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David Hales Igot interested in Artificial Societies and Social Simulation while studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Essex (UK) where I had the good fortune to come under the influence of Jim Doran. After completing a PhD under Jim's supervision he spent some time in Rome CNR working with Rosaria Conte, Mario Paolucci and Roberto Pedone. He returned to Manchester and joined the Centre for Policy Modelling working with Scott Moss and Bruce Edmonds. In 2004 he will be moving to the University of Bologna (Italy) Dept. of Computer Science. Between then and now, he has decided to wander confused around India - consequently he may not be able to answer e-mails quickly.

Centre for Policy Modelling,
Manchester Metropolitan University,
Aytoun Building, Aytoun Street,
Manchester M1 3GH,
United Kingdom.

e-mail: dave@davidhales.com
web: http://www.davidhales.com

Juliette Rouchier is a researcher at GREQAM, CNRS, in Marseille, France. She got her PhD after working at CIRAD, Montpellier, France, under the supervision of François Bousquet. She then worked for two years with Scott Moss at CPM, Manchester, UK, where she participated in the FIRMA project. Her interest is to use social simulations to improve her knowledge on relations among humans, mainly focussing on notions such as: trust, learning through non-symbolic economic exchanges, interpretation and manipulation of institutions by humans, and the evolution of institutions. She also participates in the contemporary research on the validation and transmission of results obtained from multi-agent simulations.

GREQAM (CNRS) - Centre de la Vieille Charité
2 rue de la Charité
13002 Marseille

email: rouchier@ehess.cnrs-mrs.fr
web: http://greqam.univ-mrs.fr/cv/rouchier.htm

Bruce Edmonds,

Centre for Policy Modelling,
Manchester Metropolitan University, Aytoun Bldg.,
Aytoun St., Manchester, M1 3GH.

Email: bruce@cfpm.org
Web: http://bruce.edmonds.name

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