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Matteo Richiardi

Matteo Richiardi, M.Sc. Ph.D. is senior researcher at LABORatorio Revelli Centre for Employment Studies, Moncalieri, Italy and lecturer in Computational Economics at the University of Torino.

via Real Collegio 30
Moncalieri (Torino)

Email: m.richiardi@labor-torino.it
Web: http://www.labor-torino.it/english/people/cv_richiardi.htm

Roberto Leombruni

Roberto Leombruni, PD Dr. phil. at present is temporary professor at the University of Turin, and is senior researcher at the ABORatorio R. Revelli, Centre for Employment Studies.

Email: leombruni@labor-torino.it

Nicole Saam

Nicole J. Saam, PD Dr. phil. has been temporary professor at the universities of Mannheim, Leipzig, and Marburg/Germany. At present she works as an assistant professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München. Research fields: Social theory, especially rational choice theory; social science methodology, especially social simulation; sociology of organization, political sociology.

United Kingdom

Email: nicole.saam@lrz.uni-muenchen.de

Michele Sonnessa

Michele Sonnessa, PD Dr. phil. At present he has a grant by the Progetto Lagrange Research Scholarship for studies on the organization of complex systems.

Corso Svizzera 185
United Kingdom

Email: sonnessa@di.unito.it


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