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Volume 27(2) published on 03-Apr-2024

An Agent-Based Model of the 2020 International Policy Diffusion in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic with Particle Filter
   Yannick Oswald, Nick Malleson and Keiran Suchak

Agent-Based Modelling of Mpox Infection Dynamics: Simulating Disease Transmission and Control Strategies
   Hamda Ajmal, Elizabeth Hunter, James Duggan, Catherine Timoney and Cathal Walsh

Collecting Data in an Immersive Video Environment to Set up an Agent-Based Model of Pedestrians’ Compliance with COVID-Related Interventions
   Benjamin Karic, Jan Stenkamp, Michael Brüggemann, Simon Schröder, Christian Kray and Judith Verstegen

Exploring the Dynamics of the Specialty Insurance Market Using a Novel Discrete Event Simulation Framework: A Lloyd's of London Case Study
   Sedar Olmez, Akhil Ahmed, Keith Kam, Zhe Feng and Alan Tua

DARTS: Evolving Resilience of the Global Food System to Production and Trade Shocks
   Hubert Fonteijn, Pepijn van Oort and Geerten Hengeveld

An Agent-Based Model of Hierarchical Information-Sharing Organizations in Asynchronous Environments
   Stan L. Rhodes, Stefani A. Crabtree and Jacob Freeman

High-Frequency Financial Market Simulation and Flash Crash Scenarios Analysis: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach
   Kang Gao, Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Stephen Weston, Wayne Luk and Ce Guo

Reliable and Efficient Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
   Alessia Antelmi, Pasquale Caramante, Gennaro Cordasco, Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, Daniele De Vinco, Francesco Foglia, Luca Postiglione and Carmine Spagnuolo

Volume 27(1) published on 31-Jan-2024

Polarization on Social Media: Micro-Level Evidence and Macro-Level Implications
   Marijn Keijzer, Michael Mäs and Andreas Flache

Raising the Spectrum of Polarization: Generating Issue Alignment with a Weighted Balance Opinion Dynamics Model
   Simon Schweighofer and David Garcia

Validating Argument-Based Opinion Dynamics with Survey Experiments
   Sven Banisch and Hawal Shamon

Editorial: Modelling Values in Social, Technical, and Ecological Systems
   Anna Melnyk, Bruce Edmonds, Amineh Ghorbani and Ibo van de Poel

Schwartz Human Values and the Economic Performance
   Marcin Czupryna, Katarzyna Growiec, Bogumił Kamiński and Paweł Oleksy

Modelling Value Change: An Exploratory Approach
   Tristan de Wildt and Ibo van de Poel

Identifying Personal and Social Drivers of Dietary Patterns: An Agent-Based Model of Dutch Consumer Behavior
   Natalie Davis, Brian Dermody, Mark Koetse and George van Voorn

Modelling Adaptive and Anticipatory Human Decision-Making in Complex Human-Environment Systems
   Jens Koed Madsen, Brian Powers, Richard Bailey, Ernesto Carrella, Nicolas Payette and Toby Pilditch

Simulating the Role of Norms in Processes of Social Innovation: Three Case Studies
   Wander Jager, Bertha Guijarro-Berdiñas, Loes Bouman, Patrycja Antosz, Amparo Alonso Betanzos, Douglas Salt, J. Gareth Polhill, Alejandro Rodríguez Arias and Noelia Sánchez-Maroño

Examining the Interplay Between National Strategies and Value Change in the Battle Against COVID-19: An Agent-Based Modelling Inquiry
   Molood Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, Anna Melnyk, Paulien Herder and Amineh Ghorbani

The Role of Values in Pandemic Management: An Agent-Based Model
   Wesley Wildman, George Hodulik and F. LeRon Shults

Can a Single Line of Code Change Society? The Systemic Risks of Optimizing Engagement in Recommender Systems on Global Information Flow, Opinion Dynamics and Social Structures
   David Chavalarias, Paul Bouchaud and Maziyar Panahi

The Epistemic Role of Diversity in Juries: An Agent-Based Model
   Patrick Grim, Daniel J. Singer, Aaron Bramson, Bennett Holman, Jiin Jung and William J. Berger

An Agent-Based Model of Cultural Change for a Low-Carbon Transition
   Daniel Torren-Peraire, Ivan Savin and Jeroen van den Bergh

Methods That Support the Validation of Agent-Based Models: An Overview and Discussion
   Andrew Collins, Matthew Koehler and Christopher Lynch

An Exploration of Drivers of Opinion Dynamics
   Els Weinans, George van Voorn, Patrick Steinmann, Elisa Perrone and Ahmadreza Marandi

Decomposing Variance Decomposition for Stochastic Models: Application to a Proof-Of-Concept Human Migration Agent-Based Model
   Álvaro Carmona-Cabrero, Rafael Muñoz-Carpena, Woi Sok Oh and Rachata Muneepeerakul

A Fast Embedded Language for Continuous-Time Agent-Based Simulation
   Till Köster, Oliver Reinhardt, Martin Hinsch, Jakub Bijak and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher

A Method for Emerging Empirical Age Structures in Agent-Based Models with Exogenous Survival Probabilities
   Kathyrn Fair and Omar Guerrero

Talk Less to Strangers: How Homophily Can Improve Collective Decision-Making in Diverse Teams
   Jonas Stein, Vincenz Frey and Andreas Flache

Volume 26(4) published on 01-Nov-2023

Job Done? Future Modeling Challenges After 20 Years of Work on Bounded-Confidence Models
   Shuo Liu, Michael Mäs, Haoxiang Xia and Andreas Flache

Bounded Confidence Revisited: What We Overlooked, Underestimated, and Got Wrong
   Rainer Hegselmann

Opinion Dynamics Model Revealing Yet Undetected Cognitive Biases
   Guillaume Deffuant

Calibrating an Opinion Dynamics Model to Empirical Opinion Distributions and Transitions
   Martin Gestefeld and Jan Lorenz

Scientific Disagreements and the Diagnosticity of Evidence: How Too Much Data May Lead to Polarization
   Matteo Michelini, Javier Osorio, Wybo Houkes, Dunja Šešelja and Christian Straßer

The Wisdom of the Small Crowd: Myside Bias and Group Discussion
   Edoardo Baccini, Zoé Christoff, Stephan Hartmann and Rineke Verbrugge

How Availability Heuristic, Confirmation Bias and Fear May Drive Societal Polarisation: An Opinion Dynamics Simulation of the Case of COVID-19 Vaccination
   Teng Li and Wander Jager

What Matters Most in Supporting Cooperation, the Gossip Content or the Gossiper’s Intention? Simulating Motive Interpretation in Gossip Dynamics
   Martina Testori, Francesca Giardini, Charlotte K Hemelrijk, Terence D Dores Cruz and Bianca Beersma

An Assimilation Anomaly: Averaging-Induced Reversal of Overall Opinion in Two Interacting Societies
   Jacob Landsberg and Adam Landsberg

Network Structure Can Amplify Innovation Adoption and Polarization in Group-Structured Populations with Outgroup Aversion
   Bruce Miller, Ivan Garibay, Jacopo Baggio and Edwin Nassiff

Equation-Based Versus Agent-Based Models: Why Not Embrace Both for an Efficient Parameter Calibration?
   Priscilla Avegliano and Jaime Simão Sichman

Volume 26(3) published on 30-Jun-2023

Spatial Disparities in Vaccination and the Risk of Infection in a Multi-Region Agent-Based Model of Epidemic Dynamics
   Myong-Hun Chang and Troy Tassier

Superiority Bias and Communication Noise Can Enhance Collective Problem Solving
   Amin Boroomand and Paul E. Smaldino

On the Interplay of Gullibility, Plausibility, and Criticism: A Computational Model of Epistemic Vigilance
   Daniel Reisinger, Marie L. Kogler and Georg Jäger

Classification-Based Opinion Formation Model Embedding Agents’ Psychological Traits
   Carlos Andres Devia and Giulia Giordano

Polarization in Social Media: A Virtual Worlds-Based Approach
   Dennis Jacob and Sven Banisch

Agent-Based Simulation of Policy Funding Tradeoffs Through the Lens of Legitimacy and Hardship
   Jack Mitcham

An Agent-Based Simulation Model of Pedestrian Evacuation Based on Bayesian Nash Equilibrium
   Yiyu Wang, Jiaqi Ge and Alexis Comber

Identifying the Impact of Artifacts-Based Exploration and Exploitation on Routines’ Formation Dynamics: An Agent-Based Model
   Dehua Gao and Yumei Yang

Corrigendum to 'the Role of Argument Strength and Informational Biases in Polarization and Bi-Polarization Effects', Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 26 (2) 5, 2023
   Carlo Proietti and Davide Chiarella

Editorial: Social Identity Modelling
   Nanda Wijermans, Geeske Scholz, Martin Neumann, Rocco Paolillo, Anne Templeton, Vhonani Netshandama and Doris Neuberger

How Polarization Extends to New Topics: An Agent-Based Model Derived from Experimental Data
   Dino Carpentras, Adrian Lueders, Paul J. Maher, Caoimhe O'Reilly and Michael Quayle

When "I" Becomes "We": Modelling Dynamic Identity on Autonomous Agents
   Inês Lobo, Joana Dimas, Samuel Mascarenhas, Diogo Rato and Rui Prada

The Role of Social Identity in a Population's Adoption of Prosocial Common-Pool Behavior
   Garry Sotnik, Serhii Choporov and Thaddeus Shannon

Volume 26(2) published on 31-Mar-2023

Special Section on "Inverse Generative Social Science": Guest Editors’ Statement
   Joshua M. Epstein, Ivan Garibay, Erez Hatna, Matthew Koehler and William Rand

Inverse Generative Social Science: Backward to the Future
   Joshua M. Epstein

Generating Mixed Patterns of Residential Segregation: An Evolutionary Approach
   Chathika Gunaratne, Erez Hatna, Joshua M. Epstein and Ivan Garibay

Can Social Norms Explain Long-Term Trends in Alcohol Use? Insights from Inverse Generative Social Science
   Tuong Manh Vu, Charlotte Buckley, João A. Duro, Alan Brennan, Joshua M. Epstein and Robin C. Purshouse

Evolutionary Model Discovery of Human Behavioral Factors Driving Decision-Making in Irrigation Experiments
   Lux Miranda, Ozlem O. Garibay and Jacopo Baggio

Learning Interpretable Logic for Agent-Based Models from Domain Independent Primitives
   Rory Greig, Chris Major, Michalina Pacholska, Sebastian Bending and Jordi Arranz

Social Agents? A Systematic Review of Social Identity Formalizations
   Geeske Scholz, Nanda Wijermans, Rocco Paolillo, Martin Neumann, Torsten Masson, Emile Chappin, Anne Templeton and Geo Kocheril

Social Identity and Organizational Control: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation
   Friederike Wall

Dyadic Interaction Shapes Social Identity in the Axelrod Model Using Empirical Data
   Alejandro Dinkelberg, Pádraig MacCarron, Paul J. Maher, David JP O'Sullivan and Michael Quayle

The Role of Argument Strength and Informational Biases in Polarization and Bi-Polarization Effects
   Carlo Proietti and Davide Chiarella

Social Simulation Models as Refuting Machines
   Nicolas Mauhe, Luis R. Izquierdo and Segismundo S. Izquierdo

Corrigendum to 'Arguments as Drivers of Issue Polarisation in Debates Among Artificial Agents', Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 25 (1) 4, 2022
   Felix Kopecky

Introduction to Urban Science Evidence and Theory of Cities as Complex Systems
Bettencourt, Luís M. A.
Reviewed by Bernardo Alves Furtado

Volume 26(1) published on 31-Jan-2023

Unpacking a Black Box: A Conceptual Anatomy Framework for Agent-Based Social Simulation Models
   Ozge Dilaver and Nigel Gilbert

Using Machine Learning for Agent Specifications in Agent-Based Models and Simulations: A Critical Review and Guidelines
   Molood Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, Jonas Lechner, Amineh Ghorbani, Igor Nikolic, Emile Chappin and Paulien Herder

A Methodology to Develop Agent-Based Models for Policy Support Via Qualitative Inquiry
   Vittorio Nespeca, Tina Comes and Frances Brazier

Agent-Based Simulation of Land Use Governance (ABSOLUG) in Tropical Commodity Frontiers
   Marius von Essen and Eric F Lambin

Emergency Warning Dissemination in a Multiplex Social Network
   Charles Koll, Michael Lindell, Chen Chen and Haizhong Wang

A Geospatial Bounded Confidence Model Including Mega-Influencers with an Application to Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
   Anna Haensch, Natasa Dragovic, Christoph Borgers and Bruce Boghosian

Confirmation Bias as a Mechanism to Focus Attention Enhances Signal Detection
   Michael Vogrin, Guilherme Wood and Thomas Schmickl

Conditions and Effects of Norm Internalization
   Marlene Batzke and Andreas Ernst

Escape from Model Land. How Mathematical Models Can Lead Us Astray and What We Can Do About It
Erica Thompson
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Volume 25(4) published on 31-Oct-2022

The Ethics of Agent-Based Social Simulation
   David Anzola, Pete Barbrook-Johnson and Nigel Gilbert

Conflicting Information and Compliance with COVID-19 Behavioral Recommendations
   Asmeret Naugle, Fred Rothganger, Stephen Verzi and Casey Doyle

An Agent-Based Model of the Interaction Between Inequality, Trust, and Communication in Common Pool Experiments
   Marco A. Janssen, Daniel DeCaro and Allen Lee

Deriving an Opinion Dynamics Model from Experimental Data
   Dino Carpentras, Paul J. Maher, Caoimhe O'Reilly and Michael Quayle

Hybrid Approach for Modelling the Uptake of Residential Solar PV Systems, with Case Study Application in Melbourne, Australia
   Magnus Moglia, Christian A Nygaard, Stephen Glackin, Stephen Cook and Sorada Tapsuwan

Effect of Policy Implementation on Energy Retrofit Behavior and Energy Consumption in a Simulated Neighborhood
   Lars Even Egner and Christian Klöckner

Agent-Based Model for Urban Administration: A Case Study of Bridge Construction and its Traffic Dispersion Effect
   Tae-Sub Yun, Dongjun Kim, Il-Chul Moon and Jang Won Bae

Volume 25(3) published on 01-Jul-2022

An Agent-Based Model to Support Infection Control Strategies at School
   Daniele Baccega, Simone Pernice, Pietro Terna, Paolo Castagno, Giovenale Moirano, Lorenzo Richiardi, Matteo Sereno, Sergio Rabellino, Milena Maria Maule and Marco Beccuti

Structural Effects of Agent Heterogeneity in Agent-Based Models: Lessons from the Social Spread of COVID-19
   D. Cale Reeves, Nicholas Willems, Vivek Shastry and Varun Rai

How Culture Influences the Management of a Pandemic: A Simulation of the COVID-19 Crisis
   Kurt Kreulen, Bart de Bruin, Amineh Ghorbani, René Mellema, Christian Kammler, Lois Vanhée, Virginia Dignum and Frank Dignum

Calibrating Agent-Based Models of Innovation Diffusion with Gradients
   Florian Kotthoff and Thomas Hamacher

Integrating Equity Considerations into Agent-Based Modeling: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Guidance
   Tim G Williams, Daniel G Brown, Seth D Guikema, Tom M Logan, Nicholas R Magliocca, Birgit Müller and Cara E Steger

Egalitarian Sharing Explains Food Distributions in a Small-Scale Society
   Marcos Pinheiro

Volume 25(2) published on 31-Mar-2022

Agent-Based Modelling of Future Dairy and Plant-Based Milk Consumption for UK Climate Targets
   Matthew Gibson, Joana Portugal Pereira, Raphael Slade and Joeri Rogelj

ReMoTe-S. Residential Mobility of Tenants in Switzerland: An Agent-Based Model
   Anna Pagani, Francesco Ballestrazzi, Emanuele Massaro and Claudia R. Binder

Sharing Risk Under Heterogeneity: Exploring Participation Patterns in Situations of Incomplete Information
   Eva Vriens and Vincent Buskens

An Agent-Based Model of Motor Insurance Customer Behaviour in the UK with Word of Mouth
   Rei England, Iqbal Owadally and Douglas Wright

Generation of Synthetic Populations in Social Simulations: A Review of Methods and Practices
   Kevin Chapuis, Patrick Taillandier and Alexis Drogoul

On the Interplay Among Multiple Factors: Effects of Factor Configuration in a Proof-Of-Concept Migration Agent-Based Model
   Woi Sok Oh, Álvaro Carmona-Cabrero, Rafael Muñoz-Carpena and Rachata Muneepeerakul

Calibrating Agent-Based Models Using Uncertainty Quantification Methods
   Josie McCulloch, Jiaqi Ge, Jonathan A. Ward, Alison Heppenstall, J. Gareth Polhill and Nick Malleson

Particle Swarm Optimization for Calibration in Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Modeling
   Alexander Michels, Jeon-Young Kang and Shaowen Wang

Volume 25(1) published on 01-Feb-2022

A Bad Barrel Spoils a Good Apple: How Uncertainty and Networks Affect Whether Matching Rules Can Foster Cooperation
   Carlos A. de Matos Fernandes, Andreas Flache, Dieko M. Bakker and Jacob Dijkstra

The Role of Reinforcement Learning in the Emergence of Conventions: Simulation Experiments with the Repeated Volunteer’s Dilemma
   Hendrik Nunner, Wojtek Przepiorka and Chris Janssen

Fear, Behaviour, and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A City-Scale Agent-Based Model Using Socio-Demographic and Spatial Map Data
   Carl Orge Retzlaff, Laura Burbach, Lilian Kojan, Patrick Halbach, Johannes Nakayama, Martina Ziefle and André Calero Valdez

Natural-Language Multi-Agent Simulations of Argumentative Opinion Dynamics
   Gregor Betz

Arguments as Drivers of Issue Polarisation in Debates Among Artificial Agents
   Felix Kopecky

A Comparative Study on Apprenticeship Systems Using Agent-Based Simulation
   Amir Hosein Afshar Sedigh, Martin Purvis, Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu, Christopher Konstantin Frantz and Maryam Purvis

An Integrated Ecological-Social Simulation Model of Farmer Decisions and Cropping System Performance in the Rolling Pampas (Argentina)
   Sebastián Pessah, Diego Omar Ferraro, Daniela Blanco and Rodrigo Castro

PolicySpace2: Modeling Markets and Endogenous Public Policies
   Bernardo Alves Furtado

Volume 24(4) published on 01-Nov-2021

Modeling Interaction in Collaborative Groups: Affect Control Within Social Structure
   Nikolas Zöller, Jonathan H. Morgan and Tobias Schröder

Youth and Their Artificial Social Environmental Risk and Promotive Scores (Ya-TASERPS): An Agent-Based Model of Interactional Theory of Delinquency
   JoAnn Lee and Andrew Crooks

VIDA: A Simulation Model of Domestic Violence in Times of Social Distancing
   Lígia Mori Madeira, Bernardo Alves Furtado and Alan Dill

Long-Term Dynamics of Institutions: Using ABM as a Complementary Tool to Support Theory Development in Historical Studies
   Molood Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, Amineh Ghorbani, Giangiacomo Bravo, Mike Farjam, René van Weeren, Anders Forsman and Tine De Moor

The Role of Mistrust in the Modelling of Opinion Adoption
   Johnathan Adams, Gentry White and Robyn Araujo

PastoralScape: An Environment-Driven Model of Vaccination Decision Making Within Pastoralist Groups in East Africa
   Matthew Sottile, Richard Iles, Craig McConnel, Ofer Amram and Eric Lofgren

Using Agent-Based Modelling to Assess Scenarios for Enhanced Soil and Water Conservation in the Boset District, Ethiopia
   Samuel Assefa, Aad Kessler and Luuk Fleskens

The Dynamical Relation Between Individual Needs and Group Performance: A Simulation of the Self-Organising Task Allocation Process
   Shaoni Wang, Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Yanzhong Dang

Hard Work, Risk-Taking, and Diversity in a Model of Collective Problem Solving
   Amin Boroomand and Paul E. Smaldino

A Noisy Opinion Formation Model with Two Opposing Mass Media
   Hirofumi Takesue

Cultural Dissemination: An Agent-Based Model with Social Influence
   Ngan Nguyen, Hongfei Chen, Benjamin Jin, Walker Quinn, Conrad Tyler and Adam Landsberg

Social Simulation for a Crisis: Results and Lessons from Simulating the COVID-19 Crisis
Dignum, Frank (Ed.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Volume 24(3) published on 30-Jun-2021

Social Network Metric-Based Interventions? Experiments with an Agent-Based Model of the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Metropolitan Region
   Ben Vermeulen, Matthias Müller and Andreas Pyka

Agent-Based Social Simulation of the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review
   Fabian Lorig, Emil Johansson and Paul Davidsson

Using Agent-Based Models for Prediction in Complex and Wicked Systems
   J. Gareth Polhill, Matthew Hare, Tom Bauermann, David Anzola, Erika Palmer, Doug Salt and Patrycja Antosz

Comparing Mechanisms of Food Choice in an Agent-Based Model of Milk Consumption and Substitution in the UK
   Matthew Gibson, Raphael Slade, Joana Portugal Pereira and Joeri Rogelj

Cascades Across Networks Are Sufficient for the Formation of Echo Chambers: An Agent-Based Model
   Jan-Philipp Fränken and Toby Pilditch

Sustaining Collective Action in Urban Community Gardens
   Arthur Feinberg, Elena Hooijschuur, Nicole Rogge, Amineh Ghorbani and Paulien Herder

Actor Behaviour and Robustness of Industrial Symbiosis Networks: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach
   Kasper Lange, Gijsbert Korevaar, Igor Nikolic and Paulien Herder

Understanding the Effects of China’s Agro-Environmental Policies on Rural Households’ Labor and Land Allocation with a Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Model
   Ying Wang, Qi Zhang, Srikanta Sannigrahi, Qirui Li, Shiqi Tao, Richard Bilsborrow, Jiangfeng Li and Conghe Song

Volume 24(2) published on 01-Apr-2021

Modeling COVID-19 for Lifting Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
   Matthew Koehler, David M Slater, Garry Jacyna and James R Thompson

Where Does Theory Have It Right? A Comparison of Theory-Driven and Empirical Agent Based Models
   Firouzeh Taghikhah, Tatiana Filatova and Alexey Voinov

Can Ethnic Tolerance Curb Self-Reinforcing School Segregation? A Theoretical Agent Based Model
   Lucas Sage and Andreas Flache

Dynamics of Public Opinion: Diverse Media and Audiences’ Choices
   Zhongtian Chen and Hanlin Lan

The Use of Surrogate Models to Analyse Agent-Based Models
   Guus ten Broeke, George van Voorn, Arend Ligtenberg and Jaap Molenaar

No Free Lunch when Estimating Simulation Parameters
   Ernesto Carrella

An Agent Based Model of a Thinly Traded Land Market in an Urbanizing Region
   Yong Chen, Elena Irwin, Ciriyam Jayaprakash and Kyoung Jin Park

Introducing the Argumentation Framework Within Agent-Based Models to Better Simulate Agents' Cognition in Opinion Dynamics: Application to Vegetarian Diet Diffusion
   Patrick Taillandier, Nicolas Salliou and Rallou Thomopoulos

Generating a Two-Layered Synthetic Population for French Municipalities: Results and Evaluation of Four Synthetic Reconstruction Methods
   Boyam Fabrice Yameogo, Pierre-Olivier Vandanjon, Pascal Gastineau and Pierre Hankach

Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium (Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network)
Arthur, W. Brian, Beinhocker, Eric D. & Stanger Allison (Eds.)
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Computer Simulation Validation. Fundamental Concepts, Methodological Frameworks, and Philosophical Perspectives
Beisbart, Claus & Saam, Nicole J. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Martin Neumann

Volume 24(1) published on 31-Jan-2021

Justified Stories with Agent-Based Modelling for Local COVID-19 Planning
   Jennifer Badham, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Camila Caiado and Brian Castellani

Agent-Based Simulation of West Asian Urban Dynamics: Impact of Refugees
   Ali Termos, Stefano Picascia and Neil Yorke-Smith

On the Macroeconomic Effect of Extortion: An Agent-Based Approach
   Alejandro Platas-López, Alejandro Guerra-Hernández and Francisco Grimaldo

Opinion Dynamics and Collective Risk Perception: An Agent-Based Model of Institutional and Media Communication About Disasters
   Francesca Giardini and Daniele Vilone

An Argument Communication Model of Polarization and Ideological Alignment
   Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich

Finding Core Members of Cooperative Games Using Agent-Based Modeling
   Daniele Vernon-Bido and Andrew Collins

Targeting Your Preferences: Modelling Micro-Targeting for an Increasingly Diverse Electorate
   Toby Pilditch and Jens Koed Madsen

Integrating Qualitative and Social Science Factors in Archaeological Modelling
Saqalli, Mehdi and Vander Linden, Marc (Eds.)
Reviewed by Dries Daems

Network Origins of the Global Economy. East Vs. West in a Complex Systems Perspective
Hilton L. Root
Reviewed by Ammar Malik

Volume 23(4) published on 31-Oct-2020

Halting SARS-CoV-2 by Targeting High-Contact Individuals
   Gianluca Manzo and Arnout van de Rijt

The Unknown of the Pandemic: An Agent-Based Model of Final Phase Risks
   Marco Cremonini and Samira Maghool

A Hybrid Agent-Based and Equation Based Model for the Spread of Infectious Diseases
   Elizabeth Hunter, Brian Mac Namee and John Kelleher

RecovUS: An Agent-Based Model of Post-Disaster Household Recovery
   Saeed Moradi and Ali Nejat

Seed Selection Strategies for Information Diffusion in Social Networks: An Agent-Based Model Applied to Rural Zambia
   Beatrice Nöldeke, Etti Winter and Ulrike Grote

Agent-Based Modelling of Values: The Case of Value Sensitive Design for Refugee Logistics
   Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken, Ross Gore, Frank Dignum, Lamber Royakkers, Phillip Wozny and F. LeRon Shults

Gregarious Behavior, Human Colonization and Social Differentiation: An Agent-Based Model
   Sebastian Fajardo, Gert Jan Hofstede, Martijn de Vries, Mark Kramer and Andrés Bernal

Indirect Reciprocity with Contagious Reputation in Large-Scale Small-World Networks
   Markus Neumann

