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Volume 4, Issue 1


Special issue

Starting from Society: the Application of Social Analogies to Computational Systems

Guest editors: Bruce Edmonds and Kerstin Dautenhahn

Editorial introduction

Refereed Articles

Kerstin Dautenhahn and Steven J. Coles
Narrative Intelligence from the Bottom Up: A Computational Framework for the Study of Story-Telling in Autonomous Agents

Alexander Staller and Paolo Petta
Introducing Emotions into the Computational Study of Social Norms: A First Evaluation

Rosaria Conte and Mario Paolucci
Intelligent Social Learning

Dietrich Fliedner
Six Levels of Complexity


Miles T. Parker
What is Ascape and Why Should You Care?

Klaus Auer and Tim Norris
"ArrierosAlife" a Multi-Agent Approach Simulating the Evolution of a Social System: Modeling the Emergence of Social Networks with "Ascape"


Would-Be Worlds: How Simulation is Changing the Frontiers of Science
John L. Casti
Reviewed by Robert Andersen

Introduction to Artificial Life
Christoph Adami
Reviewed by David Hales

Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems
Eric Bonabeau, Marco Dorigo and Guy Theraulaz
Reviewed by Franziska Klügl

Computation for Metaphors, Analogy, and Agents
Edited by Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
Reviewed by Valérie Renault

Computer Modeling of Social Processes
Edited by Wim Liebrand, Andrzej Nowak and Rainer Hegselmann
Reviewed by Warren Thorngate


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