Volume 25, Issue 1

Published on 31 January 2022


A Bad Barrel Spoils a Good Apple: How Uncertainty and Networks Affect Whether Matching Rules Can Foster Cooperation
   Carlos A. de Matos Fernandes, Andreas Flache, Dieko M. Bakker and Jacob Dijkstra

The Role of Reinforcement Learning in the Emergence of Conventions: Simulation Experiments with the Repeated Volunteer’s Dilemma
   Hendrik Nunner, Wojtek Przepiorka and Chris Janssen

Fear, Behaviour, and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A City-Scale Agent-Based Model Using Socio-Demographic and Spatial Map Data
   Carl Orge Retzlaff, Laura Burbach, Lilian Kojan, Patrick Halbach, Johannes Nakayama, Martina Ziefle and André Calero Valdez

Natural-Language Multi-Agent Simulations of Argumentative Opinion Dynamics
   Gregor Betz

Arguments as Drivers of Issue Polarisation in Debates Among Artificial Agents
   Felix Kopecky

A Comparative Study on Apprenticeship Systems Using Agent-Based Simulation
   Amir Hosein Afshar Sedigh, Martin Purvis, Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu, Christopher Konstantin Frantz and Maryam Purvis

An Integrated Ecological-Social Simulation Model of Farmer Decisions and Cropping System Performance in the Rolling Pampas (Argentina)
   Sebastián Pessah, Diego Omar Ferraro, Daniela Blanco and Rodrigo Castro

PolicySpace2: Modeling Markets and Endogenous Public Policies
   Bernardo Alves Furtado

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