Modeling Cultural Dissemination and Divergence Between Rural and Urban Regions
   Nicholas LaBerge, Aria Chaderjian, Victor Ginelli, Margrethe Jebsen and Adam Landsberg

WorkSim: An Agent-Based Model of Labor Markets
   Jean-Daniel Kant, Gérard Ballot and Olivier Goudet

Model Exploration of an Information-Based Healthcare Intervention Using Parallelization and Active Learning
   Chaitanya Kaligotla, Jonathan Ozik, Nicholson Collier, Charles M. Macal, Kelly Boyd, Jennifer Makelarski, Elbert S. Huang and Stacy T. Lindau

Leveraging Modularity During Replication of High-Fidelity Models: Lessons from Replicating an Agent-Based Model for HIV Prevention
   Wouter Vermeer, Arthur Hjorth, Samuel M. Jenness, C Hendrick Brown and Uri Wilensky

BEN: An Architecture for the Behavior of Social Agents
   Mathieu Bourgais, Patrick Taillandier and Laurent Vercouter

Housing Market Agent-Based Simulation with Loan-To-Value and Debt-To-Income
   Tae-Sub Yun and Il-Chul Moon

Volume 23(3) published on 30-Jun-2020

An Agent-Based Model for Simulating Inter-Settlement Trade in Past Societies
   Angelos Chliaoutakis and Georgios Chalkiadakis

A Weighted Balance Model of Opinion Hyperpolarization
   Simon Schweighofer, Frank Schweitzer and David Garcia

Simulating Crowds in Real Time with Agent-Based Modelling and a Particle Filter
   Nick Malleson, Kevin Minors, Le-Minh Kieu, Jonathan A. Ward, Andrew West and Alison Heppenstall

Problem Solving: When Groups Perform Better Than Teammates
   Timoteo Carletti, Alessio Guarino, Andrea Guazzini and Federica Stefanelli

Reflexivity in a Diffusion of Innovations Model
   Carlos Córdoba and César García-Díaz

A Simulation Model of the Radicalisation Process Based on the IVEE Theoretical Framework
   Rosemary Pepys, Robert Bowles and Noémie Bouhana

An Agent-Based Approach to Integrated Assessment Modelling of Climate Change
   Marcin Czupryna, Christian Franzke, Sascha Hokamp and Jürgen Scheffran

A Software Architecture for Mechanism-Based Social Systems Modelling in Agent-Based Simulation Models
   Tuong Manh Vu, Charlotte Probst, Alexandra Nielsen, Hao Bai, Petra S. Meier, Charlotte Buckley, Mark Strong, Alan Brennan and Robin C. Purshouse

Price Formation in Parallel Trading Systems: Evidence from the Fine Wine Market
   Marcin Czupryna, Michał Jakubczyk and Paweł Oleksy

Comparing Actual and Simulated HFT Traders' Behavior for Agent Design
   Masanori Hirano, Kiyoshi Izumi, Hiroyasu Matsushima and Hiroki Sakaji

Impacts of Consensus Protocols and Trade Network Topologies on Blockchain System Performance
   Xianhua Wei, Aiya Li and Zhou He

Grade Language Heterogeneity in Simulation Models of Peer Review
   Thomas Feliciani, Ramanathan Moorthy, Pablo Lucas and Kalpana Shankar

New Frontiers in the Study of Social Phenomena
Frederico Cecconi (ed.)
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Volume 23(2) published on 01-Apr-2020

Computational Models That Matter During a Global Pandemic Outbreak: A Call to Action
   Flaminio Squazzoni, J. Gareth Polhill, Bruce Edmonds, Petra Ahrweiler, Patrycja Antosz, Geeske Scholz, Emile Chappin, Melania Borit, Harko Verhagen, Francesca Giardini and Nigel Gilbert

The ODD Protocol for Describing Agent-Based and Other Simulation Models: A Second Update to Improve Clarity, Replication, and Structural Realism
   Volker Grimm, Steven F. Railsback, Christian E. Vincenot, Uta Berger, Cara Gallagher, Donald L. DeAngelis, Bruce Edmonds, Jiaqi Ge, Jarl Giske, Jürgen Groeneveld, Alice S.A. Johnston, Alexander Milles, Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, J. Gareth Polhill, Viktoriia Radchuk, Marie-Sophie Rohwäder, Richard A. Stillman, Jan C. Thiele and Daniel Ayllón

A Dynamic Computational Model of Social Stigma
   Myong-Hun Chang and Joseph Harrington

Homophily as a Process Generating Social Networks: Insights from Social Distance Attachment Model
   Szymon Talaga and Andrzej Nowak

Emergence of Small-World Networks in an Overlapping-Generations Model of Social Dynamics, Trust and Economic Performance
   Katarzyna Growiec, Jakub Growiec and Bogumił Kamiński

Metamodels for Evaluating, Calibrating and Applying Agent-Based Models: A Review
   Bruno Pietzsch, Sebastian Fiedler, Kai G. Mertens, Markus Richter, Cédric Scherer, Kirana Widyastuti, Marie-Christin Wimmler, Liubov Zakharova and Uta Berger

Phase Transition in the Social Impact Model of Opinion Formation in Scale-Free Networks: The Social Power Effect
   Alireza Mansouri and Fattaneh Taghiyareh

Do Farm Characteristics or Social Dynamics Explain the Conversion to Organic Farming by Dairy Farmers? An Agent-Based Model of Dairy Farming in 27 French Cantons
   Qing Xu, Sylvie Huet, Eric Perret and Guillaume Deffuant

Tension Between Stability and Representativeness in a Democratic Setting
   Victorien Barbet, Juliette Rouchier, Noé Guiraud and Vincent Laperrière

Estimating Spatio-Temporal Risks from Volcanic Eruptions Using an Agent-Based Model
   J Jumadi, Nick Malleson, Steve Carver and Duncan Quincey

How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions
Centola, Damon
Reviewed by Srebrenka Letina

Inventing Future Cities
Michael Batty
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Multi-Agent-Based Simulation XIX. 19th International Workshop, MABS 2018, Stockholm, Sweden, July 14, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
Davidsson, Paul, Verhagen, Harko (Eds.)
Reviewed by Patrycja Antosz

Modelling Transitions: Virtues, Vices, Visions of the Future
Moallemi, Enayat A. and de Haan, Fjalar J. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Cesar Garcia-Diaz

Volume 23(1) published on 31-Jan-2020

Catch Me if You Can: Using a Threshold Model to Simulate Support for Presidential Candidates in the Invisible Primary
   Elizabeth A. Stiles, Colin D. Swearingen, Linda Seiter and Brendan Foreman

How Policy Decisions Affect Refugee Journeys in South Sudan: A Study Using Automated Ensemble Simulations
   Diana Suleimenova and Derek Groen

Calibrating Agent-Based Models with Linear Regressions
   Ernesto Carrella, Richard Bailey and Jens Koed Madsen

LevelSpace: A NetLogo Extension for Multi-Level Agent-Based Modeling
   Arthur Hjorth, Bryan Head, Corey Brady and Uri Wilensky

An Agent-Based Model of Firm Size Distribution and Collaborative Innovation
   Inyoung Hwang

An Innovative Approach to Multi-Method Integrated Assessment Modelling of Global Climate Change
   Peer-Olaf Siebers, Zhi En Lim, Grazziela P. Figueredo and James Hey

Editorial: Meeting Grand Challenges in Agent-Based Models
   Li An, Volker Grimm and Billie L. Turner II

Methodological Issues of Spatial Agent-Based Models
   Steven Manson, Li An, Keith C. Clarke, Alison Heppenstall, Jennifer Koch, Brittany Krzyzanowski, Fraser Morgan, David O'Sullivan, Bryan C Runck, Eric Shook and Leigh Tesfatsion

Theory Development Via Replicated Simulations and the Added Value of Standards
   Jonas Hauke, Sebastian Achter and Matthias Meyer

Agent-Based Land Change Modeling of a Large Watershed: Space-Time Locations of Critical Threshold
   Wenwu Tang and Jianxin Yang

Cascading Impacts of Payments for Ecosystem Services in Complex Human-Environment Systems
   Li An, Judy Mak, Shuang Yang, Rebecca Lewison, Douglas A. Stow, Hsiang Ling Chen, Weihua Xu, Lei Shi and Yu Hsin Tsai

Land-Use Changes in Distant Places: Implementation of a Telecoupled Agent-Based Model
   Yue Dou, Guolin Yao, Anna Herzberger, Ramon Felipe Bicudo da Silva, Qian Song, Ciara Hovis, Mateus Batistella, Emilio Moran, Wenbin Wu and Jianguo Liu

‘One Size Does Not Fit All’: A Roadmap of Purpose-Driven Mixed-Method Pathways for Sensitivity Analysis of Agent-Based Models
   Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Peer-Olaf Siebers, Nicholas R Magliocca, Dawn C. Parker, Volker Grimm, Jing Du, Martin Cenek, Viktoriia Radchuk, Nazia N. Arbab, Sheng Li, Uta Berger, Rajiv Paudel, Derek T. Robinson, Piotr Jankowski, Li An and Xinyue Ye

Introduction to Computational Social Science
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla
Reviewed by Jennifer Badham

Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments: A Pattern Language
Stepney, Susan & Polack, Fiona A.C.
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Volume 22(4) published on 01-Nov-2019

Relational Integration in Schools Through Seating Assignments
   Márta Radó and Károly Takács

An Agent-Based Model to Simulate Meat Consumption Behaviour of Consumers in Britain
   Andrea Scalco, Jennie I. Macdiarmid, Tony Craig, Stephen Whybrow and Graham. W. Horgan

Agent-Based Modelling of Charging Behaviour of Electric Vehicle Drivers
   Mart van der Kam, Annemijn Peters, Wilfried van Sark and Floor Alkemade

Common Dynamics of Identity and Immigration: The Roles of Mobility and Democracy
   Nicolas Houy

The Dynamics of Language Minorities: Evidence from an Agent-Based Model of Language Contact
   Marco Civico

Modelling Contingent Technology Adoption in Farming Irrigation Communities
   Antoni Perello-Moragues, Pablo Noriega and Manel Poch

Space Matters: Extending Sensitivity Analysis to Initial Spatial Conditions in Geosimulation Models
   Juste Raimbault, Clémentine Cottineau, Marion Le Texier, Florent Le Nechet and Romain Reuillon

Models Within Models – Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in Energy Systems Analysis
   Martin Klein, Ulrich J. Frey and Matthias Reeg

Agent Scheduling in Opinion Dynamics: A Taxonomy and Comparison Using Generalized Models
   Christopher Weimer, J.O. Miller, Raymond Hill and Douglas Hodson

A Double-Layer Network and the Contagion Mechanism of China's Financial Systemic Risk
   Lin Zou, Lijuan Xie and Yuanjing Yang

How to Manage Individual Forgetting: Analysis and Comparison of Different Knowledge Management Strategies
   Jie Yan, Renjing Liu, Zhengwen He and Xiaobo Wan

Volume 22(3) published on 30-Jun-2019

Different Modelling Purposes
   Bruce Edmonds, Christophe Le Page, Mike Bithell, Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Volker Grimm, Ruth Meyer, Cristina Montañola-Sales, Paul Ormerod, Hilton Root and Flaminio Squazzoni

A Novel Computational Model of the Wheat Global Market with an Application to the 2010 Russian Federation Case
   Gianfranco Giulioni, Edmondo Di Giuseppe, Piero Toscano, Francesco Miglietta and Massimiliano Pasqui

Contract Farming in the Mekong Delta's Rice Supply Chain: Insights from an Agent-Based Modeling Study
   Hung Khanh Nguyen, Raymond Chiong, Manuel Chica, Richard Middleton and Dung Thi Kim Pham

Learning Opinions by Observing Actions: Simulation of Opinion Dynamics Using an Action-Opinion Inference Model
   Tanzhe Tang and Caspar G. Chorus

How Group Cohesion Promotes the Emergence of Cooperation in Public Goods Game Under Conditional Dissociation
   Xinglong Qu, Zhigang Cao, Xiaoguang Yang and The Anh Han

Coevolutionary Characteristics of Knowledge Diffusion and Knowledge Network Structures: A GA-ABM Model
   Junhyok Jang, Xiaofeng Ju, Unsok Ryu and Hyonchol Om

Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science: Theory, Sentiments, and Empirical Laws
Yuji Aruka, Alan Kirman
Reviewed by Bogumil Kaminski

Multiplex Networks
Emanuele Cozzo et al.
Reviewed by Simone Righi

Volume 22(2) published on 31-Mar-2019

Synchronizing Histories of Exposure and Demography: The Construction of an Agent-Based Model of the Ecuadorian Amazon Colonization and Exposure to Oil Pollution Hazards
   Noudéhouénou Lionel Jaderne Houssou, Juan Durango Cordero, Audren Bouadjio-Boulic, Lucie Morin, Nicolas Maestripieri, Sylvain Ferrant, Mahamadou Belem, Jose Ignacio Pelaez Sanchez, Melio Saenz, Emilie Lerigoleur, Arnaud Elger, Benoit Gaudou, Laurence Maurice and Mehdi Saqalli

Network Meta-Metrics: Using Evolutionary Computation to Identify Effective Indicators of Epidemiological Vulnerability in a Livestock Production System Model
   Serge Wiltshire, Asim Zia, Christopher Koliba, Gabriela Bucini, Eric Clark, Scott Merrill, Julie Smith and Susan Moegenburg

Path Dependency and Adaptation: The Effects of Policy on Migration Systems
   Miranda Simon

Simulating the Actions of Commuters Using a Multi-Agent System
   Neil Urquhart, Simon Powers, Zoe Wall, Achille Fonzone, Jiaqi Ge and J. Gareth Polhill

Role of Trust in a Self-Organizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Model with Variable Good Quality and Imperfect Information
   Graeme J. Ackland, Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Heather Hamill, Kate R. Hampshire, Simon Mariwah and Gerry Mshana

Endogenous Changes in Public Opinion Dynamics
   Francisco J. León-Medina

The Evolution of Tribalism: A Social-Ecological Model of Cooperation and Inter-Group Conflict Under Pastoralism
   Nicholas Seltzer

Participatory Modeling and Simulation with the GAMA Platform
   Patrick Taillandier, Arnaud Grignard, Nicolas Marilleau, Damien Philippon, Quang-Nghi Huynh, Benoit Gaudou and Alexis Drogoul

ABOOMS: Overcoming the Hurdles of Continuous-Time Public Goods Games with a Simulation-Based Approach
   Tuong Manh Vu, Christian Wagner and Peer-Olaf Siebers

Review of Modelling and Simulating Crowds at Mass Gathering Events: Hajj as a Case Study
   Almoaid Owaidah, Doina Olaru, Mohammed Bennamoun, Ferdous Sohel and Nazim Khan

Volume 22(1) published on 01-Feb-2019

A Dynamic Sustainability Analysis of Energy Landscapes in Egypt: A Spatial Agent-Based Model Combined with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
   Mostafa Shaaban, Jürgen Scheffran, Jürgen Böhner and Mohamed S. Elsobki

Conflicts Induced by Different Responses to Land Expropriation Among the Farmers Involved During Urbanization in China
   Haijun Bao, Xiaohe Wu, Haowen Wang, Qiuxiang Li, Yi Peng and Shibao Lu

Comparing Spatial-Interaction and Hybrid Agent-Based Modelling Approaches: An Application to Location Analysis of Services
   Lukasz Kowalski

Application Independent Heuristic Data Merging Methodology for Sample-Free Agent Population Synthesis
   Bhagya N. Wickramasinghe

Impact of Basel III Countercyclical Measures on Financial Stability: An Agent-Based Model
   Barbara Llacay and Gilbert Peffer

The Impact of Potential Crowd Behaviours on Emergency Evacuation: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Approach
   Azhar Mohd Ibrahim, Ibrahim Venkat and Philippe De Wilde

Innovation and Employment: An Agent-Based Approach
   Fábio Neves, Pedro Campos and Sandra Silva

Entrepreneurial Team Learning, Forgetting and Knowledge Levels in Business Incubators: An Exploration and Exploitation Perspective
   Wenqing Wu, Saixiang Ma, Kai Wang, Sang-Bing Tsai and Wen-Pin Lin

Community-Based Adoption and Diffusion of Micro-Grids: Analysis of the Italian Case with Agent-Based Model
   Francesco Pasimeni

Promoting Sustainable Food Consumption: An Agent-Based Model About Outcomes of Small Shop Openings
   Roberto Calisti, Primo Proietti and Andrea Marchini

An Agent-Based Assessment of Health Vulnerability to Long-Term Particulate Exposure in Seoul Districts
   Hyesop Shin and Mike Bithell

The Value of Values and Norms in Social Simulation
   Rijk Mercuur, Virginia Dignum and Catholijn Jonker

Social Dimensions of Organised Crime
Elsenbroich Corinna, Anzola David, Gilbert Nigel (eds.)
Reviewed by Susanne Karstedt

Methodological Investigations in Agent-Based Modelling
Eric Silverman
Reviewed by Francesca Giardini

Complex Spreading Phenomena in Social Systems
Sune Lehmann, Yong-Yeol Ahn (eds.)
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hunter

Volume 21(4) published on 31-Oct-2018

An Agent-Based Model of Rural Households’ Adaptation to Climate Change
   Atesmachew Hailegiorgis, Andrew Crooks and Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Identifying Mechanisms Underlying Peer Effects on Multiplex Networks
   Hang Xiong, Diane Payne and Stephen Kinsella

The Ecosystems of Simple and Complex Societies: Social and Geographical Dynamics
   Ricardo Andrés Guzmán, Sammy Drobny and Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert

The Insurance Industry as a Complex Social System: Competition, Cycles and Crises
   Iqbal Owadally, Feng Zhou and Douglas Wright

Towards the Right Ordering of the Sequence of Models for the Evolution of a Population Using Agent-Based Simulation
   Morgane Dumont, Johan Barthelemy, Nam Huynh and Timoteo Carletti

One Theory - Many Formalizations: Testing Different Code Implementations of the Theory of Planned Behaviour in Energy Agent-Based Models
   Hannah Muelder and Tatiana Filatova

Explaining the Emerging Influence of Culture, from Individual Influences to Collective Phenomena
   Loïs Vanhée and Frank Dignum

Automated Analysis of Regularities Between Model Parameters and Output Using Support Vector Regression in Conjunction with Decision Trees
   Mert Edali and Gönenç Yücel

Task Structure, Individual Bounded Rationality and Crowdsourcing Performance: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach
   Jie Yan, Renjing Liu and Guangjun Zhang

A Generative Model of the Mutual Escalation of Anxiety Between Religious Groups
   F. LeRon Shults, Ross Gore, Wesley Wildman, Christopher Lynch, Justin E. Lane and Monica Toft

Opinion Dynamics Model Based on Cognitive Biases of Complex Agents
   Pawel Sobkowicz

Using a Socioeconomic Segregation Burn-in Model to Initialise an Agent-Based Model for Infectious Diseases
   Elizabeth Hunter, Brian Mac Namee and John D. Kelleher

Agent-Based Modeling of Social Conflict: From Mechanisms to Complex Behavior
Carlos Lemos
Reviewed by Armano Srbljinovic

Agent-Based Modeling of Tax Evasion
Sascha Hokamp, Laszlo Gulyas, Matthew Koehler, Sanith Wijesinghe
Reviewed by Philip Truscott

Agent-Based Models in Economics: A Toolkit
Domenico Delli Gatti et al. (eds.)
Reviewed by Wojtek Przepiorka

Big Mind: How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World
Geoff Mulgan
Reviewed by Christopher J. Watts

Volume 21(3) published on 30-Jun-2018

Countries as Agents in a Global-Scale Computational Model
   Harold J. Walbert, James L. Caton and Julia R. Norgaard

Networks, Percolation, and Consumer Demand
   Paolo Zeppini and Koen Frenken

Generating Synthetic Bitcoin Transactions and Predicting Market Price Movement Via Inverse Reinforcement Learning and Agent-Based Modeling
   Kamwoo Lee, Sinan Ulkuatam, Peter Beling and William Scherer

Agent-Based Models of Gender Inequalities in Career Progression
   John Bullinaria

Agent-Based Modelling of Viticulture Development in Emerging Markets: The Case of the Małopolska Region
   Marcin Czupryna, Paweł Oleksy, Piotr Przybek and Bogumił Kamiński

An Agent-Based Model of Residential Energy Efficiency Adoption
   Magnus Moglia, Aneta Podkalicka and James McGregor

How to Relate Models to Reality? An Epistemological Framework for the Validation and Verification of Computational Models
   Claudius Graebner

Mamdani Fuzzy Systems for Modelling and Simulation: A Critical Assessment
   Segismundo S. Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo

Streamlining Simulation Experiments with Agent-Based Models in Demography
   Oliver Reinhardt, Jason Hilton, Tom Warnke, Jakub Bijak and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher

Non-Equilibrium Social Science and Policy
Johnson Jeffrey, Nowak Andrzej, Ormerod Paul, Rosewell Bridget, Zhang Yi-Cheng
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Advances in Computational Social Science: The Fourth World Congress (Agent-Based Social Systems)
Chen Shu-Heng, Terano Takao, Yamamoto Ryuichi, Tai Chung-Ching
Reviewed by Martina Dünser

Endogenous Innovation
Cristiano Antonelli
Reviewed by Paola D'Orazio

Volume 21(2) published on 31-Mar-2018

An Agent-Based Model of Discourse Pattern Formation in Small Groups of Competing and Cooperating Members
   Ismo T. Koponen and Maija Nousiainen

Emergence of Task Formation in Organizations: Balancing Units' Competence and Capacity
   Friederike Wall

Model of Knowledge Transfer Within an Organisation
   Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczeń, Krzysztof Malarz and Kamil Paradowski

Emotion Modeling in Social Simulation: A Survey
   Mathieu Bourgais, Patrick Taillandier, Laurent Vercouter and Carole Adam

PyNetLogo: Linking NetLogo with Python
   Marc Jaxa-Rozen and Jan H. Kwakkel

Simulating the Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Crop Varietal Diversity in Mali (West-Africa) Using Agent-Based Modeling Approach
   Mahamadou Belem, Didier Bazile and Harouna Coulibaly

Simulation of the Governance of Complex Systems (SimCo): Basic Concepts and Experiments on Urban Transportation
   Fabian Adelt, Johannes Weyer, Sebastian Hoffmann and Andreas Ihrig

The Thin Blue Line Between Protesters and Their Counter-Protesters
   Tamsin E. Lee

Evolution of Government’s Performance Through Yardstick Competition in the Spatial Game of Gubernatorial Elections
   Tanzhe Tang and Ke Zeng

ODD+2D: An ODD Based Protocol for Mapping Data to Empirical ABMs
   Ahmed Laatabi, Nicolas Marilleau, Tri Nguyen-Huu, Hassan Hbid and Mohamed Ait Babram

Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Perishable Product in a Competitive Multi-Agent Retailers Market
   Wenchong Chen, Hongwei Liu and Dan Xu

Agent-Based Modelling in Population Studies: Concepts, Methods, and Applications (the Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis)
André Grow, Jan van Bavel
Reviewed by Tilman Schenk

Individuality and Entanglement: The Moral and Material Bases of Social Life
Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Ozge Dilaver

Handbook of Computational Social Choice
Brandt Felix, Vincent Conitzer, Ulle Endriss, Jerome Lang, Ariel Procaccia
Reviewed by Roman Seidl

Agent-Based Spatial Simulation with NetLogo Volume 1
Banos, Arnaud, Lang, Christophe and Marilleau, Nicolas
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Wilson, Alan (ed.)
Reviewed by Nicholas M. Gotts

Volume 21(1) published on 31-Jan-2018

Forecasting Changes in Religiosity and Existential Security with an Agent-Based Model
   Ross Gore, Carlos Lemos, F. LeRon Shults and Wesley Wildman

Comparing Prediction Market Mechanisms: An Experiment-Based and Micro Validated Multi-Agent Simulation
   Frank M. A. Klingert and Matthias Meyer

Agent-Based Modelling to Assess Community Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods
   Samantha Dobbie, Kate Schreckenberg, James G Dyke, Marije Schaafsma and Stefano Balbi

The Role of Heterogeneity and the Dynamics of Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods: An Experimental and Agent-Based Simulation Analysis
   Engi Amin, Mohamed Abouelela and Amal Soliman

Social Norms and the Dominance of Low-Doers
   Carlo Proietti and Antonio Franco

Which Perspective of Institutional Change Best Fits Empirical Data? An Agent-Based Model Comparison of Rational Choice and Cultural Diffusion in Invasive Plant Management
   Abigail Sullivan, Li An and Abigail York

Modeling Organizational Cognition: The Case of Impact Factor
   Davide Secchi and Stephen J. Cowley

Examining Collusion and Voting Biases Between Countries During the Eurovision Song Contest Since 1957
   Alexander V. Mantzaris, Samuel R. Rein and Alexander D. Hopkins

Lattice Dynamics of Inequity
   Gérard Weisbuch

Integrating Global Sensitivity Approaches to Deconstruct Spatial and Temporal Sensitivities of Complex Spatial Agent-Based Models
   Nicholas R Magliocca, Virginia McConnell and Margaret Walls

Random-Subset Voting
   Guilherme Barros Correa de Amorim, Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa, Danielle Costa Morais and Leandro Chaves Rego

A Minimal Agent-Based Model Reproduces the Overall Topology of Interbank Networks
   Sara Cuenda, Maximiliano Fernández, Javier Galeano and José A. Capitán

Modelling Sustainability Transitions: An Assessment of Approaches and Challenges
   Jonathan Köhler, Fjalar de Haan, Georg Holtz, Klaus Kubeczko, Enayat Moallemi, George Papachristos and Emile Chappin

Computational Modelling of Public Policy: Reflections on Practice
   Nigel Gilbert, Petra Ahrweiler, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Kavin Preethi Narasimhan and Helen Wilkinson

Non-Equilibrium Social Science and Policy: Introduction and Essays on New and Changing Paradigms in Socio-Economic Thinking (Understanding Complex Systems)
Johnson, Jeffrey, Nowak, Andrzej and Ormerod, Paul (eds.)
Reviewed by Frank Dignum

Introduction to Agent-Based Economics
Mauro Gallegati Antonio Palestrini Alberto Russo
Reviewed by Bogumil Kaminski

Computational Social Psychology
Robin R. Vallacher
Reviewed by Wander Jager

Social Collective Intelligence
Miorandi Daniele, Vincenzo Maltese; Michael Rovatsos, Anton Nijholt, James Stewart (eds.)
Reviewed by Camelia Florela Voinea

Urban Dynamics and Simulation Models (Lecture Notes in Morphogenesis)
Denise Pumain, Romain Reuillon
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 20(4) published on 31-Oct-2017

Models of Social Influence: Towards the Next Frontiers
   Andreas Flache, Michael Mäs, Thomas Feliciani, Edmund Chattoe-Brown, Guillaume Deffuant, Sylvie Huet and Jan Lorenz

New Winning Strategies for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
   Philippe Mathieu and Jean-Paul Delahaye

Opinion Communication on Contested Topics: How Empirics and Arguments can Improve Social Simulation
   Annalisa Stefanelli and Roman Seidl

Cooperation Via Intimidation: An Emergent System of Mutual Threats can Maintain Social Order
   Piotr Mateusz Patrzyk and Martin Takáč

A Model-Based Analysis of the Minimum Size of Demographically-Viable Hunter-Gatherer Populations
   Andrew White

Violent and Non-Violent Strategies of Counterinsurgency
   Anna O. Pechenkina and D. Scott Bennett

Introducing a Multi-Asset Stock Market to Test the Power of Investor Networks
   Matthew Oldham

A Simulation Tool for Exploring the Evolution of Temporal Interbank Networks
   Valentina Y. Guleva, Klavdiya O. Bochenina, Maria V. Skvorcova and Alexander V. Boukhanovsky

A Computational Study of the Station Nightclub Fire Accounting for Social Relationships
   Sherif El-Tawil, Jieshi Fang, Benigno Aguirre and Eric Best

R&D Subsidization Effect and Network Centralization: Evidence from an Agent-Based Micro-Policy Simulation
   Pierpaolo Angelini, Giovanni Cerulli, Federico Cecconi, Maria-Augusta Miceli and Bianca Potì

Asynchronous Opinion Dynamics with Online and Offline Interactions in Bounded Confidence Model
   Zhaogang Ding, Yucheng Dong, Haiming Liang and Francisco Chiclana

Direct and Indirect Economic Incentives to Mitigate Nitrogen Surpluses: A Sensitivity Analysis
   Alena Schmidt, Magdalena Necpalova, Albert Zimmermann, Stefan Mann, Johan Six and Gabriele Mack

Efficient and Effective Pair-Matching Algorithms for Agent-Based Models
   Nathan Geffen and Stefan Scholz

Population Synthesis with Quasirandom Integer Sampling
   Andrew Smith, Robin Lovelace and Mark Birkin

Population Synthesis Based on Joint Distribution Inference Without Disaggregate Samples
   Peijun Ye, Xiaolin Hu, Yong Yuan and Fei-Yue Wang

Agent-Based Modeling of Sustainable Behaviors (Understanding Complex Systems)
Alonso-Betanzos, Amparo, Sánchez-Maroño, Noelia and Fontenla-Romero, Oscar (eds.)
Reviewed by Emile Chappin

Agile Actors on Complex Terrains: Transformative Realism and Public Policy (Complexity in Social Science)
Room, Graham
Reviewed by Hilton Root

Computational Social Science (Analytical Methods for Social Research)
Alvarez, R. Michael
Reviewed by Karandeep Singh

Volume 20(3) published on 30-Jun-2017

The Explanation of Social Conventions by Melioration Learning
   Johannes Zschache

Growing Unpopular Norms
   Christoph Merdes

Ali Baba and the Thief, Convention Emergence in Games
   Xin Sun, Xishun Zhao and Livio Robaldo

Effects of the Interaction Between Ideological Affinity and Psychological Reaction of Agents on the Opinion Dynamics in a Relative Agreement Model
   Norma L. Abrica-Jacinto, Evguenii Kurmyshev and Héctor A. Juárez

The Role of Homophily in the Emergence of Opinion Controversies
   Floriana Gargiulo and Yerali Gandica

A Taxonomy for Agent-Based Models in Human Infectious Disease Epidemiology
   Elizabeth Hunter, Brian Mac Namee and John D. Kelleher

A Simulation of Entrepreneurial Spawning
   Mark J. O. Bagley

Responsiveness of Mining Community Acceptance Model to Key Parameter Changes
   Mark Kofi Boateng and Kwame Awuah-Offei

Thomas C. Schelling and James M. Sakoda: The Intellectual, Technical, and Social History of a Model
   Rainer Hegselmann

Enhancing the Realism of Simulation (EROS): On Implementing and Developing Psychological Theory in Social Simulation
   Wander Jager

Friendships and Social Networks in an Individual-Based Model of Primate Social Behaviour
   Ivan Puga-Gonzalez and Cedric Sueur

Experiments with a Model of Domestic Energy Demand
   Nicholas M. Gotts and J. Gareth Polhill

Modelling Human Behaviours in Disasters from Interviews: Application to Melbourne Bushfires
   Carole Adam and Benoit Gaudou

Simulation for Interpretation: A Methodology for Growing Virtual Cultures
   Ulf Lotzmann and Martin Neumann

Tipping Points: Modelling Social Problems and Health (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Bissell, John, Caiado, Camila, Curtis, Sarah, Goldstein, Michael and Straughan, Brian (eds.)
Reviewed by Rainer Hilscher

Relational Methodologies and Epistemology in Economics and Management Sciences
Biggiero, Lucio, Angelini, Pier Paolo and Basevi, Mario
Reviewed by Matthias Meyer

Social-Spatial Segregation: Concepts, Processes and Outcomes
Lloyd, Christopher D.
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Analytical Methods for Dynamic Modelers
Rahmandad, Hazhir, Oliva, Rogelio, Osgood, Nathaniel D. and Richardson, George
Reviewed by Mehdi Saqalli

Multiscale Modeling of Pedestrian Dynamics (MS&A)
Cristiani, Emiliano, Piccoli, Benedetto and Tosin, Andrea
Reviewed by Liang Chen

Volume 20(2) published on 01-Apr-2017

How, when and where can Spatial Segregation Induce Opinion Polarization? Two Competing Models
   Thomas Feliciani, Andreas Flache and Jochem Tolsma

Social Dynamics of Littering and Adaptive Cleaning Strategies Explored Using Agent-Based Modelling
   Ruggero Rangoni and Wander Jager

Utility, Impact, Fashion and Lobbying: An Agent-Based Model of the Funding and Epistemic Landscape of Research
   Pawel Sobkowicz

A Game Theory Model for Manipulation Based on Machiavellianism: Moral and Ethical Behavior
   Julio B. Clempner

Agent-Based Modelling Approach for Multidimensional Opinion Polarization in Collective Behaviour
   Jin Li and Renbin Xiao

Product Diffusion Using Advance Selling Strategies: An Online Social Network Perspective
   Peng Shao and Ping Hu

Calibrating with Multiple Criteria: A Demonstration of Dominance
   Jennifer Badham, Chipp Jansen, Nigel Shardlow and Thomas French

Agent-Based Modelling of Social-Ecological Systems: Achievements, Challenges, and a Way Forward
   Jule Thober, Birgit Müller, Jürgen Groeneveld and Volker Grimm

An Empirically Grounded Model of Green Electricity Adoption in Germany: Calibration, Validation and Insights into Patterns of Diffusion
   Friedrich Krebs

Effort, Satisfaction and Outcomes in Organisations
   Marta Posada, Celia Martín-Sierra and Elena Perez

Can Redistribution by Means of a Progressive Labor Income-Taxation Transfer System Increase Financial Stability?
   Thomas Fischer

Simulating Prehistoric and Ancient Worlds (Computational Social Sciences)
Barceló, Juan A. and Castillo, Florencia Del (eds.)
Reviewed by Stefani Crabtree

Political Attitudes: Computational and Simulation Modeling (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Voinea, Camelia F.
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 20(1) published on 31-Jan-2017

Recent Development of Social Simulation as Reflected in JASSS Between 2008 and 2014: A Citation and Co-Citation Analysis
   Jonas Hauke, Iris Lorscheid and Matthias Meyer

A Psychologically-Motivated Model of Opinion Change with Applications to American Politics
   Peter Duggins

An Agent-Based Model of Flood Risk and Insurance
   Jan Dubbelboer, Igor Nikolic, Katie Jenkins and Jim Hall

An Agent-Based Model of Electricity Consumer: Smart Metering Policy Implications in Europe
   Julija Vasiljevska, Jochem Douw, Anna Mengolini and Igor Nikolic

Improving Execution Speed of Models Implemented in NetLogo
   Steven F. Railsback, Daniel Ayllón, Uta Berger, Volker Grimm, Steven Lytinen, Colin Sheppard and Jan Thiele

The Practice of Archiving Model Code of Agent-Based Models
   Marco A. Janssen

Augmenting Bottom-up Metamodels with Predicates
   Ross Gore, Saikou Diallo, Christopher Lynch and Jose Padilla

Axiomatic Theory and Simulation: A Philosophy of Science Perspective on Schelling's Segregation Model
   Klaus G. Troitzsch

Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead
   Giorgio Fagiolo and Andrea Roventini

How Social Unrest Started Innovations in a Food Supply Chain
   Jan Buurma, Wil Hennen and Tim Verwaart

From Micro Behaviors to Macro Dynamics: An Agent-Based Economic Model with Consumer Credit
   Paola D'Orazio and Gianfranco Giulioni

The Coconut Model with Heterogeneous Strategies and Learning
   Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich

An Agent Based Model for a Double Auction with Convex Incentives
   Annalisa Fabretti and Stefano Herzel

Anatomy of the Mind: Exploring Psychological Mechanisms and Processes with the Clarion Cognitive Architecture (Oxford Series on Cognitive Models and Architectures)
Sun, Ron
Reviewed by Benoit Lemaire

Behavioral Computational Social Science (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Boero, Riccardo
Reviewed by Friederike Wall

A Spatial Agent-Based Simulation Modeling in Public Health: Design, Implementation, and Applications for Malaria Epidemiology (Wiley Series in Modeling and Simulation)
Arifin, S. M. Niaz, Madey, Gregory R. and Collins, Frank H.
Reviewed by Rainer Hilscher

Realistic Simulation of Financial Markets: Analyzing Market Behaviors by the Third Mode of Science (Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science)
Kita, Hajime, Taniguchi, Kazuhisa and Nakajima, Yoshihiro (eds.)
Reviewed by Sandrine Jacob-Leal

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation (OR Essentials)
Taylor, Simon (ed.)
Reviewed by Duncan A. Robertson

Volume 19(4) published on 31-Oct-2016

Robust Clustering in Generalized Bounded Confidence Models
   Takasumi Kurahashi-Nakamura, Michael Mäs and Jan Lorenz

From Beliefs to Attitudes: Polias, a Model of Attitude Dynamics Based on Cognitive Modeling and Field Data
   Kei-Leo Brousmiche, Jean-Daniel Kant, Nicolas Sabouret and François Prenot-Guinard

The Interplay Between Conformity and Anticonformity and its Polarizing Effect on Society
   Patryk Siedlecki, Janusz Szwabiński and Tomasz Weron

From Consumer Decision to Market Share – Unanimity of Majority?
   Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczeń and Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron

Dynamics of Uncertain Opinion Formation: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Haiming Liang, Yucheng Dong and Congcong Li

The Extortion Relationship: A Computational Analysis
   Corinna Elsenbroich and Jennifer Badham

Exploring an Effective Incentive System on a Groupware
   Fujio Toriumi, Hitoshi Yamamoto and Isamu Okada

A Heuristic Combinatorial Optimisation Approach to Synthesising a Population for Agent Based Modelling Purposes
   Nam Huynh, Johan Barthelemy and Pascal Perez

Modeling Spatial Contacts for Epidemic Prediction in a Large-Scale Artificial City
   Mingxin Zhang, Alexander Verbraeck, Rongqing Meng, Bin Chen and Xiaogang Qiu

A Simple Agent-Based Spatial Model of the Economy: Tools for Policy
   Bernardo Alves Furtado and Isaque Daniel Rocha Eberhardt

Simulation of Technology Sourcing Overseas Post-Merger Behaviors in a Global Game Model
   Feiqiong Chen, Qiaoshuang Meng and Fei Li

Agent-Based Simulation to Inform Planning Strategies for Welfare Facilities for the Elderly: Day Care Center Development in a Japanese City
   Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen and Dinh Thanh Nguyen

Ontology Based Business Simulations
   Thomas Farrenkopf, Michael Guckert, Neil Urquhart and Simon Wells

Conflict and Complexity: Countering Terrorism, Insurgency, Ethnic and Regional Violence (Understanding Complex Systems)
Fellman, Philip vos, Bar-Yam, Yaneer and Minai, Ali A. (eds.)
Reviewed by Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Roles, Trust, and Reputation in Social Media Knowledge Markets: Theory and Methods (Computational Social Sciences)
Bertino, Elisa and Matei, Sorin Adam (eds.)
Reviewed by Mario Paolucci

Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Archaeological Computational Modeling (Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology)
Burg, Marieka Brouwer, Peeters, Hans and Lovis, William A. (eds.)
Reviewed by Tom Brughmans

Agent-Based Simulation of Organizational Behavior: New Frontiers of Social Science Research
Secchi, Davide and Neumann, Martin (eds.)
Reviewed by Ted Anagnoson

The Value of Systems and Complexity Sciences for Healthcare
Sturmberg, Joachim P. (ed.)
Reviewed by Brian Castellani

Understanding Complex Urban Systems: Integrating Multidisciplinary Data in Urban Models (Understanding Complex Systems)
Walloth, Christian, Gebetsroither-Geringer, Ernst, Atun, Funda and Werner, Liss C. (eds.)
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 19(3) published on 03-Jul-2016

Enhancing Agent-Based Models with Discrete Choice Experiments
   Stefan Holm, Renato Lemm, Oliver Thees and Lorenz M. Hilty

Exploring the Combined Effect of Factors Influencing Commuting Patterns and CO2 Emissions in Aberdeen Using an Agent-Based Model
   Jiaqi Ge and J. Gareth Polhill

Revising the Human Development Sequence Theory Using an Agent-Based Approach and Data
   Viktoria Spaiser and David J. T. Sumpter

Using Computational Modeling for Building Theory: A Double Edged Sword
   Christopher Poile and Frank Safayeni

The Emergence of Climate Change Mitigation Action by Society: An Agent-Based Scenario Discovery Study
   Sebastiaan Greeven, Oscar Kraan, Emile Chappin and Jan H. Kwakkel

A Multiagent-Based Tool for the Simulation of Social Production and Management of Urban Ecosystems: A Case Study on San Jerónimo Vegetable Garden - Seville, Spain
   Flávia Pereira dos Santos, Diana Adamatti, Henrique Rodrigues, Glenda Dimuro, Esteban De Manuel Jerez and Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro

Oscillatory Patterns in the Amount of Demand for Dental Visits: An Agent Based Modeling Approach
   Maryam Sadeghipour, Peyman Shariatpanahi, Afshin Jafari, Mohammad Hossein Khosnevisan and Arezoo Ebn Ahmady

VALFRAM: Validation Framework for Activity-Based Models
   Jan Drchal, Michal Čertický and Michal Jakob

A Crude Look at the Whole: The Science of Complex Systems in Business, Life, and Society
Miller, John H.
Reviewed by Julia Schindler

Policy Practice and Digital Science: Integrating Complex Systems, Social Simulation and Public Administration in Policy Research (Public Administration and Information Technology)
Janssen, Marijn, Wimmer, Maria and Deljoo, Ameneh (eds.)
Reviewed by Pamela Mischen

Modeling Complex Systems for Public Policies
Bernado Alves Furtado, Patricia A. M. Sakowski, Marina H. Tovolli
Reviewed by Robert Holmes

Philosophy and Simulation
DeLanda, Manuel
Reviewed by Martin Neumann

The Aqua Book: Guidance on Producing Quality Analysis for Government
HM Treasury
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Simulation and Learning
Landriscina, Franco
Reviewed by Iris Lorscheid

Agent-Based Modeling and Network Dynamics
Namatame, Akira and Chen, Shu-Heng
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 19(2) published on 02-Apr-2016

Simulating the Transmission of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Among Mobile Herds in the Far North Region, Cameroon
   Hyeyoung Kim, Ningchuan Xiao, Mark Moritz, Rebecca Garabed and Laura W. Pomeroy

TreatMethHarm: An Agent-Based Simulation of How People Who Use Methamphetamine Access Treatment
   Francois Lamy, Brendan Quinn, Robyn Dwyer, Nicola Thomson, David Moore and Paul Dietze

Learning with Communication Barriers Due to Overconfidence. What a "Model-To-Model Analysis" Can Add to the Understanding of a Problem
   Juliette Rouchier and Emily Tanimura

Modeling Interaction Effects in Polarization: Individual Media Influence and the Impact of Town Meetings
   Eric Pulick, Patrick Korth, Patrick Grim and Jiin Jung

An Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Dynamics of Cooperation in Small Groups
   Steve Phelps

Lifestyle Tradeoffs and the Decline of Societal Well-Being: An Agent-Based Model
   Christopher Thron

The Blessing of Sexuality: Evolution of Altruism with Mating Preference
   Tanzhe Tang and Hang Ye

Social Phenomena: From Data Analysis to Models (Computational Social Sciences)
Gonçalves, Bruno and Perra, Nicola (eds.)
Reviewed by Erika Frydenlund

Chaos Theory in Politics (Understanding Complex Systems)
Banerjee, Santo, Ercetin, Sefika Sule and Tekin, Ali (eds.)
Reviewed by Hans-Walter Lorenz

Rethinking Environmental Justice in Sustainable Cities: Insights from Agent-Based Modeling (Routledge Studies in Public Administration and Environmental Sustainability)
Campbell, Heather E., Kim, Yushim and Eckerd, Adam M.
Reviewed by In Young Hwang

Volume 19(1) published on 31-Jan-2016

Agent-Based Simulation Models of the College Sorting Process
   Sean Reardon, Matt Kasman, Daniel Klasik and Rachel Baker

Bounded Confidence Model with Fixed Uncertainties and Extremists: The Opinions Can Keep Fluctuating Indefinitely
   Jean-Denis Mathias, Sylvie Huet and Guillaume Deffuant

Interpreting School Choice Treatment Effects: Results and Implications from Computational Experiments
   Spiro Maroulis

SimDrink: An Agent-Based NetLogo Model of Young, Heavy Drinkers for Conducting Alcohol Policy Experiments
   Nick Scott, Michael Livingston, Aaron Hart, James Wilson, David Moore and Paul Dietze

MERCURY: an Agent-Based Model of Tableware Trade in the Roman East
   Tom Brughmans and Jeroen Poblome

Simulating Trends in Artificial Influence Networks
   Hannah Übler and Stephan Hartmann

Exploring Homeowners’ Insulation Activity
   Jonas Friege, Georg Holtz and Emile Chappin

Long Term Impacts of Bank Behavior on Financial Stability. an Agent Based Modeling Approach
   Ilker Arslan, Eugenio Caverzasi, Mauro Gallegati and Alper Duman

An Energy Systems Modelling Tool for the Social Simulation Community
   L. Andrew Bollinger, Martti J. van Blijswijk, Gerard P.J. Dijkema and Igor Nikolic

Which Sensitivity Analysis Method Should I Use for My Agent-Based Model?
   Guus ten Broeke, George van Voorn and Arend Ligtenberg

A Data-Driven Approach for Agent-Based Modeling: Simulating the Dynamics of Family Formation
   Mazhar Sajjad, Karandeep Singh, Euihyun Paik and Chang-Won Ahn

Hybrid Agent Modeling in Population Simulation: Current Approaches and Future Directions
   Pei-jun Ye, Xiao Wang, Cheng Chen, Yue-tong Lin and Fei-Yue Wang

Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread--the Lessons from a New Science
Pentland, Alex
Reviewed by Helder Coelho

Agent-Based and Individual-Based Modeling: A Practical Introduction
Railsback, Steven F. and Grimm, Volker
Reviewed by Simone Gabbriellini

Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems: A Framework for Efficient Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
Siegfried, Robert
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 18(4) published on 31-Oct-2015

Modelling Research Policy: Ex-Ante Evaluation of Complex Policy Instruments
   Petra Ahrweiler, Michel Schilperoord, Andreas Pyka and Nigel Gilbert

The Complexities of Agent-Based Modeling Output Analysis
   Ju-Sung Lee, Tatiana Filatova, Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei, Forrest Stonedahl, Iris Lorscheid, Alexey Voinov, J. Gareth Polhill, Zhanli Sun and Dawn C. Parker

Transitions Between Homophilic and Heterophilic Modes of Cooperation
   Genki Ichinose, Masaya Saito, Hiroki Sayama and Hugues Bersini

"Anarchy" Reigns: A Quantitative Analysis of Agent-Based Modelling Publication Practices in JASSS, 2001-2012
   Simon Angus and Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei

High Standards Enhance Inequality in Idealized Labor Markets
   Károly Takács and Flaminio Squazzoni

Combining Segregation and Integration: Schelling Model Dynamics for Heterogeneous Population
   Erez Hatna and Itzhak Benenson

Degrees of Separation, Social Learning, and the Evolution of Cooperation in a Small-World Network
   Nicholas Seltzer and Oleg Smirnov

Pathways to Truth: Comparing Different Upscaling Options for an Agent-Based Sector Model
   Albert Zimmermann, Anke Möhring, Gabriele Mack, Ali Ferjani and Stefan Mann

Emergence and Collapse of the Norm of Resource Sharing Around Locally Abundant Resources
   Shiro Horiuchi

Fuzzy Logic for Social Simulation Using NetLogo
   Luis R. Izquierdo, Doina Olaru, Segismundo S. Izquierdo, Sharon Purchase and Geoffrey N. Soutar

Predicting Self-Initiated Preventive Behavior Against Epidemics with an Agent-Based Relative Agreement Model
   Liang Mao

The Effects of Network Structure on the Emergence of Norms in Adaptive Populations
   Peter Revay

Modeling Pre-European Contact Coast Salish Seasonal Social Networks and Their Impacts on Unbiased Cultural Transmission
   Adam Rorabaugh

Agent-Based Simulation of Time to Decide: Military Commands and Time Delays
   Woo-Seop Yun, Il-Chul Moon and Tae-Eog Lee

Growing Models from the Bottom Up. an Evaluation-Based Incremental Modelling Method (EBIMM) Applied to the Simulation of Systems of Cities
   Clémentine Cottineau, Paul Chapron and Romain Reuillon

An Agent-Based Model to Assess the Attractiveness of Industrial Estates
   Fernando Fonseca, Rui António Rodrigues Ramos and Antônio Nélson Rodrigues da Silva

An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling: Modeling Natural, Social, and Engineered Complex Systems with NETLogo
Wilensky, Uri and Rand, William
Reviewed by Jennifer Badham

Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks (Understanding Complex Systems)
Gilbert, Nigel, Ahrweiler, Petra and Pyka, Andreas (eds.)
Reviewed by Federico Bianchi

Dynamics Among Nations: The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States
Root, Hilton L.
Reviewed by Armando Geller

Simulation and Similarity: Using Models to Understand the World (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)
Weisberg, Michael
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Community Based System Dynamics
Hovmand, Peter
Reviewed by Inge Bleijenbergh

Agent-Based Models of the Economy: From Theories to Applications
Boero, Riccardo, Morini, Matteo, Sonnessa, Michele and Terna, Pietro
Reviewed by Piergiuseppe Morone

Volume 18(3) published on 30-Jun-2015

Optimal Opinion Control: The Campaign Problem
   Rainer Hegselmann, Stefan König, Sascha Kurz, Christoph Niemann and Jörg Rambau

From Anti-Conformism to Extremism
   Gérard Weisbuch

Activation Regimes in Opinion Dynamics: Comparing Asynchronous Updating Schemes
   Meysam Alizadeh and Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Altruism Displays a Harmonic Signature in Structured Societies
   Shade T. Shutters and David Hales

Network-Based Trust Games: An Agent-Based Model
   Shu-Heng Chen, Bin-Tzong Chie and Tong Zhang

The Big Impact of Small Groups on College Drinking
   Ben Fitzpatrick, Jason Martinez, Elizabeth Polidan and Ekaterini Angelis

Intervention Strategies and the Diffusion of Collective Behavior
   Hai-hua Hu, Jun Lin and Wen-tian Cui

An Agent-Based Dialogical Model with Fuzzy Attitudes
   Piter Dykstra, Wander Jager, Corinna Elsenbroich, Rineke Verbrugge and Gerard Renardel de Lavalette

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Child Maltreatment and Child Maltreatment Prevention
   Xiaolin Hu and Nicholas Keller

Multi-Agent Based Simulation of Organizational Routines on Complex Networks
   Dehua Gao, Xiuquan Deng, Qiuhong Zhao, Hong Zhou and Bing Bai

Considering a Multi-Level Model as a Society of Interacting Models: Application to a Collective Motion Example
   Benjamin Camus, Christine Bourjot and Vincent Chevrier

A Stochastic and Flexible Activity Based Model for Large Population. Application to Belgium
   Johan Barthelemy and Philippe Toint

Engineering Agent-Based Social Simulations: An Introduction
   Peer-Olaf Siebers and Paul Davidsson

A Call to Arms: Standards for Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
   Andrew Collins, Mikel Petty, Daniele Vernon-Bido and Solomon Sherfey

Evidence Based and Conceptual Model Driven Approach for Agent-Based Policy Modelling
   Sabrina Scherer, Maria Wimmer, Ulf Lotzmann, Scott Moss and Daniele Pinotti

Simulation Design: Trans-Paradigm Best-Practice from Software Engineering
   Stuart Rossiter

Repast Simphony Statecharts
   Jonathan Ozik, Nicholson Collier, Todd Combs, Charles M. Macal and Michael North

Agile Development of an Attitude-Behaviour Driven Simulation of Alcohol Consumption Dynamics
   Daniel Moyo, Abdallah K. Ally, Alan Brennan, Paul Norman, Robin C. Purshouse and Mark Strong

Complexity and the Economy
Arthur, W. Brian
Reviewed by Emile Chappin

Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks: Exploration, Pattern Searching, Visualization and Network Evolution (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Doreian, Patrick, Batagelj, Vladimir, Ferligoj, Anuska and Kejzar, Natasa
Reviewed by Adam G. Dunn

Complexity and the Human Experience: Modeling Complexity in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Youngman, Paul A.
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Handbook of Real-World Applications in Modeling and Simulation (Wiley Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science)
Sokolowski, John A. and Banks, Catherine M. (eds.)
Reviewed by Walid Nasrallah

