Volume 26, Issue 1

Published on 31 January 2023


Unpacking a Black Box: A Conceptual Anatomy Framework for Agent-Based Social Simulation Models
   Ozge Dilaver and Nigel Gilbert

Using Machine Learning for Agent Specifications in Agent-Based Models and Simulations: A Critical Review and Guidelines
   Molood Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, Jonas Lechner, Amineh Ghorbani, Igor Nikolic, Émile Chappin and Paulien Herder

A Methodology to Develop Agent-Based Models for Policy Support Via Qualitative Inquiry
   Vittorio Nespeca, Tina Comes and Frances Brazier

Agent-Based Simulation of Land Use Governance (ABSOLUG) in Tropical Commodity Frontiers
   Marius von Essen and Eric F Lambin

Emergency Warning Dissemination in a Multiplex Social Network
   Charles Koll, Michael Lindell, Chen Chen and Haizhong Wang

A Geospatial Bounded Confidence Model Including Mega-Influencers with an Application to Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
   Anna Haensch, Natasa Dragovic, Christoph Borgers and Bruce Boghosian

Confirmation Bias as a Mechanism to Focus Attention Enhances Signal Detection
   Michael Vogrin, Guilherme Wood and Thomas Schmickl

Conditions and Effects of Norm Internalization
   Marlene Batzke and Andreas Ernst

Book Reviews

Escape from Model Land. How Mathematical Models Can Lead Us Astray and What We Can Do About It
Erica Thompson
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds