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Volume 6, Issue 4

Refereed articles

Ravi Bhavnani
Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions and Civic Traditions in Modern Italy

Brian Sallans, Alexander Pfister, Alexandros Karatzoglou and Georg Dorffner
Simulation and Validation of an Integrated Markets Model

Vito Albino, Nunzia Carbonara and Ilaria Giannoccaro
Coordination Mechanisms based on Cooperation and Competition within Industrial Districts: An agent-based computational approach

Ivica Mitrovic and Kerstin Dautenhahn
Social Attitudes: Investigations with Agent Simulations Using Webots

Special Section: Model-to-Model Analysis

edited by David Hales, Juliette Rouchier and Bruce Edmonds
Editorial introduction: Model-to-Model Analysis

Keiki Takadama, Yutaka L. Suematsu, Norikazu Sugimoto, Norberto E. Nawa and Katsunori Shimohara
Cross-Element Validation in Multiagent-based Simulation: Switching Learning Mechanisms in Agents

Juliette Rouchier
Re-implementation of a Multi-agent Model aimed at Sustaining Experimental Economic Research: The case of simulations with emerging speculation

Jürgen Klüver and Christina Stoica
Simulations of Group Dynamics with Different Models

Margaret Edwards, Sylvie Huet, François Goreaud and Guillaume Deffuant
Comparing an Individual-based Model of Behaviour Diffusion with its Mean Field Aggregate Approximation

Claudio Cioffi-Revilla and Nicholas Gotts
Comparative Analysis of Agent-based Social Simulations: GeoSim and FEARLUS models

Bruce Edmonds and David Hales
Replication, Replication and Replication: Some hard lessons from model alignment


Sergio Margarita and Michele Sonnessa
Sim2Web: an Open Source system for web-enabling economic and financial simulations


Dynamic Social Network Modelling and Analysis: Workshop Summary and Papers<
Edited by Ronald Breiger, Kathleen Carley and Philippa Pattison
Reviewed by Sandra Gonzalez

Thinking with Diagrams
Edited by Alan F. Blackwell
Reviewed by Suchi Patel

Evolutionary Economics: Program and Scope
Edited by Kurt Dopfer
Reviewed by Carl Henning Reschke

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