Social Interaction, Globalization and Computer-Aided Analysis: A Practical Guide to Developing Social Simulation (Human-Computer Interaction Series)
Osherenko, Alexander
Reviewed by Christopher J. Watts

New Pathways in Microsimulation
Dekkers, Gijs, Keegan, Marcia and ODonoghue, Cathal
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Networks of Echoes: Imitation, Innovation and Invisible Leaders (Computational Social Sciences)
West, Bruce J., Turalska, Malgorzata and Grigolini, Paolo
Reviewed by Ugo Merlone

Volume 18(2) published on 31-Mar-2015

An Agent-Based Model of Status Construction in Task Focused Groups
   André Grow, Andreas Flache and Rafael Wittek

Self-Policing Through Norm Internalization: A Cognitive Solution to the Tragedy of the Digital Commons in Social Networks
   Daniel Villatoro, Giulia Andrighetto, Rosaria Conte and Jordi Sabater-Mir

Modeling Education and Advertising with Opinion Dynamics
   Thomas Moore, Patrick Finley, Nancy Brodsky, Theresa Brown, Benjamin Apelberg, Bridget Ambrose and Robert Glass

Mobilization, Flexibility of Identity, and Ethnic Cleavage
   Kazuya Yamamoto

Exploring Creativity and Urban Development with Agent-Based Modeling
   Ammar Malik, Andrew Crooks, Hilton Root and Melanie Swartz

How Evolutionary Dynamics Affects Network Reciprocity in Prisoner’s Dilemma
   Giulio Cimini and Angel Sanchez

Innovation Suppression and Clique Evolution in Peer-Review-Based, Competitive Research Funding Systems: An Agent-Based Model
   Pawel Sobkowicz

Does Longer Copyright Protection Help or Hurt Scientific Knowledge Creation?
   Shahram Haydari and Rory Smead

Modelling Academics as Agents: An Implementation of an Agent-Based Strategic Publication Model
   Xin Gu, Karen Blackmore, David Cornforth and Keith Nesbitt

Growing Food Safety from the Bottom Up: An Agent-Based Model of Food Safety Inspections
   Sara McPhee-Knowles

Local Opinion Heterogeneity and Individual Participation in Collective Behavior: A Reconsideration
   Hai-hua Hu, Jun Lin and Wen-tian Cui

Modeling Oligarchs' Campaign Donations and Ideological Preferences with Simulated Agent-Based Spatial Elections
   Mason Wright and Pratim Sengupta

A Multi-Agent Emotional Society Whose Melodies Represent its Emergent Social Hierarchy and Are Generated by Agent Communications
   Alexis Kirke and Eduardo Miranda

Impact of Population Relocation to City Commerce: Micro-Level Estimation with Validated Agent-Based Model
   SeHoon Lee, Jeong Hee Hong, Jang Won Bae and Il-Chul Moon

An Agent-Based Model of Urgent Diffusion in Social Media
   William Rand, Jeffrey Herrmann, Brandon Schein and Neža Vodopivec

A Large-Scale Agent-Based Model of Taxpayer Reporting Compliance
   Kim M. Bloomquist and Matthew Koehler

Impacts of Farmer Coordination Decisions on Food Supply Chain Structure
   Caroline Krejci and Benita Beamon

Modeling Real Estate Market Responses to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone
   Handi Chandra Putra, Haiyan Zhang and Clinton Andrews

Fill in the Gap: A New Alliance for Social and Natural Sciences
   Tommaso Venturini, Pablo Jensen and Bruno Latour

Evaluating the Performance of Iterative Proportional Fitting for Spatial Microsimulation: New Tests for an Established Technique
   Robin Lovelace, Mark Birkin, Dimitris Ballas and Eveline van Leeuwen

Extracting OWL Ontologies from Agent-Based Models: A Netlogo Extension
   J. Gareth Polhill

What One Can Learn from Extracting OWL Ontologies from a NetLogo Model That Was Not Designed for Such an Exercise
   Klaus G. Troitzsch

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation in Archaeology (Advances in Geographic Information Science)
Wurzer, Gabriel, Kowarik, Kerstin and Reschreiter, Hans (eds.)
Reviewed by Timothy A. Kohler

The Complexity of Social Norms (Computational Social Sciences)
Xenitidou, Maria and Edmonds, Bruce (eds.)
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Applied Data-Centric Social Sciences: Concepts, Data, Computation, and Theory
Sato, Aki-Hiro
Reviewed by Katarzyna Abramczuk

Reconstructing Reality: Models, Mathematics, and Simulations (Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)
Morrison, Margaret
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 18(1) published on 31-Jan-2015

The Critical Few: Anticonformists at the Crossroads of Minority Opinion Survival and Collapse
   Matthew Jarman, Andrzej Nowak, Wojciech Borkowski, David Serfass, Alexander Wong and Robin Vallacher

Punishment Mechanisms and Their Effect on Cooperation: A Simulation Study
   Mike Farjam, Marco Faillo, Ida Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper and Pim Haselager

Simulating Creativity from a Systems Perspective: CRESY
   Cara H. Kahl and Hans Hansen

Using Qualitative Evidence to Inform the Specification of Agent-Based Models
   Bruce Edmonds

Grounded Simulation
   Martin Neumann

Structuring Qualitative Data for Agent-Based Modelling
   Amineh Ghorbani, Gerard Dijkema and Noortje Schrauwen

From Participants to Agents: Grounded Simulation as a Mixed-Method Research Design
   Ozge Dilaver

Heads and Hearts: Three Methods for Explicating Judgment and Decision Processes
   Warren Thorngate

Exploring Transitions Towards Sustainable Construction: The Case of Near-Zero Energy Buildings in the Netherlands
   Jesús Rosales-Carreón and César García-Díaz

Identifying Salient Drivers of Livelihood Decision-Making in the Forest Communities of Cameroon: Adding Value to Social Simulation Models
   Sukaina Bharwani, Mònica Coll Besa, Richard Taylor, Michael Fischer, Tahia Devisscher and Chrislain Kenfack

Interactive Simulations with a Stylized Scale Model to Codesign with Villagers an Agent-Based Model of Bushmeat Hunting in the Periphery of Korup National Park (Cameroon)
   Christophe Le Page, Kadiri Serge Bobo, Towa Olivier William Kamgaing, Bobo Fernanda Ngahane and Matthias Waltert

A Context- and Scope-Sensitive Analysis of Narrative Data to Aid the Specification of Agent Behaviour
   Bruce Edmonds

Computer-Based Global Models: From Early Experiences to Complex Systems
   Rodrigo Castro and Pablo Jacovkis

A Survey of Agent Platforms
   Kalliopi Kravari and Nick Bassiliades

A New Method to Evaluate Simulation Models: The Calibration Profile (CP) Algorithm
   Romain Reuillon, Clara Schmitt, Ricardo De Aldama and Jean-Baptiste Mouret

A Standing Ovation for Nigel: An Informal Study
   Corinna Elsenbroich and Jennifer Badham

Social Dynamics
Skyrms, Brian
Reviewed by Károly Takács

Understanding Society and Natural Resources: Forging New Strands of Integration Across the Social Sciences
Manfredo, Michael J., Vaske, Jerry J. and Rechkemmer, Andreas (eds.)
Reviewed by Mehdi Saqalli

Urban Complexity and Planning
Han, Shih-Kung Lai and Haoying
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 17(4) published on 31-Oct-2014

Infrastructure Network Design with a Multi-Model Approach: Comparing Geometric Graph Theory with an Agent-Based Implementation of an Ant Colony Optimization
   Petra Heijnen, Emile Chappin and Igor Nikolic

Advancing Collective Decision-Making Theory with Integrated Agent-Based Modeling and Ethnographic Data Analysis: An Example in Ecological Restoration
   Moira Zellner, Cristy Watkins, Dean Massey, Lynne Westphal, Jeremy Brooks and Kristen Ross

Nowcasting in Microsimulation Models: A Methodological Survey
   Cathal O'Donoghue and Jason Loughrey

Parental Choices and Children’s Skills: An Agent-Based Model of Parental Investment Behavior and Skill Inequality Within and Across Generations
   Andrés Cardona

Sunshine or Shield? Secret Voting Procedures and Legislative Accountability
   Michele Buttò, Carlos Pereira and Matthew Taylor

How Do Agents Make Decisions? A Survey
   Tina Balke and Nigel Gilbert

Intergroup Conflict Escalation Leads to More Extremism
   Meysam Alizadeh, Alin Coman, Michael Lewis and Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Validation of an Agricultural MAS for Southland, New Zealand
   Bill Kaye-Blake, Chris Schilling and Elizabeth Post

Analysing Differential School Effectiveness Through Multilevel and Agent-Based Modelling
   Mauricio Salgado, Elio Marchione and Nigel Gilbert

An Agent-Based Training System for Optimizing the Layout of AFVs' Initial Filling Stations
   Tieju Ma, Jiangjiang Zhao, Shijian Xiang, Ya Zhu and Peipei Liu

A Practical Guide for the Creation of Random Number Sequences from Aggregated Correlation Data for Multi-Agent Simulations
   Volker Nissen and Danilo Saft

A Mathematical Model of the Beer Game
   Mert Edali and Hakan Yasarcan

Agent_Zero: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
Epstein, Joshua M.
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom up
Colander, David and Kupers, Roland
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Manzo, Gianluca (ed.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Volume 17(3) published on 30-Jun-2014

Virtual Fieldwork: Modeling Observer Bias in Kinship and Marriage Alliance Networks
   Klaus Hamberger and Floriana Gargiulo

Studying Web Content Credibility by Social Simulation
   Adam Wierzbicki, Paulina Adamska, Katarzyna Abramczuk, Thanasis Papaioannou, Karl Aberer and Emilia Rejmund

Modelling Society's Evolutionary Forces
   Tim Gooding

Using an Agent-Based Model to Simulate the Development of Risk Behaviors During Adolescence
   Nils Schuhmacher, Laura Ballato and Paul van Geert

Zero-Knowledge Traders
   Ernesto Carrella

Enhancing Recycling of Construction Materials: An Agent Based Model with Empirically Based Decision Parameters
   Christof Knoeri, Igor Nikolic, Hans-Joerg Althaus and Claudia R. Binder

The Effects of Group Composition and Social Preference Heterogeneity in a Public Goods Game: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Pablo Lucas, Angela C.M. de Oliveira and Sheheryar Banuri

Improving Learning in Business Simulations with an Agent-Based Approach
   Márcia Baptista, Carlos Roque Martinho, Francisco Lima, Pedro A. Santos and Helmut Prendinger

A Novel Private Attitude and Public Opinion Dynamics Model for Simulating Pluralistic Ignorance and Minority Influence
   Chung-Yuan Huang and Tzai-Hung Wen

LIAM2: a New Open Source Development Tool for Discrete-Time Dynamic Microsimulation Models
   Gaëtan de Menten, Gijs Dekkers, Geert Bryon, Philippe Liégeois and Cathal O'Donoghue

Facilitating Parameter Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Agent-Based Models: A Cookbook Using NetLogo and 'R'
   Jan C. Thiele, Winfried Kurth and Volker Grimm

Minding Norms: Mechanisms and Dynamics of Social Order in Agent Societies (Oxford Series on Cognitive Models and Architectures)
Conte, Rosaria, Andrighetto, Giulia and Campennl, Marco (eds.)
Reviewed by Warren Thorngate

Simulating Innovation: Computer-Based Tools for Rethinking Innovation
Watts, Christopher and Gilbert, Nigel
Reviewed by Mercedes Bleda

The New Science of Cities
Batty, Michael
Reviewed by Mike Bithell

Computational Approaches to Studying the Co-Evolution of Networks and Behavior in Social Dilemmas (Wiley Series in Computational and Quantitative Social Science)
Corten, Rense
Reviewed by Simone Gabbriellini

Social Learning: An Introduction to Mechanisms, Methods, and Models
Hoppitt, William and Laland, Kevin N.
Reviewed by Francesc S. Beltran

Innovations in Agent-Based Complex Automated Negotiations (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
Ito, Takayuki, Zhang, Minjie and Robu, Valentin (eds.)
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications: International Conference, SIMULTECH 2012 Rome, Italy, July 28-31, 2012 Revised ... in Intelligent Systems and Computing)
Obaidat, Mohammad S., Filipe, Joaquim, Kacprzyk, Janusz and Pina, Nuno (eds.)
Reviewed by Juan Bautista Cabotà

Volume 17(2) published on 31-Mar-2014

Modelling Maritime Piracy: A Spatial Approach
   Elio Marchione, Shane D Johnson and Alan Wilson

Agent-Based Simulation of Mass Shootings: Determining How to Limit the Scale of a Tragedy
   Roy Hayes and Reginald Hayes

Modeling the Transition to Public School Choice
   Spiro Maroulis, Eytan Bakshy, Louis Gomez and Uri Wilensky

Optimization of Agent-Based Models: Scaling Methods and Heuristic Algorithms
   Matthew Oremland and Reinhard Laubenbacher

Pricing and Timing Strategies for New Product Using Agent-Based Simulation of Behavioural Consumers
   Keeheon Lee, Hoyeop Lee and Chang Ouk Kim

Individual Bias and Organizational Objectivity: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Bo Xu, Renjing Liu and Weijiao Liu

Coevolution of Opinions and Directed Adaptive Networks in a Social Group
   Jiongming Su, Baohong Liu, Qi Li and Hongxu Ma

ICTs, Social Connectivity, and Collective Action: A Cultural-Political Perspective
   Hai-hua Hu, Wen-tian Cui, Jun Lin and Yan-jun Qian

A Simple Emulation-Based Computational Model
   Carlos M Fernández-Márquez and Francisco J Vázquez

Empirical Agent-Based Modelling - Challenges and Solutions: Volume 1, the Characterisation and Parameterisation of Empirical Agent-Based Models
Smajgl, Alexander and Barreteau, Olivier (eds.)
Reviewed by Giangiacomo Bravo

Managing Market Complexity: The Approach of Artificial Economics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Teglio, Andrea, Alfarano, Simone, Camacho-Cuena, Eva and Ginés-Vilar, Miguel (eds.)
Reviewed by Ermanno Catullo

Behavioral Rationality and Heterogeneous Expectations in Complex Economic Systems
Hommes, Cars
Reviewed by Stephan Leitner

Volume 17(1) published on 31-Jan-2014

From Schelling to Schools: A Comparison of a Model of Residential Segregation with a Model of School Segregation
   Victor Ionut Stoica and Andreas Flache

Aspiration, Attainment and Success: An Agent-Based Model of Distance-Based School Allocation
   James Millington, Tim Butler and Chris Hamnett

Simple Heuristics as Equilibrium Strategies in Mutual Sequential Mate Search
   Ismail Saglam

Modelling Tourism in the Galapagos Islands: An Agent-Based Model Approach
   Francesco Pizzitutti, Carlos F. Mena and Stephen J. Walsh

Evaluating Binary Alignment Methods in Microsimulation Models
   Jinjing Li and Cathal O'Donoghue

Agent-Based Simulation of Pedestrian Behaviour in Closed Spaces: A Museum Case Study
   Alessandro Pluchino, Cesare Garofalo, Giuseppe Inturri, Andrea Rapisarda and Matteo Ignaccolo

Generating Social Practices
   Georg Holtz

Agent-Based Simulation of the Search Behavior in China's Resale Housing Market: Evidence from Beijing
   Hong Zhang and Yang Li

Modeling and Simulation of the Endogenous Dynamics of Housing Market Cycles
   Birnur Özbaş, Onur Özgün and Yaman Barlas

Coupling Environmental and Social Processes to Simulate the Emergence of a Savannah Landscape Mosaic Under Shifting Cultivation and Assess its Sustainability
   Nicolas Becu, Christine Raimond, Eric Garine, Marc Deconchat and Kouami Kokou

Learning Dilemmas in a Social-Ecological System: An Agent-Based Modeling Exploration
   Erin Bohensky

If We Work Together, I Will Have Greater Power: Coalitions in Networked Innovation
   Rory Sie, Peter B. Sloep and Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema

The Production of Step-Level Public Goods in Structured Social Networks: An Agent-Based Simulation
   Francisco J. León-Medina, Francisco José Miguel Quesada and Vanessa Alcaide Lozano

A Further Step Towards Participatory Modelling. Fostering Stakeholder Involvement in Designing Models by Using Executable UML
   Pierre Bommel, Francisco Dieguez, Danilo Bartaburu, Emilio Duarte, Esteban Montes, Marcelo Pereira Machín, Jorge Corral, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena and Hermes Morales Grosskopf

Modeling the Emergence of Social Structure from a Phylogenetic Point of View
   Ruth Dolado, Francesc S. Beltran and Vicenç Quera

Information Sharing to Reduce Misperceptions of Interactions Among Complementary Projects: A Multi-Agent Approach
   Emmanuel Labarbe and Daniel Thiel

An Agent-Based Model of Public Participation in Sustainability Management
   Robert Aguirre and Timothy Nyerges

Opinion Formation in the Digital Divide
   Dongwon Lim, Hwansoo Lee, Hangjung Zo and Andrew Ciganek

Simulating Social Complexity: A Handbook (Understanding Complex Systems)
Edmonds, Bruce and Meyer, Ruth (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Mäs

Modelling Norms
Elsenbroich, Corinna and Gilbert, Nigel
Reviewed by Ryan Muldoon

Sociophysics: An Introduction
Sen, Parongama and Chakrabarti, Bikas K.
Reviewed by Klaus G. Troitzsch

Attracted to Conflict: Dynamic Foundations of Destructive Social Relations (Peace Psychology Book Series)
Vallacher, Robin R., Coleman, Peter T., Nowak, Andrzej, Bui-Wrzosinska, Lan, Liebovitch, Larry, Kugler, Katharina and Bartoli, Andrea
Reviewed by Sebastian Schutte

Microeconomics of Interactive Economies: Evolutionary, Institutional, and Complexity Perspectives
Elsner, Wolfram
Reviewed by Matthias Meyer

Cognition Beyond the Brain: Computation, Interactivity and Human Artifice
Cowley, Stephen J. and Vallée-Tourangeau, Frédéric (eds.)
Reviewed by Emma Norling

Informatica e Diritto: Special Issue on Law and Computational Social Science
Faro S. and Lettieri N. (eds)
Reviewed by Dan Birks

Volume 16(4) published on 31-Oct-2013

MayaSim: An Agent-Based Model of the Ancient Maya Social-Ecological System
   Scott Heckbert

When Demography Met Social Simulation: A Tale of Two Modelling Approaches
   Eric Silverman, Jakub Bijak, Jason Hilton, Viet Dung Cao and Jason Noble

Generating a Synthetic Population of Individuals in Households: Sample-Free Vs Sample-Based Methods
   Maxime Lenormand and Guillaume Deffuant

An Agent-Based Simulation of Destigmatization (DSIM): Introducing a Contact Theory and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Approach
   Dietmar Heinke, Gregory Carslaw and Julie Christian

SocLab: A Framework for the Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Power in Social Organizations
   Christophe Sibertin-Blanc, Pascal Roggero, Françoise Adreit, Bertrand Baldet, Paul Chapron, Joseph El-Gemayel, Matthias Mailliard and Sandra Sandri

CROSS: Modelling Crowd Behaviour with Social-Cognitive Agents
   Nanda Wijermans, René Jorna, Wander Jager, Tony van Vliet and Otto Adang

A Simulation Model of the Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry: A History-Friendly Model
   Christian Garavaglia, Franco Malerba, Luigi Orsenigo and Michele Pezzoni

Simulating Social and Economic Specialization in Small-Scale Agricultural Societies
   Denton Cockburn, Stefani A. Crabtree, Ziad Kobti, Timothy A. Kohler and R. Kyle Bocinsky

Development of a Spatial and Temporal Agent-Based Model for Studying Water and Health Relationships: The Case Study of Two Villages in Limpopo, South Africa
   Jeffrey Demarest, Sheree Pagsuyoin, Gerard Learmonth, Jonathan Mellor and Rebecca Dillingham

About the Uncertainties in Model Design and Their Effects: An Illustration with a Land-Use Model
   Julia Schindler

Segregated Cooperation
   Roger Waldeck

The Evolution of Multiple Resistant Strains: An Abstract Model of Systemic Treatment and Accumulated Resistance
   Benjamin D. Nye

Evolving Greenhouses: An Agent-Based Model of Universal Darwinism in Greenhouse Horticulture
   J. Kasmire, Igor Nikolic and Gerard Dijkema

Communicating Social Simulation Models to Sceptical Minds
   Annie Waldherr and Nanda Wijermans

Complex Human Dynamics: From Mind to Societies (Understanding Complex Systems)
Nowak, Andrzej, Winkowska-Nowak, Katarzyna and Bree, David (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul Smaldino

Decoding Complexity: Uncovering Patterns in Economic Networks (Springer Theses)
Glattfelder, James B.
Reviewed by Simone Righi

From Neighborhoods to Nations: The Economics of Social Interactions
Ioannides, Yannis M.
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking
Langville, Amy N. and Meyer, Carl D.
Reviewed by Francisco Grimaldo

The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
Shafir, Eldar (ed.)
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Methodological Cognitivism: Vol. 1: Mind, Rationality, and Society
Viale, Riccardo
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Geospatial Techniques in Urban Planning (Advances in Geographic Information Science)
Shen, Zhenjiang
Reviewed by Lorena Cadavid

Volume 16(3) published on 30-Jun-2013

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: DIAL, A Dialogical Model for Opinion Dynamics
   Piter Dykstra, Corinna Elsenbroich, Wander Jager, Gerard Renardel de Lavalette and Rineke Verbrugge

Asking the Oracle: Introducing Forecasting Principles into Agent-Based Modelling
   Samer Hassan, Javier Arroyo, José Manuel Galán, Luis Antunes and Juan Pavón

SimPass: Quantifying the Impact of Password Behaviours and Policy Directives on an Organisation's Systems
   Karen Renaud and Lewis Mackenzie

The Evolutionary Dominance of Ethnocentric Cooperation
   Max Hartshorn, Artem Kaznatcheev and Thomas Shultz

Combination of Empirical Study with Qualitative Simulation for Optimization Problem in Mobile Banking Adoption
   Xiaochao Wei, Bin Hu and Kathleen Carley

Analysis of Asymmetric Two-Sided Matching: Agent-Based Simulation with Theorem-Proof Approach
   Naoki Shiba

Simulation Analysis of the Blocking Effect of Transaction Costs in China's Housing Market
   Hong Zhang, Yue Wang, Yin Lin, Yang ZHANG and Michael J. Seiler

An Abstract Model Showing That the Spatial Structure of Social Networks Affects the Outcomes of Cultural Transmission Processes
   Andrew White

Techno-Social Energy Infrastructure Siting: Sustainable Energy Modeling Programming (SEMPro)
   Mark Abdollahian, Zining Yang and Hal Nelson

Why Simulate? To Develop a Mental Model
   Andrzej Nowak, Agnieszka Rychwalska and Wojciech Borkowski

Pitfalls in Spatial Modelling of Ethnocentrism: A Simulation Analysis of the Model of Hammond and Axelrod
   Fredrik Jansson

Modelling the Economy as an Agent-Based Process: ABCE, A Modelling Platform and Formal Language for ACE
   Davoud Taghawi-Nejad

Building Mic-Core, a Specialized M&S Software to Simulate Multi-State Demographic Micro Models, Based on JAMES II, a General M&S Framework
   Sabine Zinn, Jan Himmelspach, Adelinde M. Uhrmacher and Jutta Gampe

Networks: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
Caldarelli, Guido and Catanzaro, Michele
Reviewed by Patrick Doreian

Meeting at Grand Central: Understanding the Social and Evolutionary Roots of Cooperation
Cronk, Lee and Leech, Beth L.
Reviewed by Julia Schindler

The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don't
Silver, Nate
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Cognitive Agent-Based Computing-I: a Unified Framework for Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems Using Agent-Based & Complex Network-Based Methods (SpringerBriefs in Cognitive Computation)
Niazi, Muaz A and Hussain, Amir
Reviewed by John Bragin

Volume 16(2) published on 31-Mar-2013

Measuring Simulation-Observation Fit: An Introduction to Ordinal Pattern Analysis
   Warren Thorngate and Bruce Edmonds

Agent-Based Modeling as a Tool for Trade and Development Theory
   Timothy R. Gulden

An Agent Based Model of Monopolistic Competition in International Trade with Emerging Firm Heterogeneity
   Ermanno Catullo

Return Migration After Brain Drain: A Simulation Approach
   Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Alessandro Pluchino and Andrea Rapisarda

MAIA: a Framework for Developing Agent-Based Social Simulations
   Amineh Ghorbani, Pieter Bots, Virginia Dignum and Gerard Dijkema

Agent-Based Simulation of Residential Promoting Policy Effects on Downtown Revitalization
   Yan Ma, Zhenjiang Shen and Mitsuhiko Kawakami

Modeling Sanction Choices on Fraudulent Benefit Exchanges in Public Service Delivery
   Yushim Kim, Wei Zhong and Yongwan Chun

Opening the Black-Box of Peer Review: An Agent-Based Model of Scientist Behaviour
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Claudio Gandelli

An Agent-Based Social Network Model of Binge Drinking Among Dutch Adults
   Philippe Giabbanelli and Rik Crutzen

Catching the PHEVer: Simulating Electric Vehicle Diffusion with an Agent-Based Mixed Logit Model of Vehicle Choice
   Maxwell Brown

Cooperation Could Evolve in Complex Networks when Activated Conditionally on Network Characteristics
   Yen-Sheng Chiang

Positive Linking: How Networks Can Revolutionise the World
Ormerod, Paul
Reviewed by Károly Takács

Agent-Based Modelling of Socio-Technical Systems (Agent-Based Social Systems)
Dam, Koen H. van, Nikolic, Igor and Lukszo, Zofia (eds.)
Reviewed by Nicole Ronald

Sociophysics: A Physicist's Modeling of Psycho-Political Phenomena (Understanding Complex Systems)
Galam, Serge
Reviewed by Cesar Garcia-Diaz

Social Self-Organization: Agent-Based Simulations and Experiments to Study Emergent Social Behavior (Understanding Complex Systems)
Helbing, Dirk (ed.)
Reviewed by John Bragin

Complexity and Institutions: Markets, Norms and Corporations (International Economic Association)
Aoki, Masahiko, Binmore, Kenneth, Deakin, Simon and Gintis, Herbert (eds.)
Reviewed by Balazs Kovacs

