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Dietrich Stauffer

Prof. Dietrich Stauffer has taught theoretical physics since 1977 at Cologne University, published interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics methods since 1986 (eg. biological ageing), and has simulated opinion dynamics since 2000.

Email: stauffer@thp.Uni-Koeln.DE

Adriano Sousa

Dr. Adriano O. Sousa made his PhD with Prof. Moss de Oliveira in Niteroi (Brazil) on socio- and bio-physics, and worked as a DAAD and Humboldt fellow in Germany: Cologne and Stuttgart (with Prof. Herrmann).

Institute for Computer Applications 1 (ICA1)
University of Stuttgart Pfaffenwaldring 27
D-70569 Stuttgart

Email: sousa@ica1.uni-stuttgart.de

Christian Schulz

Dr. Christian Schulze made his PhD with Prof. Hajdu in Cologne, was postdoc at the Paris elite school ESPCI, and later returned to Cologne to work on econo- and socio-physics.


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