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Rosaria Conte

Rosaria Conte is a cognitive scientist. She is Head of the ISTC-LABSS (Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation at the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology) of the Italian Research Council. She also teaches Social Psychology at the University of Siena. Member of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA), of several European Networks of Excellence and participated in two European Projects under the 5th Framework. She is quite active both in the field of social simulation and in the cognitive modelling of social processes for multi agent systems. She wrote 4 monographs and edited 5 collections, and published more than a hundred papers, between international indexed journals, book chapters and international proceedings. Her main research interests include cognitive agent theory, agent-based simulation, norm-based action, evolution of social and cultural artefacts, innofusion.

National Research Council
Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology
V.LE Marx 15
00137 Roma

Email: r.conte@istc.cnr.it
Web: http://www.istc.cnr.it/lss/

Mario Paolucci

Mario Paolucci has a degree in physics. He is currently doing research at ISTC-LABSS, and teaching Databases and IT at the University of Rome and Perugia. He is quite active in the field of social simulation and the study of complex systems. He is member of ESSA and of the European Network of Excellence on Complex Systems ('Exystence') Thematic Institute on "Networks, dynamics and socio-economics". He has organised international scientific events. His main reasearch interests vary from Software Engeneering, Java and the simulation platform REPAST, to the simulation-based study of norms and reputation. His publications include articles in Adaptive Behavior and JASSS, and a book on Reputation published by Springer.

LABSS (Laboratory on Agent-Based Social Simulation) - Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology

Email: mario.paolucci@thinkingolem.com


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