Econophysics of Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics (New Economic Windows)
Abergel, Frédéric, Chakrabarti, Bikas K., Chakraborti, Anirban and Ghosh, Asim (eds.)
Reviewed by Alberto Russo

Volume 16(1) published on 31-Jan-2013

Cosmopolis: A Massively Multiplayer Online Game for Social and Behavioral Research
   Marc Spraragen, Peter Landwehr, Balakrishnan Ranganathan, Michael Zyda, Kathleen Carley, Yu-Han Chang and Rajiv Maheswaran

Tag-Mediated Altruism is Contingent on How Cheaters Are Defined
   Shade T. Shutters and David Hales

Modelling "Marriage Markets": A Population-Scale Implementation and Parameter Test
   Lyndon Walker and Peter Davis

Synthetic Population Dynamics: A Model of Household Demography
   Nicholas Geard, James M McCaw, Alan Dorin, Kevin B Korb and Jodie McVernon

An Agent-Based Model to Explore Game Setting Effects on Attitude Change During a Role Playing Game Session
   Emmanuel Dubois, Olivier Barreteau and Véronique Souchère

An Agent-Based Competitive Product Diffusion Model for the Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Social Network Structure and Purchase Time Distribution
   Keeheon Lee, Shintae Kim, Chang Ouk Kim and Taeho Park

Transparency Effect in the Emergence of Monopolies in Social Networks
   Amir Hossein Shirazi, Ali Namaki, Amir Ahmad Roohi and Gholam Reza Jafari

The Leviathan Model: Absolute Dominance, Generalised Distrust, Small Worlds and Other Patterns Emerging from Combining Vanity with Opinion Propagation
   Guillaume Deffuant, Timoteo Carletti and Sylvie Huet

Policy Innovation, Decentralised Experimentation, and Laboratory Federalism
   Nicole J. Saam and Wolfgang Kerber

The Results of Meadows and Cliff Are Wrong Because They Compute Indicator y Before Model Convergence
   Guillaume Deffuant, Gérard Weisbuch, Frederic Amblard and Thierry Faure

Is Social Simulation a Social Science Outstation? A Bibliometric Analysis of the Impact of JASSS
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Niccolò Casnici

Agent-Based Computational Sociology
Squazzoni, Flaminio
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

The Emergence of Organizations and Markets
Padgett, John F. and Powell, Walter W.
Reviewed by Ozge Dilaver Kalkan

Grounding Social Sciences in Cognitive Sciences
Sun, Ron
Reviewed by Wander Jager

Calculating Chiefs: Simulating Leadership, Violence, and Warfare in Oceania
Younger, Stephen
Reviewed by Armando Geller

Handbook of Research Methods on Trust
Lyon, Fergus, Mollering, Guido and Saunders, Mark N. K. (eds.)
Reviewed by Rino Falcone

Volume 15(4) published on 31-Oct-2012

Social Relationships and the Emergence of Social Networks
   Alistair Sutcliffe, Di Wang and Robin Dunbar

An Agent-Based Model of Social Identity Dynamics
   Paul Smaldino, Cynthia Pickett, Jeffrey Sherman and Jeffrey Schank

Reexamining the Relative Agreement Model of Opinion Dynamics
   Michael Meadows and Dave Cliff

Slumulation: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach to Slum Formations
   Amit Patel, Andrew Crooks and Naoru Koizumi

The Reactive-Causal Architecture: Radar Task Simulation
   Ali Orhan Aydin and Mehmet Ali Orgun

Using Artificial Societies to Understand the Impact of Teacher Student Match on Academic Performance: The Case of Same Race Effects
   Guillermo Montes

Modelling the Emergence of Spatial Patterns of Economic Activity
   Jung-Hun Yang and Dick Ettema

Old and Young Individuals' Role in Cultural Change
   Alberto Acerbi, Stefano Ghirlanda and Magnus Enquist

Thomas C. Schelling and the Computer: Some Notes on Schelling's Essay "On Letting a Computer Help with the Work"
   Rainer Hegselmann

Interface Focus, Theme Issue on "Top-Down Causation", February 6, 2012, 2 (1)
Ellis, George F. R., Noble, Denis, and O'Connor, Timothy (Eds.)
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Why Society is a Complex Matter: Meeting Twenty-First Century Challenges with a New Kind of Science
Ball, Philip
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson

Complex Adaptive Innovation Systems: Relatedness and Transversality in the Evolving Region (Regions and Cities)
Cooke, Philip
Reviewed by Petra Ahrweiler

Modeling and Simulating Urban Processes
Koch, Andreas and Mandl, Peter (eds.)
Reviewed by Andrew Crooks

Emergence and Collapse of Early Villages: Models of Central Mesa Verde Archaeology
Kohler, Timothy A. and Varien, Mark D.
Reviewed by Juan A. Barcelo

Volume 15(3) published on 30-Jun-2012

Explanation in Agent-Based Modelling: Functions, Causality or Mechanisms?
   Corinna Elsenbroich

Use of an Agent-Based Model to Understand Clinical Systems
   Luci Leykum, Pradeep Kumar, Michael Parchman, Reuben R McDaniel, Holly Lanham and Michael Agar

Why Do Social Democrats Retrench the Welfare State? A Simulation
   Gijs Schumacher and Barbara Vis

Flora: A Testbed for Evaluating the Potential Impact of Proposed Systems on Population Wellbeing
   Edgar Sioson

Logic-Based Reputation Model in E-Commerce Simulation
   Ioan Alfred Letia and Radu Razvan Slavescu

Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Complex Networks with Agents' Adaptive Expectations
   Bo Xianyu

Predicting Behavior in New Behavioral Experiments: Outcomes of a Modeling Competition
   Marco A. Janssen and Nathan Rollins

Agent-Based Modelling: Tools for Linking NetLogo and r
   Jan C. Thiele, Winfried Kurth and Volker Grimm

Agent-Based and Individual-Based Modeling: A Practical Introduction
Railsback, Steven F. and Grimm, Volker
Reviewed by H. Van Dyke Parunak

Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems
Heppenstall, Alison J., Crooks, Andrew T., See, Linda M. and Batty, Michael (eds.)
Reviewed by José Manuel Galán

Models of Science Dynamics: Encounters Between Complexity Theory and Information Sciences (Understanding Complex Systems)
Scharnhorst, Andrea, Börner, Katy and Besselaar, Peter van den (eds.)
Reviewed by Stefano Balietti

Dynamic Land Use/cover Change Modelling: Geosimulation and Multiagent-Based Modelling (Springer Theses)
Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar
Reviewed by Peter Barbrook-Johnson

Party Competition: An Agent-Based Model (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
Laver, Michael and Sergenti, Ernest
Reviewed by Víctor M. Eguíluz

Introduction to Mathematical Sociology
Bonacich, Phillip and Lu, Philip
Reviewed by Giangiacomo Bravo

Volume 15(2) published on 31-Mar-2012

Simulation Modelling as a Theory Building Tool: The Formation of Risk Perceptions
   Mercedes Bleda and Simon Shackley

Agent-Based Modeling of Ecological Niche Theory and Assortative Drinking
   Ben Fitzpatrick and Jason Martinez

An Agent Based Model of Switching: The Case of Boulogne S/mer Fish Market
   Sylvain Mignot, Gabriele Tedeschi and Annick Vignes

Investigating the Relative Influence of Genes and Memes in Healthcare
   Alistair Sutcliffe and Di Wang

Analysis of the Emergent Properties: Stationarity and Ergodicity
   Jakob Grazzini

Commuting Network Models: Getting the Essentials
   Floriana Gargiulo, Maxime Lenormand, Sylvie Huet and Omar Baqueiro Espinosa

Typical Pitfalls of Simulation Modeling - Lessons Learned from Armed Forces and Business
   Rolf Barth, Matthias Meyer and Jan Spitzner

ABMland - a Tool for Agent-Based Model Development on Urban Land Use Change
   Nina Schwarz, Daniel Kahlenberg, Dagmar Haase and Ralf Seppelt

Micro-Macro Links and Microfoundations in Sociology
Buskens, Vincent, Raub, Werner and Assen, Marcel Van (eds.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Viability and Resilience of Complex Systems: Concepts, Methods and Case Studies from Ecology and Society (Understanding Complex Systems)
Deffuant, Guillaume and Gilbert, Nigel (eds.)
Reviewed by Albert Diaz-Guilera

Quantitative Sociodynamics: Stochastic Methods and Models of Social Interaction Processes
Helbing, Dirk
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Social Understanding: On Hermeneutics, Geometrical Models and Artificial Intelligence (Theory and Decision Library A:)
Klüver, Jürgen and Klüver, Christina
Reviewed by Brian Castellani

Complexity, Cognition and the City (Understanding Complex Systems)
Portugali, Juval
Reviewed by Anne van der Veen

Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling and Prediction: 4th International Conference, SBP 2011, College Park, MD, USA, March 29-31, 2011. ... Applications, Incl. Internet/Web, and HCI)
Salerno, John, Yang, Shanchieh Jay, Nau, Dana and Chai, Sun-Ki (eds.)
Reviewed by Ugo Merlone

New Thinking in Complexity for the Social Sciences and Humanities: A Transdisciplinary Approach
Jörg, Ton
Reviewed by David Byrne

Volume 15(1) published on 01-Feb-2012

The Schelling Model of Ethnic Residential Dynamics: Beyond the Integrated - Segregated Dichotomy of Patterns
   Erez Hatna and Itzhak Benenson

Creating Realistic Synthetic Populations at Varying Spatial Scales: A Comparative Critique of Population Synthesis Techniques
   Kirk Harland, Alison Heppenstall, Dianna Smith and Mark Birkin

JAMSIM: a Microsimulation Modelling Policy Tool
   Oliver Mannion, Roy Lay-Yee, Wendy Wrapson, Peter Davis and Janet Pearson

Participatory Agent-Based Simulation for Renewable Resource Management: The Role of the Cormas Simulation Platform to Nurture a Community of Practice
   Christophe Le Page, Nicolas Becu, Pierre Bommel and François Bousquet

Nonlinear Dynamics of Crime and Violence in Urban Settings
   Maria Fonoberova, Vladimir A. Fonoberov, Igor Mezic, Jadranka Mezic and P. Jeffrey Brantingham

Computational Modelling of Trust and Social Relationships
   Alistair Sutcliffe and Di Wang

Rethinking the Tragedy of the Commons: The Integration of Socio-Psychological Dispositions
   Julia Schindler

Are R&D Subsidies Provided Optimally? Evidence from a Simulated Agency-Firm Stochastic Dynamic Game
   Giovanni Cerulli

Outstanding in the Field: Evaluating Auction Markets for Farmland Using Multi-Agent Simulation
   Adam Arsenault, James Nolan, Richard Schoney and Donald Gilchrist

A Hybrid Model for Disease Spread and an Application to the SARS Pandemic
   Teruhiko Yoneyama, Sanmay Das and Mukkai Krishnamoorthy

   Hugues Bersini

Heuristics: The Foundations of Adaptive Behavior
Gigerenzer, Gerd, Hertwig, Ralph and Pachur, Thorsten (eds.)
Reviewed by Frank Dignum

Thought Experiments in Methodological and Historical Contexts (History of Science and Medicine Library: Medieval and Early Modern Science 15)
Ierodiakonou, Katerina and Roux, Sophie (eds.)
Reviewed by Corinna Elsenbroich

Handbook on the Economic Complexity of Technological Change
Antonelli, Cristiano (ed.)
Reviewed by Manfred Paier

The Fair Society: The Science of Human Nature and the Pursuit of Social Justice
Corning, Peter
Reviewed by Ted Metzler

Phase Transitions (Primers in Complex Systems)
Sole, Ricard V.
Reviewed by Emile Chappin

Behavior Dynamics in Media-Sharing Social Networks
Zhao, H. Vicky, Lin, W. Sabrina and Liu, K. J. Ray
Reviewed by Adam Wierzbicki

Volume 14(4) published on 31-Oct-2011

Role-Playing Game and Learning for Young People About Sustainable Development Stakes: An Experiment in Transferring and Adapting Interdisciplinary Scientific Knowledge
   Françoise Gourmelon, Mathias Rouan, Jean-François Lefevre and Anne Rognant

A Virtual Laboratory for the Study of History and Cultural Dynamics
   Juan-Luis Suárez and Fernando Sancho

Group-Level Exploration and Exploitation: A Computer Simulation-Based Analysis
   Jennifer Kunz

Sympathy and Punishment: Evolution of Cooperation in Public Goods Game
   Hang Ye, Fei Tan, Mei Ding, Yongmin Jia and Yefeng Chen

Simulating the Social Processes of Science
   Bruce Edmonds, Nigel Gilbert, Petra Ahrweiler and Andrea Scharnhorst

Modelling Theory Communities in Science
   Petra Ahrweiler

A Social Process in Science and its Content in a Simulation Program
   Wolfgang Balzer and Klaus Manhart

Using Social Simulation to Explore the Dynamics at Stake in Participatory Research
   Olivier Barreteau and Christophe Le Page

Two Challenges in Simulating the Social Processes of Science
   Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Simulating What?
   Harry Collins

Two Outline Models of Science: AMS And HAMS
   Jim Doran

A Brief Survey of Some Relevant Philosophy of Science
   Bruce Edmonds

Conference Models to Bridge Micro and Macro Studies of Science
   Matthew Francisco, Staša Milojevic and Selma Šabanovic

Bibliometrics, Stylized Facts and the Way Ahead: How to Build Good Social Simulation Models of Science?
   Matthias Meyer

Modeling Scientists as Agents. How Scientists Cope with the Challenges of the New Public Management of Science
   Marc Mölders, Robin D. Fink and Johannes Weyer

Science as a Social System and Virtual Research Environment
   Sergey Parinov and Cameron Neylon

For an Integrated Approach to Agent-Based Modeling of Science
   Nicolas Payette

Social Simulation That 'Peers into Peer Review'
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Károly Takács

The Competition for Attention and the Evolution of Science
   Warren Thorngate, Jing Liu and Wahida Chowdhury

Toward Multi-Level, Multi-Theoretical Model Portfolios for Scientific Enterprise Workforce Dynamics
   Levent Yilmaz

Computer Simulation and Emergent Reliability in Science
   Kevin Zollman

Web Citations Analysis of the JASSS: the First Ten Years
   Mohammad Karim Saberi, Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam and Sedigheh Mohamadesmaeil

Macroeconomics from the Bottom-up (New Economic Windows)
Gatti, Domenico Delli, Desiderio, Saul, Gaffeo, Edoardo, Cirillo, Pasquale and Gallegati, Mauro
Reviewed by Charlotte Bruun

Complexity, Institutions and Public Policy: Agile Decision-Making in a Turbulent World
Room, Graham
Reviewed by Lynne Hamill

The Calculus of Selfishness (Princeton Series in Theoretical and Computational Biology)
Sigmund, Karl
Reviewed by Herbert Gintis

A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution
Bowles, Samuel and Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Noah Mark

A Behavioral Theory of Elections
Bendor, Jonathan, Diermeier, Daniel, Siegel, David A. and Ting, Michael M.
Reviewed by Jasper Muis

Simulating Change: Archaeology into the Twenty-First Century (Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry)
Costopoulos, Andre and Lake, Mark W. (eds.)
Reviewed by Jim Doran

Innovation and Health: Theory, Methodology and Applications (Industrial Dynamics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Series)
Grebel, Thomas
Reviewed by Cristiano Antonelli

Improving Natural Resource Management: Ecological and Political Models (Statistics in Practice)
Haas, Timothy
Reviewed by Tatiana Filatova

Volume 14(3) published on 03-Jul-2011

A Computational Model of Worker Protest
   Jae-Woo Kim and Robert Hanneman

Leadership, Violence, and Warfare in Small Societies
   Stephen Younger

Multiagent System Applied to the Modeling and Simulation of Pedestrian Traffic in Counterflow
   Ana Luisa Ballinas-Hernández, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez and Alejandro Rangel-Huerta

Scale-Free Relationships Facilitate Cooperation in Spatial Games with Sequential Strategy
   Tetsushi Ohdaira and Takao Terano

An Agent-Based Model of Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility Activities
   Isamu Okada

Reallocation Problems in Agent Societies: A Local Mechanism to Maximize Social Welfare
   Antoine Nongaillard and Philippe Mathieu

Stability of Groups with Costly Beliefs and Practices
   Wesley Wildman and Richard Sosis

Agent-Based Modeling of Human-Induced Spread of Invasive Species in Agricultural Landscapes: Insights from the Potato Moth in Ecuador
   François Rebaudo, Verónica Crespo-Pérez, Jean-François Silvain and Olivier Dangles

Challenges in Modelling Social Conflicts: Grappling with Polysemy
   Martin Neumann, Andreas Braun, Eva-Maria Heinke, Mehdi Saqalli and Armano Srbljinovic

The Causal Power of Social Structures: Emergence, Structure and Agency
Elder-Vass, Dave
Reviewed by Keith Sawyer

Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms
Demeulenaere, Pierre (ed.)
Reviewed by Peter Davis

Why People Cooperate: The Role of Social Motivations
Tyler, Tom
Reviewed by Francesc S. Beltran

Supercooperators: Altruism, Evolution, and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed
Nowak, Martin
Reviewed by Marco A. Janssen

Working Together: Collective Action, the Commons, and Multiple Methods in Practice
Poteete, Amy R., Janssen, Marco A. and Ostrom, Elinor
Reviewed by Olivier Barreteau

Cognitive Biology: Evolutionary and Developmental Perspectives on Mind, Brain, and Behavior (Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology)
Tommasi Luca, Peterson Mary A., and Nadel Lynn (Eds.)
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Evolving Ethics: The New Science of Good and Evil
Mascaro, Steven, Korb, Kevin B., Nicholson, Ann E. and Woodberry, Owen
Reviewed by Rob Stocker

Volume 14(2) published on 31-Mar-2011

The Current State of Normative Agent-Based Systems
   Christopher D. Hollander and Annie S. Wu

The ABM Template Models: A Reformulation with Reference Implementations
   Alan G. Isaac

Innovation as an Emerging System Property: An Agent Based Simulation Model
   Cristiano Antonelli and Gianluigi Ferraris

A Model of Political Judgment: An Agent-Based Simulation of Candidate Evaluation
   Sung-youn Kim

An Agent Operationalization Approach for Context Specific Agent-Based Modeling
   Christof Knoeri, Claudia R. Binder and Hans-Joerg Althaus

A First Approach on Modelling Staff Proactiveness in Retail Simulation Models
   Peer-Olaf Siebers and Uwe Aickelin

Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation: Modelling Complex Entrepreneurial Behaviours by Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor: A Response to the Review
   Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor

Trust Theory: A Socio-Cognitive and Computational Model (Wiley Series in Agent Technology)
Castelfranchi, Cristiano and Falcone, Rino
Reviewed by Corinna Elsenbroich

Diversity and Complexity (Primers in Complex Systems)
Page, Scott
Reviewed by Cesar Garcia-Diaz

Public Management and Complexity Theory. Richer Decision-Making in Public Services (Routledge Critical Studies in Public Management)
Rhodes, Mary Lee, Murphy, Joanne, Muir, Jenny and Murray, John A.
Reviewed by Sungho Lee

Handbook of Research on Complexity
Rosser, J. Barkley Jr., and Cramer, Kirby L.(Eds.)
Reviewed by Thorbjorn Knudsen

Advances in Social Computing: Third International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction, SBP 2010, Bethesda, MD, USA, ... Applications, Incl. Internet/Web, and HCI)
Chai, Sun-Ki, Salerno, John and Mabry, Patricia L. (eds.)
Reviewed by Mauricio Salgado

Volume 14(1) published on 31-Jan-2011

Secession of the Center: A Virtual Probe of the Prospects for Punjabi Secessionism in Pakistan and the Secession of Punjabistan
   Ian Lustick

Power of Criminal Attractors: Modeling the Pull of Activity Nodes
   Richard Frank, Vahid Dabbaghian, Andrew Reid, Suraj Singh, Jonathan Cinnamon and Patricia Brantingham

Soft Power, World System Dynamics, and Democratization: A Bass Model of Democracy Diffusion 1800-2000
   Mikael Sandberg

Zaller-Deffuant Model of Mass Opinion
   Krzysztof Malarz, Piotr Gronek and Krzysztof Kulakowski

Fairness Emergence in Reputation Systems
   Adam Wierzbicki and Radoslaw Nielek

Introducing the SAPS System and a Corresponding Allocation Mechanism for Synchronous Online Reciprocal Peer Support Activities
   Gijs de Bakker, Jan van Bruggen, Wim Jochems and Peter B. Sloep

Digested Information as an Information Theoretic Motivation for Social Interaction
   Christoph Salge and Daniel Polani

Mood Matters: From Rising Skirt Lengths to the Collapse of World Powers
Casti, John L.
Reviewed by Guillaume Deffuant

Complexity and Public Policy: A New Approach to 21st Century Politics, Policy & Society
Geyer, Robert and Rihani, Samir
Reviewed by Thomas Fent

Teamwork in MultiAgent Systems: A Formal Approach (Wiley Series in Agent Technology)
Dunin-Keplicz, Barbara Maria and Verbrugge, Rineke
Reviewed by Jong W. Kim

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems: Vol VI: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Complex Systems: 6
Minai, Ali A., Braha, Dan and Bar-Yam, Yaneer (eds.)
Reviewed by John Bragin

Social Capital Modeling in Virtual Communities: Bayesian Belief Network Approaches (Premier Reference Source)
Daniel, Ben Kei
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Volume 13(4) published on 31-Oct-2010

Prospects and Pitfalls of Statistical Testing: Insights from Replicating the Demographic Prisoner's Dilemma
   Wolfgang Radax and Bernhard Rengs

The Roundtable: An Abstract Model of Conversation Dynamics
   Massimo Mastrangeli, Martin Schmidt and Lucas Lacasa

Diffusion of Competing Innovations: The Effects of Network Structure on the Provision of Healthcare
   Adam G. Dunn and Blanca Gallego

Obligation Norm Identification in Agent Societies
   Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu, Stephen Cranefield, Maryam A. Purvis and Martin K. Purvis

Dilbert-Peter Model of Organization Effectiveness: Computer Simulations
   Pawel Sobkowicz

Opinion Formation by Informed Agents
   Mohammad Afshar and Masoud Asadpour

Modelling Contextualized Reasoning in Complex Societies with "Endorsements"
   Shah Jamal Alam, Armando Geller, Ruth Meyer and Bogdan Werth

ODD Updated
   J. Gareth Polhill

Agent-Based Modelling: The Next 15 Years
   Lynne Hamill

Innovation in Complex Social Systems (Routledge Studies in Global Competition)
Ahrweiler, Petra (ed.)
Reviewed by Keith Sawyer

Innovation Networks in Industries
Malerba, Franco and Vonortas, Nicholas S. (eds.)
Reviewed by Mauro Lombardi

Knowledge Diffusion and Innovation: Modelling Complex Entrepreneurial Behaviours
Morone, Piergiuseppe and Taylor, Richard
Reviewed by Diemo Urbig

The Perfect Swarm: The Science of Complexity in Everyday Life
Fisher, Len
Reviewed by Roberto Serra

Volume 13(3) published on 30-Jun-2010

Why Bother with What Others Tell You? An Experimental Data-Driven Agent-Based Model
   Riccardo Boero, Giangiacomo Bravo, Marco Castellani and Flaminio Squazzoni

When Does a Newcomer Contribute to a Better Performance? A Multi-Agent Study on Self-Organising Processes of Task Allocation
   Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman

Leadership in Small Societies
   Stephen Younger

A Tag-Based Evolutionary Prisoner's Dilemma Game on Networks with Different Topologies
   Jae-Woo Kim

Interorganizational Information Exchange and Efficiency: Organizational Performance in Emergency Environments
   Adam Zagorecki, Kilkon Ko and Louise K. Comfort

Co-Operative Punishment Cements Social Cohesion
   Klaus Jaffe and Luis Zaballa

Between Replication and Docking: "Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions, and Civic Traditions" Revisited
   Dan Miodownik, Britt Cartrite and Ravi Bhavnani

The Third Way of Agent-Based Social Simulation and a Computational Account of Emergence
   Roy Wilson

Why We Cooperate
Tomasello Michael, with Dweck Carol, Silk Joan, Skyrms Brian, and Spelke, Elizabeth
Reviewed by Athena C. Aktipis

New Frontiers in Microsimulation Modelling (Public Policy and Social Welfare)
Zaidi, Ashghar, Harding, Ann and Williamson, Paul (eds.)
Reviewed by Sven Stöwhase

Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics, Finance and the Social Sciences: Essays in Honour of John Barkley Rosser Jr
Bischi, Gian Italo, Chiarella, Carl and Gardini, Laura (eds.)
Reviewed by Segismundo S. Izquierdo

Darwinian Sociocultural Evolution: Solutions to Dilemmas in Cultural and Social Theory
Blute, Marion
Reviewed by Eva van den Broek

Simulation-Based Engineering of Complex Systems (Wiley Series in Systems Engineering and Management)
Clymer, John R.
Reviewed by Ipek Bozkurt

Theory Construction and Model-Building Skills (Methodology in the Social Sciences)
Jaccard, James and Jacoby, Jacob
Reviewed by Iris Lorscheid

What is Science?: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Jaffe, Klaus
Reviewed by Petri Ylikoski

Environmental Social Science: Human-Environment Interactions and Sustainability
Moran, F. Emilio
Reviewed by Giangiacomo Bravo

Volume 13(2) published on 31-Mar-2010

Social Simulation and Analysis of the Dynamics of Criminal Hot Spots
   Tibor Bosse and Charlotte Gerritsen

Simulating Political Stability and Change in the Netherlands (1998-2002): an Agent-Based Model of Party Competition with Media Effects Empirically Tested
   Jasper Muis

Flocking Behaviour: Agent-Based Simulation and Hierarchical Leadership
   Vicenç Quera, Francesc S. Beltran and Ruth Dolado

Simulating Rural Environmentally and Socio-Economically Constrained Multi-Activity and Multi-Decision Societies in a Low-Data Context: A Challenge Through Empirical Agent-Based Modeling
   Mehdi Saqalli, Charles L. Bielders, Bruno Gerard and Pierre Defourny

Using Qualitative Evidence to Enhance an Agent-Based Modelling System for Studying Land Use Change
   J. Gareth Polhill, Lee-Ann Sutherland and Nicholas M. Gotts

