with Cirad on Multi-Agent Systems applied to study co-ordination among farmers in irrigated systems of the Senegal River Valley, he is now focusing his research on negotiation support tools for local and negotiated water basin management.

Cemagref, UR Irrigation
361, rue J.-F. Breton
BP 5035
34033 Montpellier Cedex , France

Email: olivier.barreteau@cemagref.fr

François Bousquet is a modelling scientist with Cirad. He is focusing on the development and the use of Multi-Agent Systems for the simulation of renewable resource management issues. Through the development of a specific platform for building Multi-Agent Systems to simulate Common-Pool Resources systems, CORMAS, he has taken part in many experiments dealing with simulation and environmental management, mainly in developing countries.

CIRAD - Tera Ere
Campus Baillarguet, TA 60/15
73, rue Jean François Breton
34398 Montpellier Cedex 5

Email: Francois.bousquet@cirad.fr
Web : http://cormas.cirad.fr

Jean-Marie Attonaty is an agricultural economist with INRA, in the department of rural economy and sociology. He is focusing on decision support tools for agricultural issues and has long experience in the use of these tools with rural advisors in France

78850 Grignon

Email: attonaty@grignon.inra.fr

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