Volume 27, Issue 2

Published on 1 April 2024


An Agent-Based Model of the 2020 International Policy Diffusion in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic with Particle Filter
   Yannick Oswald, Nick Malleson and Keiran Suchak

Agent-Based Modelling of Mpox Infection Dynamics: Simulating Disease Transmission and Control Strategies
   Hamda Ajmal, Elizabeth Hunter, James Duggan, Catherine Timoney and Cathal Walsh

Collecting Data in an Immersive Video Environment to Set up an Agent-Based Model of Pedestrians’ Compliance with COVID-Related Interventions
   Benjamin Karic, Jan Stenkamp, Michael Brüggemann, Simon Schröder, Christian Kray and Judith Verstegen

Exploring the Dynamics of the Specialty Insurance Market Using a Novel Discrete Event Simulation Framework: A Lloyd's of London Case Study
   Sedar Olmez, Akhil Ahmed, Keith Kam, Zhe Feng and Alan Tua

DARTS: Evolving Resilience of the Global Food System to Production and Trade Shocks
   Hubert Fonteijn, Pepijn van Oort and Geerten Hengeveld

An Agent-Based Model of Hierarchical Information-Sharing Organizations in Asynchronous Environments
   Stan L. Rhodes, Stefani A. Crabtree and Jacob Freeman

High-Frequency Financial Market Simulation and Flash Crash Scenarios Analysis: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach
   Kang Gao, Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Stephen Weston, Wayne Luk and Ce Guo

Reliable and Efficient Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
   Alessia Antelmi, Pasquale Caramante, Gennaro Cordasco, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Daniele De Vinco, Francesco Foglia, Luca Postiglione and Carmine Spagnuolo