Simulation of the Long-Term Effects of Decentralized and Adaptive Investments in Cross-Agency Interoperable and Standard IT Systems
   Sungho Lee

Social Preference, Incomplete Information, and the Evolution of Ultimatum Game in the Small World Networks: An Agent-Based Approach
   Bo Xianyu

An Agent Based Market Design Methodology for Combinatorial Auctions
   Jinho Choi, Gyoo Gun Lim and Kun Chang Lee

The Surprising Success of a Replication That Failed
   Michael Macy and Yoshimichi Sato

Socio-Economic Mechanisms to Coordinate the Internet of Services: The Simulation Environment SimIS
   Stefan König, Sebastian Hudert and Torsten Eymann

The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences
Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology
Hedström, Peter and Bearman, Peter (eds.)
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Complexity: A Guided Tour
Mitchell, Melanie
Reviewed by John Bragin

Mind & Society: Special Issue on Social Simulation, Volume 8, Number 2, 2009
Squazzoni, F. (Ed)
Reviewed by Brian Castellani

Volume 13(1) published on 31-Jan-2010

Norm Internalisation in Human and Artificial Intelligence
   Martin Neumann

Social Influence and Decision-Making: Evaluating Agent Networks in Village Responses to Change in Freshwater
   Mark Altaweel, Lilian N. Alessa and Andrew D. Kliskey

Social Simulations: Improving Interdisciplinary Understanding of Scientific Positioning and Validity
   Stuart Rossiter, Jason Noble and Keith R.W. Bell

A Spatial Approach to Network Generation for Three Properties: Degree Distribution, Clustering Coefficient and Degree Assortativity
   Jennifer Badham and Rob Stocker

Using Microsimulation to Optimize an Income Transfer System Towards Poverty Reduction
   Seppo Sallila

Large Scale Daily Contacts and Mobility Model - an Individual-Based Countrywide Simulation Study for Poland
   Franciszek Rakowski, Magdalena Gruziel, Michal Krych and Jan P Radomski

Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation III
   Nuno David, José Castro Caldas and Helder Coelho

Agent-Based Models and Simulations in Economics and Social Sciences: From Conceptual Exploration to Distinct Ways of Experimenting
   Denis Phan and Franck Varenne

Simulation-Based Definitions of Emergence
   Alan Baker

Explaining Simulations Through Self Explaining Agents
   Maaike Harbers, John-Jules Meyer and Karel van den Bosch

Ontology, a Mediator for Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science
   Pierre Livet, Jean-Pierre Muller, Denis Phan and Lena Sanders

A Methodology for Complex Social Simulations
   Claudio Cioffi-Revilla

Bootstrapping Knowledge About Social Phenomena Using Simulation Models
   Bruce Edmonds

Optimization and Falsification in Empirical Agent-Based Models
   Sebastian Schutte

What Do Agent-Based and Equation-Based Modelling Tell Us About Social Conventions: The Clash Between ABM and EBM in a Congestion Game Framework
   Federico Cecconi, Marco Campenni, Giulia Andrighetto and Rosaria Conte

Sociology and Complexity Science: A New Field of Inquiry (Understanding Complex Systems)
Castellani, Brian and Hafferty, Frederic William
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bruch

The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges
Ball, Michael and Wietschel, Martin (eds.)
Reviewed by James Keirstead

Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks
Goyal, Sanjeev
Reviewed by Camille Roth

From System Complexity to Emergent Properties (Understanding Complex Systems)
Aziz-Alaoui, M.A. and Bertelle, C. (eds.)
Reviewed by Emile Chappin

Indeterminacy: The Mapped, the Navigable, and the Uncharted
Ciprut, V. Jose (Ed.)
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Adaptive Networks. Theory, Models and Applications (Understanding Complex Systems)
Gross, Thilo and Sayama, Hiroki (eds.)
Reviewed by Floriana Gargiulo

Artificial Economics (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Hernandez, Cesareo, Posada, Marta and Lopez-Paredes, Adolfo (eds.)
Reviewed by Wolfgang Radax

Allure of Machinic Life: Cybernetics, Artificial Life, and the New AI (Bradford Books)
Johnston, John
Reviewed by Jean-Philippe Rennard

Tax and Benefit Policies in the Enlarged Europe (Public Policy and Social Welfare)
Lelkes, Orsolya and Sutherland, Holly
Reviewed by Attila Szabo

Social Structures
Martin, John Levi
Reviewed by Ahmadreza Asgharpourmasouleh

Innovation Networks. New Approaches in Modelling and Analyzing
Pyka, Andreas and Scharnhorst, Andrea (eds.)
Reviewed by Tommaso Ciarli

The Complexity of Human Communication (Hampton Press Communication)
Salem, Philip
Reviewed by Klaus G. Troitzsch

Volume 12(4) published on 31-Oct-2009

Understanding Artificial Anasazi
   Marco A. Janssen

Sendero: An Extended, Agent-Based Implementation of Kauffman's NKCS Model
   Julian Padget, Richard Vidgen, James Mitchell, Amy Marshall and Rick Mellor

Agent Street: An Environment for Exploring Agent-Based Models in Second Life
   Andrew Crooks, Andrew Hudson-Smith and Joel Dearden

Cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma Game Based on the Second-Best Decision
   Tetsushi Ohdaira and Takao Terano

The Development of Social Simulation as Reflected in the First Ten Years of JASSS: a Citation and Co-Citation Analysis
   Matthias Meyer, Iris Lorscheid and Klaus G. Troitzsch

A Survey of Agent-Based Modeling Practices (January 1998 to July 2008)
   Brian Heath, Raymond Hill and Frank Ciarallo

The Methodology of Simulation Models: Chances and Risks
   Andreas Pyka and Claudia Werker

Agent Based Modeling and Simulation: An Informatics Perspective
   Stefania Bandini, Sara Manzoni and Giuseppe Vizzari

A Pragmatic Reading of Friedman's Methodological Essay and What It Tells Us for the Discussion of ABMs
   Simon Deichsel and Andreas Pyka

Policy Advice Derived from Simulation Models
   Thomas Brenner and Claudia Werker

On the Effects of Skill Upgrading in the Presence of Spatial Labor Market Frictions: An Agent-Based Analysis of Spatial Policy Design
   Herbert Dawid, Simon Gemkow, Philipp Harting and Michael Neugart

An Objective-Based Perspective on Assessment of Model-Supported Policy Processes
   Gönenç Yücel and Els van Daalen

Resolving a Replication That Failed: News on the Macy & Sato Model
   Oliver Will

Advances in Complex Systems (ACS): Special Issue on Social Simulation, Vol. 11, No. 2
Amblard, Frédéric, and Jager, Wander (Eds.)
Reviewed by Timothy A. Kohler

Multi-Agent-Based Simulation IX (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
David, Nuno and Paulo, Jaime Simao (eds.)
Reviewed by Martin Neumann

Rationality for Mortals: How People Cope with Uncertainty
Gigerenzer, Gerd
Reviewed by Marta Posada

Game Theory Evolving: A Problem-Centered Introduction to Modeling Strategic Interaction (Second Edition)
Gintis, Herbert
Reviewed by Rense Corten

Computational Complexity: A Conceptual Perspective
Goldreich, Oded
Reviewed by Gabriel Istrate

Complexity Perspectives in Innovation and Social Change (Methods Series)
Lane David, Pumain Denise, van der Leeuw Sander Ernst, West Geoffrey (Eds.)
Reviewed by Petra Ahrweiler

Artificial Crime Analysis Systems: Using Computer Simulations and Geographic Information Systems
Liu, Lin and Eck, John (Eds.)
Reviewed by Armando Geller

Epistemological Aspects of Computer Simulation in the Social Sciences (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Squazzoni, Flaminio (ed.)
Reviewed by Roy Wilson

Handbook of Research on Agent-Based Societies: Social and Cultural Interactions
Trajkovski, Goran, Collins, Samuel G. (Eds.)
Reviewed by John Bragin

Simulation and Its Discontents
Turkle, Sherry
Reviewed by WilsonRoy WilsonRoy

Multi-Agent Systems. Simulation and Applications (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Models Series)
Uhrmacher, Adelinde M., Weyns, Danny and Mosterman, Pieter J. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Marco Villani

Volume 12(3) published on 30-Jun-2009

Punishment Deters Crime Because Humans Are Bounded in Their Strategic Decision-Making
   Heiko Rauhut and Marcel Junker

Effects of a Trust Mechanism on Complex Adaptive Supply Networks: An Agent-Based Social Simulation Study
   Whan-Seon Kim

When and How to Imitate Your Neighbours: Lessons from and for FEARLUS
   Nicholas M. Gotts and J. Gareth Polhill

An Analysis of the Insertion of Virtual Players in GMABS Methodology Using the Vip-JogoMan Prototype
   Diana Adamatti, Jaime Simão Sichman and Helder Coelho

Income Distribution Effects of a Finnish Work Incentive Trap Reform
   Paivi Mattila-Wiro

Forecasting a Language Shift Based on Cellular Automata
   Francesc S. Beltran, Salvador Herrando, Doris Ferreres, Marc-Antoni Adell, Violant Estreder and Marcos Ruiz-Soler

Behavioral Modeling and Simulation: From Individuals to Societies
Zacharias, Greg L., Macmillan, Jean, Van Hemel, Susan B.
Reviewed by Armando Geller

The Cambridge Handbook of Computational Psychology
Sun, Ron (Ed)
Reviewed by Nanda Wijermans

Handbook of Research on Multi-Agent Systems: Semantics and Dynamics of Organizational Models
Dignum, Virginia (ed.)
Reviewed by Marco Remondino

Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism
Akerlof, George A. and Shiller, Robert J.
Reviewed by Andreas Ernst

Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks
Barrat, Alain, Barthélemy, Marc and Vespignani, Alessandro
Reviewed by Laurent Tambayong

Coping with the Complexity of Economics (New Economic Windows)
Faggini, Marisa, and Lux, Thomas (Eds.)
Reviewed by Mauro Lombardi

Networks, Topology and Dynamics: Theory and Applications to Economics and Social Systems: 613 (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Naimzada, Ahmad K., Stefani, Silvana, and Torriero, Anna (Eds.)
Reviewed by Erik Johnston

Volume 12(2) published on 31-Mar-2009

How Groups Can Foster Consensus: The Case of Local Cultures
   Patrick Groeber, Frank Schweitzer and Kerstin Press

Agent-Based Simulation on Women's Role in a Family Line on Civil Service Examination in Chinese History
   Chao Yang, Kurahashi Setsuya, Keiko Kurahashi, Isao Ono and Takao Terano

Social Circles: A Simple Structure for Agent-Based Social Network Models
   Lynne Hamill and Nigel Gilbert

Design Guidelines for Agent Based Model Visualization
   Daniel Kornhauser, Uri Wilensky and William Rand

Tools of the Trade: A Survey of Various Agent Based Modeling Platforms
   Cynthia Nikolai and Gregory Madey

Reason and Rationality
Elster, Jon
Reviewed by Marco Castellani

Artificial Psychology: The Quest for What It Means to Be Human
Friedenberg, Jay
Reviewed by Gennaro Di Tosto

Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain
Glimcher Paul W., Camerer Colin, Poldrack Russell, Fehr Ernst (Eds.)
Reviewed by Cristiano Castelfranchi

Social and Economic Networks
Jackson, Matthew O.
Reviewed by Károly Takács

Computational Macroeconomics for the Open Economy
Lim, G. C. and McNelis, Paul D.
Reviewed by Domenico Delli Gatti

Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World (Bradford Books)
Pentland,(Sandy) Alex
Reviewed by Julie Dugdale

Computable Models of the Law (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
Casanovas Pompeu, Sartor Giovanni, Casellas Núria, Rubino Rossella (Eds.)
Reviewed by Francesca Giardini

Agent-Based Modeling: the Santa Fe Institute Artificial Stock Market Model Revisited (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Ehrentreich, Norman
Reviewed by Blake LeBaron

Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems: V. 5 (Springer Series on Agent Based Social Systems)
Terano Takao, Kita Hajime, Takahashi Shingo, Deguchi Hiroshi (Eds.)
Reviewed by Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias

Volume 12(1) published on 31-Jan-2009

Exploring Agent-Based Methods for the Analysis of Payment Systems: A Crisis Model for StarLogo TNG
   Luca Arciero, Claudia Biancotti, Leandro D'Aurizio and Claudio Impenna

Agent-Based Urban Land Markets: Agent's Pricing Behavior, Land Prices and Urban Land Use Change
   Tatiana Filatova, Dawn C. Parker and Anne van der Veen

Techniques to Understand Computer Simulations: Markov Chain Analysis
   Luis R. Izquierdo, Segismundo S. Izquierdo, José Manuel Galán and José Ignacio Santos

A Proximate Mechanism for Communities of Agents to Commemorate Long Dead Ancestors
   Bill Tomlinson

Errors and Artefacts in Agent-Based Modelling
   José Manuel Galán, Luis R. Izquierdo, Segismundo S. Izquierdo, José Ignacio Santos, Ricardo del Olmo, Adolfo López-Paredes and Bruce Edmonds

Games on Cellular Spaces: How Mobility Affects Equilibrium
   Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade, Antonio Miguel Vieira Monteiro, Gilberto Câmara and Sandra Sandri

A Spatial Agent-Based Model of N-Person Prisoner's Dilemma Cooperation in a Socio-Geographic Community
   Conrad Power

Simulating Light-Weight Personalised Recommender Systems in Learning Networks: A Case for Pedagogy-Oriented and Rating-Based Hybrid Recommendation Strategies
   Rob J. Nadolski, Bert van den Berg, Adriana J. Berlanga, Hendrik Drachsler, Hans G.K. Hummel, Rob E.J.R. Koper and Peter B. Sloep

Modelling Opinion Formation with Physics Tools: Call for Closer Link with Reality
   Pawel Sobkowicz

Contra Epstein, Good Explanations Predict
   Nicholas S. Thompson and Patrick Derr

Not All Explanations Predict Satisfactorily, and Not All Good Predictions Explain
   Klaus G. Troitzsch

Complex Adaptive Systems: an Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
Miller, John H. and Page, Scott E.
Reviewed by Paul Ormerod

Neuroeconomics: A Guide to the New Science of Making Choices
Politser, Peter
Reviewed by Riccardo Boero

Midbrain Mutiny: The Picoeconomics and Neuroeconomics of Disordered Gambling (Bradford Books)
Ross, Don, Sharp, Carla, Vuchinich, Rudy E., and Spurret, David
Reviewed by Riccardo Boero

Applications of Complex Adaptive Systems
Shan, Yin and Yang, Ang (Eds.)
Reviewed by Gönenç Yücel

Monitoring, Simulation, and Management of Visitor Landscapes
Gimblett, Randy and Skov-Petersen, Hans (Eds.)
Reviewed by Andreas Koch

Volume 11(4) published on 31-Oct-2008

Population Heterogeneity and Individual Differences in an Assortative Agent-Based Marriage and Divorce Model (MADAM) Using Search with Relaxing Expectations
   Thomas Hills and Peter Todd

Marriage Formation/Dissolution and Marital Distribution in a Two-Period Economic Model of Matching with Cooperative Bargaining
   Ayse Mumcu and Ismail Saglam

Homo Socionicus: a Case Study of Simulation Models of Norms
   Martin Neumann

Governments, Civilians, and the Evolution of Insurgency: Modeling the Early Dynamics of Insurgencies
   D. Scott Bennett

Pricing Strategies and Protection of Digital Products Under Presence of Piracy: A Welfare Analysis
   Gokhan Ozertan and Baris Cevik

The Dynamics of Public Opinion in Complex Networks
   Shuguang Suo and Yu Chen

Replication in the Deception and Convergence of Opinions Problem
   André C. R. Martins

Can Extremism Guarantee Pluralism?
   Floriana Gargiulo and Alberto Mazzoni

An Agent-Based Model of Mediterranean Agricultural Land-Use/Cover Change for Examining Wildfire Risk
   James Millington, Raúl Romero-Calcerrada, John Wainwright and George Perry

A Framework for Megascale Agent Based Model Simulations on Graphics Processing Units
   Mikola Lysenko and Roshan M. D'Souza

Why Model?
   Joshua M. Epstein

Reply to Will and Hegselmann
   Michael Macy and Yoshimichi Sato

Remark on a Reply
   Oliver Will and Rainer Hegselmann

Emergence: Contemporary Readings in Philosophy and Science (Bradford Books)
Bedau, Mark A and Humphreys, Paul (Eds.)
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies
Page, Scott E.
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Catastrophes in Nature and Society: Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems
Khlebopros, Rem G., Okhonin, Viktor A. and Fet, Abram I.
Reviewed by Jos Timmermans

Social Neuroscience: Integrating Biological and Psychological Explanations of Social Behavior
Harmon-Jones, Eddie and Winkielman, Piotr (Eds.)
Reviewed by Adolfo López-Paredes

Volume 11(3) published on 30-Jun-2008

A Replication That Failed - on the Computational Model in 'Michael W. Macy and Yoshimichi Sato: Trust, Cooperation and Market Formation in the U.S. and Japan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, May 2002'
   Oliver Will and Rainer Hegselmann

Simple Heuristics in Complex Networks: Models of Social Influence
   Gero Schwenk and Torsten Reimer

Modelling Socio-Technical Transition Patterns and Pathways
   Noam Bergman, Alex Haxeltine, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Jonathan Köhler, Michel Schilperoord and Jan Rotmans

Agent-Based Emergency Evacuation Simulation with Individuals with Disabilities in the Population
   Keith Christensen and Yuya Sasaki

Agent-Based Simulation of the Trust and Tracing Game for Supply Chains and Networks
   Dmytro Tykhonov, Catholijn Jonker, Sebastiaan Meijer and Tim Verwaart

Enhancing the Australian National Health Survey Data for Use in a Microsimulation Model of Pharmaceutical Drug Usage and Cost
   Annie Abello, Sharyn Lymer, Laurie Brown, Ann Harding and Ben Phillips

Emergence and Collapse of Peace with Friend Selection Strategies
   Yutaka NAKAI and Masayoshi Muto

Simulating Evolutionary Games: A Python-Based Introduction
   Alan G. Isaac

The Social Atom: Why the Rich Get Richer, Cheaters Get Caught, and Your Neighbor Usually Looks Like You
Buchanan, Mark
Reviewed by David Hales

The Model-Based Archaeology of Socionatural Systems
Kohler, Timothy A., and van der Leeuw, Sander E. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Jim Doran

Socialising Complexity: Approaches to Power and Interaction in Archaeological Discourse
Kohring, Sheila, Wynne-Jones, Stephanie (Eds.)
Reviewed by Jim Doran

Social Connectionism: a Reader and Handbook for Simulations
Overwalle, Frank van
Reviewed by Martin Neumann

The Flight from Reality in the Human Sciences
Shapiro, I
Reviewed by Armando Geller

Volume 11(2) published on 31-Mar-2008

Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation?
   James Dow

REsCape: an Agent-Based Framework for Modeling Resources, Ethnicity, and Conflict
   Ravi Bhavnani, Dan Miodownik and Jonas Nart

Progress in Model-To-Model Analysis
   Juliette Rouchier, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, J. Gareth Polhill and Keiki Takadama

Reinforcement Learning Dynamics in Social Dilemmas
   Segismundo S. Izquierdo, Luis R. Izquierdo and Nicholas M. Gotts

Opinion Dynamics: the Effect of the Number of Peers Met at Once
   Diemo Urbig, Jan Lorenz and Heiko Herzberg

Using the ODD Protocol for Describing Three Agent-Based Social Simulation Models of Land-Use Change
   J. Gareth Polhill, Dawn C. Parker, Daniel Brown and Volker Grimm

Horizontal and Vertical Multiple Implementations in a Model of Industrial Districts
   Ugo Merlone, Michele Sonnessa and Pietro Terna

Differential Equation Models Derived from an Individual-Based Model Can Help to Understand Emergent Effects
   Sylvie Huet and Guillaume Deffuant

Micro- and Macro-Level Validation in Agent-Based Simulation: Reproduction of Human-Like Behaviors and Thinking in a Sequential Bargaining Game
   Keiki Takadama, Tetsuro Kawai and Yuhsuke Koyama

Towards a Community Framework for Agent-Based Modelling
   Marco A. Janssen, Lilian N. Alessa, C. Michael Barton, Sean Bergin and Allen Lee

A Model-To-Model Analysis of Bertrand Competition
   Xavier Vilà

Social Simulation: Technologies, Advances and New Discoveries (Premier Reference)
Edmonds, Bruce, Hernandez, Cesareo and Troitzsch, Klaus G.
Reviewed by Scott E. Page

Agent-Based Models
Gilbert, Nigel
Reviewed by Gianluca Manzo

Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in the Social and Human Sciences
Phan, Denis, and Amblard, Frédéric (Eds.)
Reviewed by Magda Fontana

Simulation Modeling and Analysis with ARENA
Altiok, T. and Melamed, Benjamin
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

Ross, Sheldon M.
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

Simulation of Dynamic Systems with Matlab and Simulink
Harold, Klee
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

Volume 11(1) published on 31-Jan-2008

An Agent-Based Representation of the Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice
   Guido Fioretti and Alessandro Lomi

Cricketsim: a Genetic and Evolutionary Computer Simulation
   Kyle Wagner and Kerry Shaw

Alternative Approaches to the Empirical Validation of Agent-Based Models
   Scott Moss

A Cognitively Founded Model of the Social Emergence of Lexicon
   Umberto Gostoli

Rethinking Lock-in and Locking: Adopters Facing Network Effects
   Marc R.H. Roedenbeck and Barnas Nothnagel

Network Formation and Strategic Firm Behaviour to Explore and Exploit
   Müge Özman

How to Choose the Bidding Strategy in Continuous Double Auctions: Imitation Versus Take-The-Best Heuristics
   Marta Posada and Adolfo López-Paredes

Imitation and Cooperation in Different Helping Games
   Giangiacomo Bravo

Complexity and Organization. Readings and Conversations
Macintosh, Robert, Maclean, Donald, Stacey, Ralph, Griffin, Douglas (Eds.)
Reviewed by Hans de Haan

Handbook of Research on Nature Inspired Computing for Economics and Management
Rennard, Jean-Philippe (Ed)
Reviewed by Erol Taymaz

Advancing Social Simulation: the First World Congress
Takahashi, S., Sallach, D., Rouchier J. (Eds.)
Reviewed by Peter Davis

Complex Social Networks (Econometric Society Monographs) (Econometric Society Monographs)
Vega-Redondo, Fernando
Reviewed by Josep M. Pujol

Environments for Multi-Agent Systems: First International Workshop, E4mas, 2004, New York, NY, July 19, 2004, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Weyns, Danny, Parunak, H. Van Dyke and Fabien, Michel (eds.)
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Organizations as Complex Systems: Social Cybernetics and Knowledge in Theory and Practice (Managing the Complex)
Yolles, Maurice
Reviewed by Chris Goldspink

Volume 10(4) published on 31-Oct-2007

Groups of Agents with a Leader
   Onofrio Gigliotta, Orazio Miglino and Domenico Parisi

Cultural Learning in a Dynamic Environment: an Analysis of Both Fitness and Diversity in Populations of Neural Network Agents
   Dara Curran and Colm O'Riordan

Spatial Dynamics of Pandemic Influenza in a Massive Artificial Society
   Phillip Stroud, Sara Del Valle, Stephen Sydoriak, Jane Riese and Susan Mniszewski

The Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Context of Socioeconomic Stressors: an Evidence-Driven Approach
   Shah Jamal Alam, Ruth Meyer, Gina Ziervogel and Scott Moss

Using Computational Agents to Design Participatory Social Simulations
   Minh Nguyen-Duc and Alexis Drogoul

Making Models Match: Replicating an Agent-Based Model
   Uri Wilensky and William Rand

Studying Organisational Topology with Simple Computational Models
   Anthony Dekker

A Model to Test How Diversity Affects Resilience in Regional Innovation Networks
   Sergi Lozano and Alexandre Arenas

Simulating the Effect of Social Influence on Decision-Making in Small, Task-Oriented, Groups
   Roy Wilson

Generative Social Science: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
Epstein, J.
Reviewed by Rosaria Conte

Cognition and Multi-Agent Interaction: from Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation
Sun, Ron (ed.)
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Econophysics and Sociophysics: Trends and Perspectives
Chakrabarti, Bikas K.,Chakraborti, Anirban, Chatterjee, Arnab (Eds.)
Reviewed by J. Barkley Rosser Jr.

