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Mario Paolucci

Mario Paolucci is Technology Expert at LABSS (Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation, http://www.istc.cnr.it/lss/) in the ISTC/CNR (Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology), Rome. He has been teaching Fundamentals of Computer Science II at University Of Perugia and Data Bases at the University of Rome 1. He has chaired the RASTA '02 and '03 workshops, the RAS '04 workshop, and has participated in the program committee of conferences and worshops, including the MABS series. His publications include a book on Reputation with Rosaria Conte and articles on JASSS and Adaptive Behavior.

LABSS (Laboratory on Agent-Based Social Simulation)
Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, CNR
Via San Martino della Battaglia, 44
Rome, Italy

Email: mario.paolucci@istc.cnr.it
Web: http://www.istc.cnr.it/createhtml.php?nbr=2

Jordi Sabater

Jordi Sabater-Mir holds a BSc in Computer Science, a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. He has been a postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) in Rome, Italy, and has participated in several European and national research projects. Currently he holds a Ramon y Cajal contract at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain. His current research is focused on trust, reputation and social network analysis in multi-agent system, cognitive agents and electronic institutions.

Via San Martino della Battaglia
Roma, Italy

Email: jsabater@iiia.csic.es


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