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Volume 13, Issue 4

October 2010

Refereed articles

Prospects and Pitfalls of Statistical Testing: Insights from Replicating the Demographic Prisoner's Dilemma
Wolfgang Radax and Bernhard Rengs

The Roundtable: An Abstract Model of Conversation Dynamics
Massimo Mastrangeli, Martin Schmidt and Lucas Lacasa

Diffusion of Competing Innovations: The Effects of Network Structure on the Provision of Healthcare
Adam G. Dunn and Blanca Gallego

Obligation Norm Identification in Agent Societies
Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Stephen Cranefield, Maryam A. Purvis and Martin K. Purvis

Dilbert-Peter Model of Organization Effectiveness: Computer Simulations
Pawel Sobkowicz

Opinion Formation by Informed Agents
Mohammad Afshar and Masoud Asadpour

Modelling Contextualized Reasoning in Complex Societies with "Endorsements"
Shah Jamal Alam, Armando Geller, Ruth Meyer and Bogdan Werth


ODD Updated
J. Gary Polhill

Agent-Based Modelling: The Next 15 Years
Lynne Hamill


Innovation in Complex Social Systems (Routledge Studies in Global Competition)
Ahrweiler, Petra (ed.)
Reviewed by Keith Sawyer

Innovation Networks in Industries
Malerba, Franco and Vonortas, Nicholas S. (eds.)
Reviewed by Mauro Lombardi

Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation: Modelling Complex Entrepreneurial Behaviours
Morone, Piergiuseppe and Taylor, Richard
Reviewed by ésar García-Díaz and Diemo Urbig

The Perfect Swarm: The Science of Complexity in Everyday Life
Fisher, Len
Reviewed by Roberto Serra

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