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Volume 17, Issue 2

March 2014

Refereed articles

Modelling Maritime Piracy: A Spatial Approach
   Elio Marchione, Shane D Johnson and Alan Wilson

Agent-Based Simulation of Mass Shootings: Determining How to Limit the Scale of a Tragedy
   Roy Hayes and Reginald Hayes

Modeling the Transition to Public School Choice
   Spiro Maroulis, Eytan Bakshy, Louis Gomez and Uri Wilensky

Optimization of Agent-Based Models: Scaling Methods and Heuristic Algorithms
   Matthew Oremland and Reinhard Laubenbacher

Pricing and Timing Strategies for New Product Using Agent-Based Simulation of Behavioural Consumers
   Keeheon Lee, Hoyeop Lee and Chang Ouk Kim

Individual Bias and Organizational Objectivity: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Bo Xu, Renjing Liu and Weijiao Liu

Coevolution of Opinions and Directed Adaptive Networks in a Social Group
   Jiongming Su, Baohong Liu, Qi Li and Hongxu Ma

ICTs, Social Connectivity, and Collective Action: A Cultural-Political Perspective
   Hai-hua Hu, Wen-tian Cui, Jun Lin and Yan-jun Qian

A Simple Emulation-Based Computational Model
   Carlos M Fernández-Márquez and Francisco J Vázquez


Spatial Simulation: Exploring Pattern and Process
O'Sullivan, David and Perry, George L. W.
Reviewed by Ed Manley

Empirical Agent-Based Modelling - Challenges and Solutions: Volume 1, the Characterisation and Parameterisation of Empirical Agent-Based Models
Smajgl, Alexander and Barreteau, Olivier (eds.)
Reviewed by Giangiacomo Bravo

Managing Market Complexity: The Approach of Artificial Economics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Teglio, Andrea, Alfarano, Simone, Camacho-Cuena, Eva and Ginés-Vilar, Miguel (eds.)
Reviewed by Ermanno Catullo

Behavioral Rationality and Heterogeneous Expectations in Complex Economic Systems
Hommes, Cars
Reviewed by Stephan Leitner


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