Volume 25, Issue 4

Published on 31 October 2022


The Ethics of Agent-Based Social Simulation
   David Anzola, Pete Barbrook-Johnson and Nigel Gilbert

Conflicting Information and Compliance with COVID-19 Behavioral Recommendations
   Asmeret Naugle, Fred Rothganger, Stephen Verzi and Casey Doyle

An Agent-Based Model of the Interaction Between Inequality, Trust, and Communication in Common Pool Experiments
   Marco A. Janssen, Daniel DeCaro and Allen Lee

Deriving an Opinion Dynamics Model from Experimental Data
   Dino Carpentras, Paul J. Maher, Caoimhe O'Reilly and Michael Quayle

Hybrid Approach for Modelling the Uptake of Residential Solar PV Systems, with Case Study Application in Melbourne, Australia
   Magnus Moglia, Christian A Nygaard, Stephen Glackin, Stephen Cook and Sorada Tapsuwan

Effect of Policy Implementation on Energy Retrofit Behavior and Energy Consumption in a Simulated Neighborhood
   Lars Even Egner and Christian Klöckner

Agent-Based Model for Urban Administration: A Case Study of Bridge Construction and its Traffic Dispersion Effect
   Tae-Sub Yun, Dongjun Kim, Il-Chul Moon and Jang Won Bae