Complexity in World Politics (SUNY Series in Global Politics)
Harrison, Neil E.
Reviewed by Orion A. Lewis

Simulation: Pragmatic Construction of Reality (Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook)
Lenhard, Johannes, Kueppers, Guenter, Shinn, Terry
Reviewed by Hans de Haan

Managing Business Complexity: Discovering Strategic Solutions with Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
North, Michael and Macal, Charles
Reviewed by H. Van Dyke Parunak

Volume 10(3) published on 30-Jun-2007

Simulating Gender Stratification
   James F. Robison-Cox, Richard F. Martell and Cynthia G. Emrich

Information Feedback and Mass Media Effects in Cultural Dynamics
   Juan Carlos González-Avella, Mario G. Cosenza, Konstantin Klemm, Víctor M. Eguíluz and Maxi San Miguel

Research on Multi-Agent Simulation of Epidemic News Spread Characteristics
   Xiaoguang Gong and Renbin Xiao

Dynamics of Network Formation Processes in the Co-Author Model
   Laurent Tambayong

Evolutionary Tournament-Based Comparison of Learning and Non-Learning Algorithms for Iterated Games
   Stéphane Airiau, Sabyasachi Saha and Sandip Sen

Finite Neighborhood Binary Games: a Structural Study
   Jijun Zhao, Ferenc Szidarovszky and Miklos N. Szilagyi

The Evolution of Altruism in Spatially Structured Populations
   András Németh and Károly Takács

How Realistic Should Knowledge Diffusion Models Be?
   Jean-Philippe Cointet and Camille Roth

Characterising Land Holding Size Distributions in a Forest Reserve
   Oswaldo Terán, Johanna Alvarez, Magdiel Ablan and Manuel Jaimes

Open Access for Social Simulation
   J. Gareth Polhill and Bruce Edmonds

Applied Evolutionary Economics and the Knowledge-Based Economy
Pyka, Andreas and Hanusch, Horst
Reviewed by Koen Frenken

Innovation, Evolution and Complexity Theory
Frenken, Koen
Reviewed by Piergiuseppe Morone

Science and Policy in Natural Resource Management: Understanding System Complexity
Allison, Helen and Hobbs, Richard
Reviewed by Nicholas M. Gotts

I Am a Strange Loop
Hofstadter, Douglas R.
Reviewed by Jim Doran

Volume 10(2) published on 31-Mar-2007

Empirical Validation of Agent-Based Models: Alternatives and Prospects
   Paul Windrum, Giorgio Fagiolo and Alessio Moneta

Social Simulation of Stock Markets: Taking It to the Next Level
   Arvid Oskar Ivar Hoffmann, Wander Jager and J. H. Von Eije

Higher-Order Simulations: Strategic Investment Under Model-Induced Price Patterns
   Gilbert Peffer and Barbara Llacay

Peer-Allocated Instant Response (PAIR): Computational Allocation of Peer Tutors in Learning Communities
   Wim Westera

A Semantic Grid Service for Experimentation with an Agent-Based Model of Land-Use Change
   J. Gareth Polhill, Edoardo Pignotti, Nicholas M. Gotts, Pete Edwards and Alun Preece

An Extended Reinforcement Algorithm for Estimation of Human Behaviour in Experimental Congestion Games
   Thorsten Chmura and Thomas Pitz

CARDS: Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support Mechanism for Multi-Agent Negotiation in Mobile Commerce
   Kun Chang Lee and Namho Lee

Dynamic Agent Compression
   Stephen Wendel and Catherine Dibble

Agent-Based Computational Modelling: Applications in Demography, Social, Economic and Environmental Sciences (Contributions to Economics)
Billari, Francesco G., Fent, Thomas, Prskawetz, Alexia and Scheffran, Jurgen (eds.)
Reviewed by Petra Ahrweiler

The Economy as an Evolving Complex System: V. 3
Blume, Lawrence E. and Durlauf, Steven N.
Reviewed by Hardy Hanappi

Computational Economics
Kendrick, David A., Mercado, P. Ruben and Amman, Hans M.
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Computational and Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences
Marchi, Scott de
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Modeling and Simulation: the Computer Science of Illusion
Raczynski, Stanislaw
Reviewed by Alex Schmid

Introduction to Computational Science: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences
Shiflet, Angela B. and Shiflet, George W.
Reviewed by Ugo Merlone

Volume 10(1) published on 31-Jan-2007

Culture Outsmarts Nature in the Evolution of Cooperation
   Klaus Jaffe and Roberto Cipriani

Forecasting China's Medical Insurance Policy for Urban Employees Using a Microsimulation Model
   Linping Xiong and Xiuqiang Ma

Taking into Account the Variations of Neighbourhood Sizes in the Mean-Field Approximation of the Threshold Model on a Random Network
   Sylvie Huet, Margaret Edwards and Guillaume Deffuant

Cellular-Automata Based Qualitative Simulation for Nonprofit Group Behavior
   Bin Hu and Debing Zhang

Socionics: Sociological Concepts for Social Systems of Artificial (and Human) Agents
   Thomas Malsch and Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer

Communication Between Process and Structure: Modelling and Simulating Message Reference Networks with COM/TE
   Thomas Malsch, Christoph Schlieder, Peter Kiefer, Maren Lübcke, Rasco Perschke, Marco Schmitt and Klaus Stein

The Empirical Semantics Approach to Communication Structure Learning and Usage: Individualistic Vs. Systemic Views
   Matthias Nickles, Michael Rovatsos, Marco Schmitt, Wilfried Brauer, Felix Fischer, Thomas Malsch, Kai Paetow and Gerhard Weiss

Social Reputation: a Mechanism for Flexible Self-Regulation of Multiagent Systems
   Christian Hahn, Bettina Fley, Michael Florian, Daniela Spresny and Klaus Fischer

Socionic Multi-Agent Systems Based on Reflexive Petri Nets and Theories of Social Self-Organisation
   Michael Köhler, Roman Langer, Rolf von Lüde, Daniel Moldt, Heiko Rölke and Rüdiger Valk

Construction and Evaluation of Social Agents in Hybrid Settings: Approach and Experimental Results of the INKA Project
   Martin Meister, Kay Schröter, Diemo Urbig, Eric Lettkemann, Hans-Dieter Burkhard and Werner Rammert

Handbook of Computational Economics: Agent-Based Computational Economics (Handbook of Computational Economics S.)
Tesfatsion, L. and Judd, K.L. (eds.)
Reviewed by Herbert Gintis

Not by Genes Alone: How Culture Transformed Human Evolution
Richerson, Peter J. and Boyd, Robert
Reviewed by Giangiacomo Bravo

Biology, Sociology, Geology by Computational Physicists (Monograph Series on Nonlinear Science and Complexity)
Stauffer, Dietrich, Oliveira, Suzana Moss de, Oliveira, Paulo Murilo Castro de and Martins, Jorge Simoes de Sa
Reviewed by Frank Schweitzer

Complexity and Co-Evolution: Continuity and Change in Socio-Economic Systems
Garnsey, Elizabeth, Hall Clare, McGlade, James
Reviewed by Mauro Lombardi

The Re-Emergence of Emergence: the Emergentist Hypothesis from Science to Religion
Clayton, Philip and Davies, Paul (eds.)
Reviewed by Johannes Lenhard

Computer Simulations of Criminal Deterrence: from Public Policy to Local Interaction to Individual Behaviour
Baal, Pieter Van
Reviewed by Nick Malleson

Artificial Life Special Issue on Visualization for Complex Adaptive Systems
Bedau, Mark A. (ed.)
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Multi-Agent Systems: Aamas 2005 International Workshops on Agents, Norms, and Institutions for Regulated Multiagent Systems, Anirem 2005 and on Organizations in Multi-Agent Systems, Ooop 2005, Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 25-26, 2005, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Boissier, O., Padget, J., Dignum, V., Lindemann, G., Matson, E., Ossowski, S., Sichman, J., Vázquez-Salceda, J.
Reviewed by Paolo Turrini

Volume 9(4) published on 31-Oct-2006

Self-Organizing Traffic at a Malfunctioning Intersection
   Sujai Kumar and Sugata Mitra

Cascades of Failure and Extinction in Evolving Complex Systems
   Paul Ormerod and Rich Colbaugh

Cultural Differences and Economic Incentives: an Agent-Based Study of Their Impact on the Emergence of Regional Autonomy Movements
   Dan Miodownik

Is Your Model Susceptible to Floating-Point Errors?
   Luis R. Izquierdo and J. Gareth Polhill

Enhancing the Supply Chain Performance by Integrating Simulated and Physical Agents into Organizational Information Systems
   Fu-ren Lin and Shyh-ming Lin

Expectation-Driven Interaction: a Model Based on Luhmann's Contingency Approach
   Michael Barber, Philippe Blanchard, Eva Buchinger, Bruno Cessac and Ludwig Streit

Agent-Based Participatory Simulations: Merging Multi-Agent Systems and Role-Playing Games
   Paul Guyot and Shinichi Honiden

An "All Hands" Call to the Social Science Community: Establishing a Community Framework for Complexity Modeling Using Agent Based Models and Cyberinfrastructure
   Lilian N. Alessa, Melinda Laituri and C. Michael Barton

Cities and Complexity: Understanding Cities with Cellular Automata, Agent-Based Models, and Fractals
Batty, Michael
Reviewed by Riccardo Boero

Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Agent-Based Modeling Techniques for Simulating Social and Ecological Processes (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity S.)
Gimblett, Randy H.
Reviewed by Riccardo Boero

GIS, Spatial Analysis and Modeling
Maguire, David, Batty, Michael and Goodchild, Michael (eds.)
Reviewed by Riccardo Boero

Weak Links: Stabilizers of Complex Systems from Proteins to Social Networks
Csermely, Peter
Reviewed by Makany Tamas

Individual-Based Modelling and Ecology
Grimm, Volker and Railsback, Steven F.
Reviewed by Marco A. Janssen

Applied Evolutionary Economics: New Empirical Methods and Simulation Techniques
Saviotti, Pier Paolo (ed.)
Reviewed by Marco Valente

Volume 9(3) published on 13-Jul-2006

Truth and Cognitive Division of Labour: First Steps Towards a Computer Aided Social Epistemology
   Rainer Hegselmann and Ulrich Krause

Comparing Extremism Propagation Patterns in Continuous Opinion Models
   Guillaume Deffuant

Using Hybrid Agent-Based Systems to Model Spatially-Influenced Retail Markets
   Alison Heppenstall, Andrew Evans and Mark Birkin

Spatial Behavior in Groups: an Agent-Based Approach
   Francesc S. Beltran, Laura Salas and Vicenç Quera

Votes and Lobbying in the European Decision-Making Process: Application to the European Regulation on GMO Release
   Juliette Rouchier and Sophie Thoyer

Better Be Convincing or Better Be Stylish? a Theory Based Multi-Agent Simulation to Explain Minority Influence in Groups Via Arguments or Via Peripheral Cues
   Hans-Joachim Mosler

The Simulation of Financial Markets by Agent-Based Mix-Game Models
   Chengling Gou

Simulation of the Categorization-Elaboration Model of Diversity and Work-Group Performance
   Victor Palmer

A Generic Approach to an Object-Oriented Learning Classifier System Library
   Matthias Meyer and Klaus Hufschlag

Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another
Ball, Philip
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Social Emergence: Societies as Complex Systems
Sawyer, R. Keith
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Volume 9(2) published on 06-Jun-2006

Comparison of Eurovision Song Contest Simulation with Actual Results Reveals Shifting Patterns of Collusive Voting Alliances.
   Derek Gatherer

An Agent-Based Model of Mortality Shocks, Intergenerational Effects, and Urban Crime
   Michael Makowsky

Metamimetic Games: Modeling Metadynamics in Social Cognition
   David Chavalarias

Multi-Agent Simulation of Emergence of Schwa Deletion Pattern in Hindi
   Monojit Choudhury, Anupam Basu and Sudeshna Sarkar

My Way or the Highway: a More Naturalistic Model of Altruism Tested in an Iterative Prisoners' Dilemma
   David Joyce, John Kennison, Owen Densmore, Stephen Guerin, Shawn Barr, Eric Charles and Nicholas S. Thompson

Formal Interpretation of a Multi-Agent Society As a Single Agent
   Tibor Bosse and Jan Treur

Repage: REPutation and ImAGE Among Limited Autonomous Partners
   Jordi Sabater-Mir, Mario Paolucci and Rosaria Conte

Emerging Artificial Societies Through Learning
   Nigel Gilbert, Matthijs den Besten, Akos Bontovics, Bart G.W. Craenen, Federico Divina, A.E. Eiben, Robert Griffioen, György Hévízi, Andras Lõrincz, Ben Paechter, Stephan Schuster, Martijn C. Schut, Christian Tzolov, Paul Vogt and Lu Yang

Simulation in Economics: Evidence on Diffusion and Communication
   Magda Fontana

Dissecting the Social: on the Principles of Analytical Sociology
Hedstrom, Peter
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Volume 9(1) published on 05-Feb-2006

Cultural Transmission Between and Within Generations
   Alberto Acerbi and Domenico Parisi

The Emergence of Symbiotic Groups Resulting from Skill-Differentiation and Tags
   Bruce Edmonds

Mass Media and Polarisation Processes in the Bounded Confidence Model of Opinion Dynamics
   Gary Mckeown and Noel Sheehy

A Continuous Opinion Dynamics Model Based on the Principle of Meta-Contrast
   Laurent Salzarulo

Deception and Convergence of Opinions Part 2: the Effects of Reproducibility
   Victor Palmer

Consensus Strikes Back in the Hegselmann-Krause Model of Continuous Opinion Dynamics Under Bounded Confidence
   Jan Lorenz

Uncertainty and Cooperation: Analytical Results and a Simulated Agent Society
   Peter Andras, John Lazarus, Gilbert Roberts and Steven J Lynden

Simulating the Emergence of Task Rotation
   Kees Zoethout, Wander Jager and Eric Molleman

The AtollGame Experience: from Knowledge Engineering to a Computer-Assisted Role Playing Game
   Anne Dray, Pascal Perez, Natalie Jones, Christophe Le Page, Patrick D'aquino, Ian White and Titeem Auatabu

The Viability of Cooperation Based on Interpersonal Commitment
   István Back and Andreas Flache

Introduction to the Special Section on Reputation in Agent Societies
   Mario Paolucci and Jordi Sabater-Mir

Evolution of Cooperation when Feedback to Reputation Scores is Voluntary
   Marco A. Janssen

On the Simulation of Global Reputation Systems
   Andreas Schlosser, Marco Voss and Lars Brückner

Dialogues Concerning a (Possibly) New Science
   Guillaume Deffuant, Scott Moss and Wander Jager

An Agent-Based Spatially Explicit Epidemiological Model in MASON
   Jill Bigley Dunham

A Common Protocol for Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Matteo Richiardi, Roberto Leombruni, Nicole J. Saam and Michele Sonnessa

Volume 8(4) published on 31-Oct-2005

How Can Social Networks Ever Become Complex? Modelling the Emergence of Complex Networks from Local Social Exchanges
   Josep M. Pujol, Andreas Flache, Jordi Delgado and Ramon Sangüesa

Violence and Revenge in Egalitarian Societies
   Stephen Younger

Influence of Local Information on Social Simulations in Small-World Network Models
   Chung-Yuan Huang, Chuen-Tsai Sun and Hsun-Cheng Lin

It Pays to Be Popular: a Study of Civilian Assistance and Guerilla Warfare
   Scott Wheeler

Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation
   Ulrich Frank and Klaus G. Troitzsch

Towards Good Social Science
   Scott Moss and Bruce Edmonds

A Framework for Epistemological Perspectives on Simulation
   Joerg Becker, Bjoern Niehaves and Karsten Klose

What is the Truth of Simulation?
   Alex Schmid

The Logic of the Method of Agent-Based Simulation in the Social Sciences: Empirical and Intentional Adequacy of Computer Programs
   Nuno David, Jaime Simão Sichman and Helder Coelho

Validation of Simulation: Patterns in the Social and Natural Sciences
   Günter Küppers and Johannes Lenhard

Stylised Facts and the Contribution of Simulation to the Economic Analysis of Budgeting
   Bernd-O. Heine, Matthias Meyer and Oliver Strangfeld

Does Empirical Embeddedness Matter? Methodological Issues on Agent-Based Models for Analytical Social Science
   Riccardo Boero and Flaminio Squazzoni

Caffè Nero: The Evaluation of Social Simulation
   Petra Ahrweiler and Nigel Gilbert

Routines of Decision Making
Betsch, Tilmann and Haberstroh, Susanne (eds.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Volume 8(3) published on 05-Jul-2005

Sociological Implications of Gift Exchange in Multiagent Systems
   Shah Jamal Alam, Frank Hillebrandt and Michael Schillo

Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Lessons Learned Re-Implementing Axelrod's 'Evolutionary Approach to Norms'
   José Manuel Galán and Luis R. Izquierdo

A Formal Model for the Fifth Discipline
   Lourival Paulino da Silva

The Fate of Spatial Dilemmas with Different Fuzzy Measures of Success
   Hugo Fort and Nicolás Pérez

Inter-Organizational Learning and Collective Memory in Small Firms Clusters: an Agent-Based Approach
   Francesca Borrelli, Cristina Ponsiglione, Luca Iandoli and Giuseppe Zollo

Modelling the Dynamics of Youth Subcultures
   Petter Holme and Andreas Grönlund

MAS-SOC: a Social Simulation Platform Based on Agent-Oriented Programming
   Rafael H Bordini, Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa, Jomi F. Hübner, Fabio Yoshimitsu Okuyama, Álvaro F. Moreira and Renata Vieira

Social Dynamics: Economic Learning and Social Evolution
Durlauf, Steven N. and Young, H. Peyton (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Makowsky

The Design of Innovation: Lessons from and for Competent Genetic Algorithms
Goldberg, David E.
Reviewed by Helder Coelho

Evolutionary Algorithms and Agricultural Systems
Mayer, David G.
Reviewed by Ray Wyatt

Volume 8(2) published on 31-Mar-2005

Anticipatory Systems and the Processing of Meaning: a Simulation Study Inspired by Luhmann's Theory of Social Systems
   Loet Leydesdorff

A Model for a Simple Luhmann Economy
   Anselm Fleischmann

Integrated Description and Qualitative Simulation Method for Group Behavior
   Bin Hu and Xia Gongcheng

Deception and Convergence of Opinions
   André C. R. Martins

Reciprocity, Sanctions, and the Development of Mutual Obligation in Egalitarian Societies
   Stephen Younger

Increasing Learner Retention in a Simulated Learning Network Using Indirect Social Interaction
   Rob E.J.R. Koper

Simulating the Conflict Between Reputation and Profitability for Online Rating Portals
   Boris Galitsky and Mark Levene

Lessons Learned from Converting the Artificial Stock Market to Interval Arithmetic
   J. Gareth Polhill and Luis R. Izquierdo

Technical Note: Evaluating Java Development Kits for Agent-Based Modeling
   Nils B. Weidmann and Luc Girardin

Complexity and Ecosystem Management: the Theory and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems
Janssen, Marco A. (ed.)
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Multi-Agent Systems and Applications
Luck, M., Marik, M., Stepankova, O. and Trappl, R.
Reviewed by Julia Frolova

Distributed Constraint Satisfaction: Foundations of Cooperation in Multi-Agent Systems
Yokoo, Makoto
Reviewed by David L. Sallach

Volume 8(1) published on 31-Jan-2005

SISTER: a Symbolic Interactionist Simulation of Trade and Emergent Roles
   Deborah Duong and John Grefenstette

Agents in Living Color: Towards Emic Agent-Based Models
   Michael Agar

The Ghost in the Model (and Other Effects of Floating Point Arithmetic)
   J. Gareth Polhill, Luis R. Izquierdo and Nicholas M. Gotts

Emerging communication and cooperation in evolving agent societies
   Pieter Buzing, A.E. Eiben and Martijn C. Schut

The Human Science of Simulation: a Robust Hermeneutics for Artificial Societies
   Michael Drennan

Simulating the Emergence of New Religious Movements
   M. Afzal Upal

Social Order in Multiagent Systems
Conte, Rosaria and Dellarocas, Chrysanthos (eds.)
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Conceptual Modelling of Multi-Agent Systems: the Comomas Engineering Environment
Glaser, Norbert
Reviewed by Victor Korobitsin

Creating Internet Intelligence: Wild Computing, Distributed Digital Consciousness, and the Emerging Global Brain
Goertzel, Ben
Reviewed by Carl Henning Reschke

Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation Technologies: a Tapestry of Systems and A. I. Based Theories and Methodologies
Sarjoughian, Hessam S. and Cellier, Francois E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Jeremy Garnett

Volume 7(4) published on 31-Oct-2004

The Use of Logic in Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Frank Dignum, Bruce Edmonds and Liz Sonenberg

Formal Systems and Agent-Based Social Simulation Equals Null?
   Maria Fasli

Responsibility for Societies of Agents
   Rosaria Conte and Mario Paolucci

Reasoning About Other Agents: a Plea for Logic-Based Methods
   Wendelin Reich

Simulating political attitudes and voting behavior
   Johannes Kottonau and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

Simulating SARS: Small-World Epidemiological Modeling and Public Health Policy Assessments
   Chung-Yuan Huang, Chuen-Tsai Sun, Ji-Lung Hsieh and Holin Lin

The Design of Participatory Agent-Based Social Simulations
   Ana Maria Ramanath and Nigel Gilbert

Understanding MABS and Social Simulation: Switching Between Languages in a Hierarchy of Levels
   Oswaldo Terán

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming in Computational Finance
Chen, Shu-Heng (ed.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Imitation in Animals and Artifacts
Dautenhahn, Kerstin and Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. (eds.)
Reviewed by Itzhak Benenson

Sociodynamics: a Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modelling in the Social Sciences
Weidlich, Wolfgang
Reviewed by Glen Lesins

Volume 7(3) published on 30-Jun-2004

VIR-POX: An Agent-Based Analysis of Smallpox Preparedness and Response Policy
   Benjamin M. Eidelson and Ian Lustick

The Structure and Logic of Interdisciplinary Research in Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Nuno David, Maria Bruno Marietto, Jaime Simão Sichman and Helder Coelho

From Classroom Experiments to Computer Code
   Arianna Dal Forno and Ugo Merlone

ALEX3: a Simulation Program to Compare Electoral Systems
   Marie-Edith Bissey, Mauro Carini and Guido Ortona

Simulating Organizational Decision-Making Using a Cognitively Realistic Agent Model
   Ron Sun and Isaac Naveh

Case-Based Reasoning, Social Dilemmas, and a New Equilibrium Concept
   Luis R. Izquierdo, Nicholas M. Gotts and J. Gareth Polhill

Discretized Opinion Dynamics of the Deffaunt Model on Scale-Free Networks
   Dietrich Stauffer, Adriano Sousa and Christian Schulze

Reputation in Artificial Societies: Social Beliefs for Social Order
Conte, Rosaria and Paolucci, Mario
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

An Introduction to Multi-Agent Systems
Wooldridge, Michael
Reviewed by Duncan A. Robertson

Volume 7(2) published on 31-Mar-2004

Simulation of The Dynamic Interactions Between Terror and Anti-Terror Organizational Structures
   Stanislaw Raczynski

When and Why Does Haggling Occur? Some Suggestions from a Qualitative but Computational Simulation of Negotiation
   Bruce Edmonds and David Hales

Seeking Equilibrium Leads to Chaos: Multiple Equilibria Regulation Model
   Ioannis D Katerelos and Andreas G. Koulouris

Applied Evolutionary Economics and Social Simulation
   Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler

Modelling Learning and R&D in Innovative Environments: a Cognitive Multi-Agent Approach
   Javier Pajares, Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias and Adolfo López-Paredes

Knowledge Creation Facing Hierarchy: The Dynamics of Groups Inside The Firm
   Nathalie Lazaric and Alain Raybaut

Small World Dynamics and The Process of Knowledge Diffusion: The Case of The Metropolitan Area of Greater Santiago De Chile
   Piergiuseppe Morone and Richard Taylor

Adoption and Use of Electronic Markets: Individual and Collective Learning
   Eric Darmon and Dominique Torre

Micro Behavioural Attitudes and Macro Technological Adaptation in Industrial Districts: an Agent-Based Prototype
   Riccardo Boero, Marco Castellani and Flaminio Squazzoni

Spatial Evolutionary Modelling
Krzanowski, Roman and Raper, Jonathan (eds.)
Reviewed by Steven Manson

Volume 7(1) published on 31-Jan-2004

Route Decision Behaviour in a Commuting Scenario: Simple Heuristics Adaptation and Effect of Traffic Forecast
   Franziska Klügl and Ana L. C. Bazzan

Generalizing Gibrat: Reasonable Multiplicative Models of Firm Dynamics
   Matteo Richiardi

An Adaptive Toolbox Model: a Pluralistic Modelling Approach for Human Behaviour Based on Observation
   Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Eva Ebenhöh

The Role of Signaling Action Tendencies in Conflict Resolution
   Matthias Scheutz and Paul Schermerhorn

The Effect of Communicating Normative Reputation on the Benefits of Resource Sharing in Simple Societies
   Stephen Younger

Evaluation of free Java-libraries for social-scientific agent based simulation
   Robert Tobias and Carole Hofmann

The GeoGraph 3D Computational Laboratory: Network and Terrain Landscapes for RePast
   Catherine Dibble and Philip G. Feldman

Volume 6(4) published on 31-Oct-2003

Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions and Civic Traditions in Modern Italy
   Ravi Bhavnani

Simulation and Validation of an Integrated Markets Model
   Brian Sallans, Alexander Pfister, Alexandros Karatzoglou and Georg Dorffner

Coordination Mechanisms Based on Cooperation and Competition Within Industrial Districts: an Agent-Based Computational Approach
   Vito Albino, Nunzia Carbonara and Ilaria Giannoccaro

Social Attitudes: Investigations with Agent Simulations Using Webots
   Ivica Mitrovic and Kerstin Dautenhahn

Cross-Element Validation in Multiagent-Based Simulation: Switching Learning Mechanisms in Agents
   Keiki Takadama, Yutaka L. Suematsu, Norikazu Sugimoto, Norberto E. Nawa and Katsunori Shimohara

Model-To-Model Analysis
   David Hales, Juliette Rouchier and Bruce Edmonds

Re-Implementation of a Multi-Agent Model Aimed at Sustaining Experimental Economic Research: the Case of Simulations with Emerging Speculation
   Juliette Rouchier

Simulations of Group Dynamics with Different Models
   Jürgen Klüver and Christina Klüver

Comparing an Individual-Based Model of Behaviour Diffusion with Its Mean Field Aggregate Approximation
   Margaret Edwards, Sylvie Huet, François Goreaud and Guillaume Deffuant

Comparative Analysis of Agent-Based Social Simulations: GeoSim and FEARLUS Models
   Claudio Cioffi-Revilla and Nicholas M. Gotts

Replication, Replication and Replication: Some Hard Lessons from Model Alignmen
   Bruce Edmonds and David Hales

Sim2Web: an Open Source System for Web-Enabling Economic and Financial Simulations
   Sergio Margarita and Michele Sonnessa

Dynamic Social Network Modeling and Analysis: Workshop Summary and Papers
Breiger, Ronald, Carley, Kathleen and Pattison, Philippa (eds.)
Reviewed by Sandra Gonzalez

Thinking with Diagrams
Blackwell, Alan F. (ed.)
Reviewed by Suchi Patel

Evolutionary Economics: Program and Scope
Dopfer, Kurt (ed.)
Reviewed by Carl Henning Reschke

Volume 6(3) published on 30-Jun-2003

Discrete Agent Simulations of the Effect of Simple Social Structures on the Benefits of Resource Sharing
   Stephen Younger

Sentiment and Social Mitosis: Implications of Heider's Balance Theory
   Zhigang Wang and Warren Thorngate

Agent-Based Approach to Investors? Behavior and Asset Price Fluctuation in Financial Markets
   Hiroshi Takahashi and Takao Terano

Do Real Options Perform Better Than Net Present Value? Testing in an Artificial Financial Market
   Massimo Sapienza

Using Self-Designed Role-Playing Games and a Multi-Agent System to Empower a Local Decision-Making Process for Land Use Management: the SelfCormas Experiment in Senegal
   Patrick D'aquino, Christophe Le Page, François Bousquet and Alassane Bah

