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Volume 22, Issue 1

January 2019

Refereed articles

A Dynamic Sustainability Analysis of Energy Landscapes in Egypt: A Spatial Agent-Based Model Combined with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
   Mostafa Shaaban, Jürgen Scheffran, Jürgen Böhner and Mohamed S. Elsobki

Conflicts Induced by Different Responses to Land Expropriation Among the Farmers Involved During Urbanization in China
   Haijun Bao, Xiaohe Wu, Haowen Wang, Qiuxiang Li, Yi Peng and Shibao Lu

Comparing Spatial-Interaction and Hybrid Agent-Based Modelling Approaches: An Application to Location Analysis of Services
   Lukasz Kowalski

Application Independent Heuristic Data Merging Methodology for Sample-Free Agent Population Synthesis
   Bhagya N. Wickramasinghe

Impact of Basel III Countercyclical Measures on Financial Stability: An Agent-Based Model
   Barbara Llacay and Gilbert Peffer

The Impact of Potential Crowd Behaviours on Emergency Evacuation: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Approach
   Azhar Mohd Ibrahim, Ibrahim Venkat and De Wilde Philippe

Innovation and Employment: An Agent-Based Approach
   Fábio Neves, Pedro Campos and Sandra Silva

Entrepreneurial Team Learning, Forgetting and Knowledge Levels in Business Incubators: An Exploration and Exploitation Perspective
   Wenqing Wu, Saixiang Ma, Kai Wang, Sang-Bing Tsai and Wen-Pin Lin

Community-Based Adoption and Diffusion of Micro-Grids: Analysis of the Italian Case with Agent-Based Model
   Francesco Pasimeni

Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption: An Agent-Based Model About Outcomes of Small Shop Openings
   Roberto Calisti, Primo Proietti and Andrea Marchini

Special section on the Social Simulation Conference 2017, UCD Dublin, Part II (guest editor: Diane Payne)

An Agent-Based Assessment of Health Vulnerability to Long-Term Particulate Exposure in Seoul Districts
   Hyesop Shin and Mike Bithell

The Value of Values and Norms in Social Simulation
   Rijk Mercuur, Virginia Dignum and Catholijn Jonker


Social Dimensions of Organised Crime
Elsenbroich Corinna, Anzola David, Gilbert Nigel (eds.)
Reviewed by Susanne Karstedt

Methodological Investigations in Agent-Based Modelling
Eric Silverman
Reviewed by Francesca Giardini

Complex Spreading Phenomena in Social Systems
Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn (eds.)
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hunter


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