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Francesc S. Beltran

Francesc Salvador Beltran is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Barcelona. His current research interests include categorization and adaptive behavior, spatial behavior of autonomous agents, and visual perception.

Departament de Metodologia CC
Facultat de Psicologia
Universitat de Barcelona, Campus Mundet

Email: francesc.salvador@ub.edu
Web: http://www.ub.es/comporta/gcai/Paginas/Personal%20Francesc/fsalvador.html

Laura Salas

Laura Salas Morellón has a Bachelor\'s Degree in Psychology and collaborates with the Department of Behavioral Science Methods at the University of Barcelona. She is currently doing research on agent-based simulation of primate behavior.

Email: lsalasmo7@docd3.ub.edu
Web: http://www.ub.es/comporta/gcai.htm

Vicenç Quera

Vicenç Quera is a Professor at the University of Barcelona. His teaching focuses on behavioral observation methods, analysis of observational data, behavior modeling and simulation, and software development. He has done research in the areas of interaction analysis, behavioral sequence analysis, adaptive behavior, and computational psychology.

Email: vquera@ub.edu
Web: http://www.ub.es/comporta/vquera/vquera.html


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