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Alberto Acerbi

Alberto Acerbi is a PhD candidate in anthropology (MREA: dottorato di ricerca in metodologie della ricerca etno - antropologica) at the University of Siena. His research concerns naturalistic explanations of cultural facts, both related to cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, both dealing with formal models of cultural transmission and evolution. He currently works in the Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotic at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology (ISTC - CNR), doing Artificial Life simulations on these topics.

Via S. Martino della Battaglia
Roma, Italy

Email: acerbi@unisi.it
Web: http://csc.unisi.it/labsec/people/acerbi/index.htm

Domenico Parisi

Domenico Parisi is a Research Director at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council in Rome, where he is part of the research group Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics. He is the Director of the review \'Sistemi Intelligenti\' and teaches General Psychology at the Università dell\'Aquila and at the LUMSA of Rome. His main research interests are the development of simulation models of individual and social behaviours through neural networks, genetical algorithms and models of artificial life; their philosophical and cultural implications (with regards to the impact of technology on the human mind and the cultural and political evolution of societies) and their applications in the fields of education, entertainment and divulgation.

United Kingdom

Email: domenico.parisi@istc.cnr.it
Web: http://gral.ip.rm.cnr.it/dparisi/


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