A Role-Playing Game in Irrigated System Negotiation: Between Play and Reality
   William's Daré and Olivier Barreteau

Gaming Approach Route 26: a Combination of Computer Simulation, Design Tools and Social Interaction
   M Duijn, L.H Immers, F.A Waaldijk and H.J. Stoelhorst

My Kingdom for a Function: Modeling Misadventures of the Innumerate
   Michael Agar

The Significance of Initial Conditions in Simulations
   K. K. Fung and Shekhar Vemuri

Learning SIMUL8: the Complete Guide
Hauge, Jaret W. and Paige, Kerrie N.
Reviewed by László Gulyás

Volume 6(2) published on 31-Mar-2003

Role-Playing Games, Models and Negotiation Processes
   Olivier Barreteau, Christophe Le Page and Patrick D'aquino

A Step-By-Step Approach to Building Land Management Scenarios Based on Multiple Viewpoints on Multi-Agent System Simulations
   Michel Etienne, Christophe Le Page and Mathilde Cohen

SYLVOPAST: a Multiple Target Role-Playing Game to Assess Negotiation Processes in Sylvopastoral Management Planning
   Michel Etienne

The Joint Use of Role-Playing Games and Models Regarding Negotiation Processes: Characterization of Associations
   Olivier Barreteau

Industry As an Organisation of Agents: Innovation and R&D Management
   Javier Pajares, Adolfo López-Paredes and Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias

Formal Models, Social Theory and Computer Simulations: Some Methodical Reflections
   Jürgen Klüver, Christina Klüver and Jörn Schmidt

Agent-Based Verification of Von Thünen's Location Theory
   Yuya Sasaki and Paul Box

Cooperation with Random Interactions and Without Memory or "tags"
   Hugo Fort

Our Companion Modelling Approach
   Olivier Barreteau

Report on the Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS) 2002 Workshop, Bologna, Italy, July 2002
   François Bousquet, Ray Paul, Paul Davidsson and Jaime Simão Sichman

Small Worlds: The Dynamics of Networks Between Order and Randomness
Watts, Duncan J.
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Linked: The New Science of Networks
Barabási, Albert-László
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks
Buchanan, Mark
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

Simulating Organizations: Computational Models of Institutions and Groups
Prietula, Michael J., Carley, Kathleen M. and Gasser, Les (eds.)
Reviewed by Rosaria Conte

Real-Time and Multi-Agent Systems
Attoui, Ammar
Reviewed by Juan de Lara Jaramillo

Guided Evolution of Society: A Systems View
Banathy, Bela H.
Reviewed by Carl Henning Reschke

Commerce, Complexity and Evolution: Topics in Economics, Finance, Marketing and Management
Barnett, William A., Chiarella, Carl, Keen, Steve, Marks, Robert and Schnabl, Hermann (eds.)
Reviewed by James Wiley

Volume 6(1) published on 31-Jan-2003

An Agent-Based Model of Ethnic Mobilisation
   Armano Srbljinovic, Drazen Penzar, Petra Rodik and Kruno Kardov

Attitude Dynamics with Limited Verbalisation Capabilities
   Diemo Urbig

On the Scalability of Social Order - Modeling the Problem of Double and Multi Contingency Following Luhmann
   Peter Dittrich, Thomas Kron and Wolfgang Banzhaf

Investigating Social Interaction Strategies for Bootstrapping Lexicon Development
   Paul Vogt and Hans Coumans

When the Centre Becomes Radical
   Gero von Randow

Simple is Beautiful? and Necessary
   Guillaume Deffuant and Frederic Amblard

Evolutionary Development and Learning: Two Facets of Strategy Generation
   Ilan Fischer

Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology
Dautenhahn, Kerstin (ed.)
Reviewed by Alexis Drogoul

Sociocybernetics: Complexity, Autopoiesis, and Observation of Social Systems
Geyer, Felix and van der Zouwen, Johannes (eds.)
Reviewed by Chris Goldspink

Tools and Techniques for Social Science Simulation
Suleiman, Ramzi, Troitzsch, Klaus G. and Gilbert, Nigel (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson

Conflicting Agents: Conflict Management in Multi-Agent Systems
Tessier, Catherine, Chaudron, Laurent and Mu:ller, Hans-Ju:rgen (eds.)
Reviewed by James Marshall

Strategic Negotiation in Multiagent Environments
Kraus, Sarit
Reviewed by David L. Sallach

Volume 5(4) published on 31-Oct-2002

How Can Extremism Prevail? a Study Based on the Relative Agreement Interaction Model
   Guillaume Deffuant, Frederic Amblard and Gérard Weisbuch

SAM - Simulation of Computer-Mediated Negotiations
   Niels Lepperhoff

Network Structures and Agreement in Social Network Simulations
   Rob Stocker, David Cornforth and Terry Bossomaier

Group Reputation Supports Beneficent Norms
   David Hales

Identifying Cases of Social Contagion Using Memetic Isolation: Comparison of the Dynamics of a Multisociety Simulation with an Ethnographic Data Set
   Derek Gatherer

Social Modelling and Public Policy: Application of Microsimulation Modelling in Australia
   Laurie Brown and Ann Harding

Advances in Artificial Life: 5th European Conference, ECAL '99
Floreano, Dario, Nicoud, Jean-Daniel and Mondada, Francesco (eds.)
Reviewed by Colin Johnson

Tools for Land Use Analysis on Different Scales with Case Studies for Costa Rica
Bouman, Bas A. M., Jansen, Hans G. P., Schipper, Robert A., Hengsdijk, Huib and Nieuwenhuyse, Andre/ (eds.)
Reviewed by Steven Manson

The Edge of Organization: Chaos and Complexity Theories of Formal Social Systems
Marion, Russ
Reviewed by Mario Paolucci

The Predictors: How a Band of Maverick Physicists Set Out to Beat Wall Street
Bass, Thomas A.
Reviewed by H. Van Dyke Parunak

Dynamics of Organizations: Computational Modeling and Organization Theories
Lomi, Alessandro and Larsen, Erik R. (eds.)
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

The Dynamics and Evolution of Social Systems: New Foundations of a Mathematical Sociology
Kluever, Juergen
Reviewed by A. Maurits van der Veen

Volume 5(3) published on 30-Jun-2002

The Power of Commitment in Cooperative Social Action
   David Brichoux and Paul E. Johnson

Opinion Dynamics and Bounded Confidence Models, Analysis and Simulation
   Rainer Hegselmann and Ulrich Krause

An Economic Analysis of Altruism: Who Benefits from Altruistic Acts?
   Klaus Jaffe

Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Systems: Application to Collective Management of Animal Wastes
   Rémy Courdier, François Guerrin, Fenintsoa Andriamasinoro and Jean-Marie Paillat

A Comparison of Simulation Models Applied to Epidemics
   Raul Bagni, Roberto Berchi and Pasquale Cariello

System Dynamic Experiments with Non-Linearity and a Rate of Learning
   C van Dijkum, J van Mens-Verhulst, E van Kuijk and N Lam

PS-I: a User-Friendly Agent-Based Modeling Platform for Testing Theories of Political Identity and Political Stability
   Ian Lustick

Philosophical Ideas on the Simulation of Social Behaviour
   Carlos Gershenson

A European Social Simulation Association
   John Scott and Scott Moss

Complex Life: Nonmodernity and the Emergence of Cognition and Culture
Dean, Alan
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans, Special Issue on Socially Intelligent Agents
Dautenhahn, Kerstin (ed.)
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Social Intelligence
Edmonds, Bruce and Dautenhahn, Kerstin (eds.)
Reviewed by Nicholas M. Gotts

Simulating Ecological and Evolutionary Systems in c
Wilson, Will
Reviewed by Richard Holden

Discrete-Event Simulation: Modeling, Programming and Analysis
Fishman, George S.
Reviewed by Juan de Lara Jaramillo

Applications of Simulation to Social Sciences
Ballot, Ge/rard and Weisbuch, Ge/rard (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul Williamson

Volume 5(2) published on 31-Mar-2002

The Role of Oblivion, Memory Size and Spatial Separation in Dynamic Language Games
   Juan de Lara Jaramillo and Manuel Alfonseca

The Integration of Defectors in a Cooperative Setting
   Marie-Edith Bissey and Guido Ortona

A Multi-Agent Simulation Platform for Modeling Perfectly Rational and Bounded-Rational Agents in a Firm
   Arianna Dal Forno and Ugo Merlone

Simulated Evolution of Language: a Review of the Field
   Amy Perfors

UMDBS - a New Tool for Dynamic Microsimulation
   Thomas Sauerbier

"Methodological Implications of Complex Systems Approaches to Sociality": Some Further Remarks
   Kurt Richardson

Simulation and Social Theory
Cubitt, Sean
Reviewed by David Byrne

Artificial Evolution
Fonlupt, Cyril, Hao, Jin-Kao, Lutton, Evelyne, Ronald, Edmund and Schoenauer, Marc (eds.)
Reviewed by Robin Matthews

Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination and Common Knowledge
Chwe, Michael Suk-Young
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Self-Organization and the City
Portugali, Juval
Reviewed by Alasdair Turner

Volume 5(1) published on 31-Jan-2002

Economic Performance, Inter-Firm Relations and Local Institutional Engineering in a Computational Prototype of Industrial Districts
   Flaminio Squazzoni and Riccardo Boero

Xenophobia and Social Closure: a Development of a Model from Coleman
   Volker Müller-Benedict

Methodological Implications of Complex Systems Approaches to Sociality: Simulation As a Foundation for Knowledge
   Chris Goldspink

Monte Carlo Simulations of Sznajd Models
   Dietrich Stauffer

Can Agent-Based Simulation Improve Dialogue Between Science and Theology?
   Ted Metzler

Mixed Reality or One Reality: a Socio-Semiotic Approach to Hybrid Multiagent Environments
   Inga Tomic-Koludrovic, Mirko Petric and Ivica Mitrovic

Agent Based Social Simulation: a Computer Science View
   Paul Davidsson

Political Complexity: Nonlinear Models of Politics
Richards, Diana (ed.)
Reviewed by Ted Anagnoson

Computational Techniques for Modelling Learning in Economics
Brenner, Thomas (ed.)
Reviewed by Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Trust and Deception in Virtual Societies
Castelfranchi, Cristiano and Tan, Yao-Hua (eds.)
Reviewed by Helder Coelho

Reasoning About Rational Agents
Wooldridge, Michael J.
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Evolution's Arrow: The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity
Stewart, John
Reviewed by David Hales

Multi-Agent-Based Simulation
Moss, Scott and Davidsson, Paul (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Moehring

Volume 4(4) published on 31-Oct-2001

Information Structure and Behaviour of a Textile Industrial District
   Guido Fioretti

ABLOoM: Location Behaviour, Spatial Patterns, and Agent-Based Modelling
   Henriëtte S. Otter, Anne van der Veen and Huib J. de Vriend

Modelling the Emergence of Possession Norms Using Memes
   Felix Flentge, Daniel Polani and Thomas Uthmann

Pair Interactions: Real and Perceived Attitudes
   David Pearson and Marie-Reine Boudarel

Consensus and Cohesion in Simulated Social Networks
   Rob Stocker, David Green and David Newth

Do Irregular Grids Make a Difference? Relaxing the Spatial Regularity Assumption in Cellular Models of Social Dynamics
   Andreas Flache and Rainer Hegselmann

Evaluating the Impact of Increasing Memory on Agent Behaviour: Adaptive Patterns in an Agent Based Simulation of Subsistence
   Andre Costopoulos

Evolutionary Perspectives on Simulations of Social Systems
   Carl Henning Reschke

How Nature Works: The Science of Self-Organised Criticality
Bak, Per
Reviewed by Oswaldo Terán

Computational Finance 1999
Abu-Mostafa, Yaser S., LeBaron, Blake, Lo, Andrew W. and Weigend, Andreas S. (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson

Computational Modeling of Behavior in Organizations: The Third Scientific Discipline
Ilgen, Daniel R. and Hulin, Charles L. (eds.)
Reviewed by Chris Goldspink

The Modelling of Human Behaviour
Schmidt, Bernd
Reviewed by Frederic Amblard

The Global Dynamics of Celullar Automata: An Atlas of Basin of Attraction Fields of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Wuensche, Andrew and Lesser, Mike
Reviewed by H. Van Dyke Parunak

Technological Innovation as an Evolutionary Process
Ziman, John (ed.)
Reviewed by Robert Aunger

International Futures: Choices in the Face of Uncertainty
Hughes, Barry B.
Reviewed by Matthew Hoffmann

Volume 4(3) published on 30-Jun-2001

Clustering and Fighting in Two-Party Crowds: Simulating the Approach-Avoidance Conflict
   Wander Jager

Technology and Culture: the Dissemination and the Potential 'Lock-In' of New Technologies
   Loet Leydesdorff

Lake Anderson Revisited by Agents
   Michael Moehring and Klaus G. Troitzsch

Competition As a Test of Hypotheses: Simulation of Knowledge-Generating Market Processes
   Wolfgang Kerber and Nicole J. Saam

Modelling and Simulating Innovation Behaviour Within Micro-Based Correlated Decision Processes
   Günter Haag and Philipp Liedl

Simulating the Evolution of Localised Industrial Clusters - an Identification of the Basic Mechanisms
   Thomas Brenner

Innovation Networks - a Simulation Approach
   Nigel Gilbert, Andreas Pyka and Petra Ahrweiler

History-Friendly Models: an Overview of the Case of the Computer Industry
   Franco Malerba, Richard Nelson, Luigi Orsenigo and Sidney G. Winter

Empirically Based Simulation: The Case of Twin Peaks in National Income
   Uwe V. Cantner, Bernd Ebersberger, Horst Hanusch, Jens J. Krüger and Andreas Pyka

Flexible Modelling with VSEit, the Versatile Simulation Environment for the Internet
   Kai-H. Brassel

Modelling Strategies for Water Supply Companies to Deal with Nitrate Pollution
   Yvonne Haffner and Stefan Gramel

Neural Networks: An Introduction for Social Scientists
Garson, G. David
Reviewed by Daniel Zizzo

How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and Informatics
Hayles, Katherine
Reviewed by David Byrne

Virtual Worlds: Synthetic Universes, Digital Life, and Complexity
Heudin, Jean-Claude (ed.)
Reviewed by L. Douglas Kiel

Dynamics in Human and Primate Societies: Agent-Based Modeling of Social and Spatial Processes
Kohler, Timothy A. and Gumerman, George J. (eds.)
Reviewed by David L. Sallach

Volume 4(2) published on 31-Mar-2001

Bad Arguments in the Comparison of Game Theory and Simulation in Social Studies
   Wolfgang Balzer, Karl R. Brendel and Solveig Hofmann

Game Theory: Limitations and an Alternative
   Scott Moss

Modelling the Emergence of Resource-Sharing Conventions: an Agent-Based Approach
   Olivier Thebaud and Bruno Locatelli

Intervening to Achieve Co-Operative Ecosystem Management: Towards an Agent Based Model
   Jim Doran

Role-Playing Games for Opening the Black Box of Multi-Agent Systems: Method and Lessons of Its Application to Senegal River Valley Irrigated Systems
   Olivier Barreteau, François Bousquet and Jean-Marie Attonaty

A Bargaining Model to Simulate Negotiations Between Water Users
   Sophie Thoyer, Sylvie Morardet, Patrick Rio, Leo Simon, Rachael Goodhue and Gordon Rausser

From Social Monitoring to Normative Influence
   Rosaria Conte and Frank Dignum

The Creation of a Reputation in an Artificial Society Organised by a Gift System
   Juliette Rouchier, Martin O'Connor and François Bousquet

Creating Artificial Worlds: a Note on Sugarscape and Two Comments
   Pietro Terna

Emergent Actors in World Politics: How States and Nations Develop
Cederman, Lars-Erik
Reviewed by David Lazer

Modelling and Simulation in the Social Sciences from the Philosophy of Science Point of View
Hegselmann, Rainer, Mueller, Ulrich and Troitzsch, Klaus G. (eds.)
Reviewed by Leslie Henrickson

Artificial Life VI: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Artificial Life
Adami, Christoph, Belew, Richard K., Kitano, Hiroaki and Taylor, Charles E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Itzhak Benenson

Multi-Agent Systems: An Introduction to Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Ferber, Jacques
Reviewed by Juliette Rouchier

Economic Simulations in Swarm: Agent-Based Modelling and Object Oriented Programming
Luna, Francesco and Stefansson, Benedikt (eds.)
Reviewed by Paul E. Johnson

Volume 4(1) published on 31-Jan-2001

Narrative Intelligence from the Bottom Up: a Computational Framework for the Study of Story-Telling in Autonomous Agents
   Kerstin Dautenhahn and Steve Coles

Introducing Emotions into the Computational Study of Social Norms: a First Evaluation
   Alexander Staller and Paolo Petta

Intelligent Social Learning
   Rosaria Conte and Mario Paolucci

Six Levels of Complexity; a Typology of Processes and Systems
   Dietrich Fliedner

What is Ascape and Why Should You Care?
   Miles Parker

"ArrierosAlife" a Multi-Agent Approach Simulating the Evolution of a Social System: Modeling the Emergence of Social Networks with "Ascape"
   Klaus Auer and Timothy Norris

Would-Be Worlds: How Simulation is Changing the Frontiers of Science
Casti, John L.
Reviewed by Robert Andersen

Introduction to Artificial Life
Adami, Christoph
Reviewed by David Hales

Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems
Bonabeau, Eric, Dorigo, Marco and Theraulaz, Guy
Reviewed by Franziska Klügl

Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents
Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. (ed.)
Reviewed by Valérie Renault

Computer Modeling of Social Processes
Liebrand, Wim B. G., Nowak, Andrzej and Hegselmann, Rainer (eds.)
Reviewed by Warren Thorngate

Volume 3(4) published on 31-Oct-2000

When One Decides for Many: the Effect of Delegation Methods on Cooperation in Simulated Inter-Group Conflicts
   Ramzi Suleiman and Ilan Fischer

Some Strategies for the Simulation of Vocabulary Agreement in Multi-Agent Communities
   Juan de Lara Jaramillo and Manuel Alfonseca

A Forgiving Strategy for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
   Colm O'Riordan

Why Do Simulation? Towards a Working Epistemology for Practitioners of the Dark Arts
   J. P. Marney and Heather F.E. Tarbert

Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design: Developing Theory for Application
Burton, Richard M. and Obel, Borge
Reviewed by Chris Goldspink

Individual Strategy and Social Structure: An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions
Young, H. Peyton
Reviewed by Oliver Kirchkamp

Volume 3(3) published on 30-Jun-2000

Reciprocal Altruism and Group Formation: the Degree of Segmentation of Reciprocal Altruists Who Prefer 'Old-Helping-Partners'
   Evelien Zeggelink, Henk de Vos and Donald Elsas

Simulating Household Waste Management Behaviours Part 2: Home Composting
   Peter Tucker and Isobel Fletcher

Using AgentSheets to Teach Simulation to Undergraduate Students
   Joaquim Carvalho

Distributed Artificial Intelligence Meets Machine Learning: Learning in Multi-Agent Environments
Weiss, Gerhard (ed.)
Reviewed by Paul D. Scott

Modeling Rationality, Morality and Evolution
Danielson, Peter A. (ed.)
Reviewed by Shepley Orr

Simulation for the Social Scientist
Gilbert, Nigel and Troitzsch, Klaus G.
Reviewed by Andrea Schertler

Volume 3(2) published on 31-Mar-2000

Modelling Social Systems As Complex: Towards a Social Simulation Meta-Model
   Chris Goldspink

Simulating Common Pool Resource Management Experiments with Adaptive Agents Employing Alternate Communication Routines
   Peter Deadman, Edella Schlager and Randy Gimblett

Volume 3(1) published on 31-Jan-2000

Agent-Based Modelling of Collective Identity: Testing Constructivist Theory
   Ian Lustick

Asynchronous Time Evolution in an Artificial Society Model
   Barry G. Lawson and Steve Park

Teaching Social Simulation with Matlab
   Warren Thorngate

Liberal Order for Software Agents? an Economic Analysis
   Dirk Nicolas Wagner

Visual Thinking International
Reviewed by Jeremy Garnett

The Arithmetic of Tax and Social Security Reform: A User's Guide to Microsimulation Methods and Analysis (Department of Applied Economics Occasional Papers)
Redmond, Gerry, Sutherland, Holly and Wilson, Moira
Reviewed by Joakim Hussenius

Validation of Simulation Models
Dijkum, Cor van, DeTombe, Dorien and Kuijk, Etzel van (eds.)
Reviewed by Michael Moehring

The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Chaos, Complex Systems, and Adaptation
Flake, Gary William
Reviewed by Nigel Gilbert

Volume 2(3) published on 30-Jun-1999

The Spread of the 'Lapita People': a Demographic Simulation
   Anne Di Piazza and Erik Pearthree

Controlled Simulation of Marriage Systems
   Douglas White

Finding an Invisible History: a Computer Simulation Experiment (in Virtual Polynesia)
   Cathy Small

Topology, Metric and Dynamics of Social Systems
   Jürgen Klüver and Jörn Schmidt

Spontaneous Change, Unpredictability and Consumption Externalities: a Dynamic Approach to Consumer Choice
   John Kemp

Gossip, Sexual Recombination and the El Farol Bar: Modelling the Emergence of Heterogeneity
   Bruce Edmonds

Simulating Household Waste Management Behaviours
   Peter Tucker and Andrew Smith

The Multi-Agent Modelling Language and the Model Design Interface
   László Gulyás, Tamás Kozsik and John B. Corliss

Chaos, Complexity and Sociology: Myths, Models, and Theories
Eve, Raymond A., Horsfall, Sara and Lee, Mary E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Alan Dean

Barriers and Bounds to Rationality: Essays on Economic Complexity and Dynamics in Interactive Systems
Albin, Peter S. and Foley, Duncan K. (ed.)
Reviewed by Roger McCain

Multi-Agent Rationality
Boman, Magnus and Van de Velde, Walter (eds.)
Reviewed by Armin Roehrl

Agent Technology: Foundations, Applications, and Markets
Jennings, Nicholas R. and Wooldridge, Michael J. (eds.)
Reviewed by Jaime Simão Sichman

Volume 2(2) published on 31-Mar-1999

The Origin of Institutions: Socio-Economic Processes, Choice, Norms and Conventions
   José Castro Caldas and Helder Coelho

An Integrated Approach to Simulating Behavioural Processes: a Case Study of the Lock-in of Consumption Patterns
   Marco A. Janssen and Wander Jager

Technological Change, Learning and Macro-Economic Coordination: an Evolutionary Model
   Gérard Ballot and Erol Taymaz

Concepts for an Agent-Based Framework for Interdisciplinary Social Science Simulation
   Elke Mentges

Complexity and Postmodernism: Understanding Complex Systems
Cilliers, Paul
Reviewed by David Byrne

Neural Networks for Economic and Financial Modelling
Beltratti, Andrea, Margarita, S. and Terna, P.
Reviewed by Robert Marks

Thought Contagion: How Belief Spreads Through Society, the New Science of Memes
Lynch, Aaron
Reviewed by Paul Marsden

Volume 2(1) published on 31-Jan-1999

Simulating Correctional Disturbances: the Application of Organization Control Theory to Correctional Organizations Via Computer Simulation
   Steven Patrick, Patricia Dorman and Robert Marsh

Simulating Norms, Social Inequality, and Functional Change in Artificial Societies
   Nicole J. Saam and Andreas G. Harrer

Multi-Level Simulation in Lisp-Stat
   Nigel Gilbert

Special Interest Group on Agent-Based Social Simulation
   Rosaria Conte and Scott Moss

Social Science Microsimulation
Troitzsch, Klaus G., Mueller, Ulrich, Gilbert, G. Nigel and Doran, Jim E. (eds.)
Reviewed by Brendan Halpin

Evolutionary Game Theory
Weibull, Jorgen
Reviewed by Daniel Probst

System Effects: Complexity in Political and Social Life
Jervis, Robert
Reviewed by Scott E. Page

Volume 1(4) published on 31-Oct-1998

Critical Incident Management: an Empirically Derived Computational Model
   Scott Moss

An Open Mind is Not an Empty Mind: Experiments in the Meta-Noosphere
   David Hales

Extending Ascribed Intensional Ontologies with Taxonomical Relations in Anthropological Descriptions of Multi-Agent Systems
   Rafael H Bordini, John A. Campbell and Renata Vieira

Emergence: From Chaos to Order
Holland, John H.
Reviewed by Tony Curzon Price

Genetic Programming and Data Structures: Genetic Programming + Data Structures = Automatic Programming! (Genetic Programming)
Langdon, William B.
Reviewed by Bruce Edmonds

Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors: Towards Autonomous Personality Agents
Trappl, Robert and Petta, Paolo (eds.)
Reviewed by Rosaria Conte

Volume 1(3) published on 30-Jun-1998

Understanding Complex Social Dynamics: a Plea for Cellular Automata Based Modelling
   Andreas Flache and Rainer Hegselmann

Just How (Un)realistic Are Evolutionary Algorithms As Representations of Social Processes?
   Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Normative Reputation and the Costs of Compliance
   Cristiano Castelfranchi, Rosaria Conte and Mario Paolucci

Design Versus Cognition: the Interaction of Agent Cognition and Organizational Design on Organizational Performance
   Kathleen Carley, Michael J. Prietula and Zhiang (John) Lin

SOCIONICS: Introduction and Potential
   Heinz-Jürgen Müller, Thomas Malsch and Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer

Simulating Society: A Mathematica Toolkit for Modeling Socioeconomic Behavior
Gaylord, Richard J. and D'Andria Louis J.
Reviewed by Rainer Hegselmann

Chaos and Intoxication: Complexity and Adaption in the Structure of Human Nature
Dean, Alan
Reviewed by Chathika Gunaratne

Volume 1(2) published on 31-Mar-1998

Individual Versus Social Survival Strategies
   Federico Cecconi and Domenico Parisi

Societies, Cultures and Fisheries from a Modeling Perspective
   Gérard Weisbuch and Guillemette Duchateau-Nguyen

DEPINT: Dependence-Based Coalition Formation in an Open Multi-Agent Scenario
   Jaime Simão Sichman

Simulation of Order Fulfillment in Divergent Assembly Supply Chains
   Troy J Strader, Fu-ren Lin and Michael J Shaw

Simulation Tools for Social Scientists: Building Agent Based Models with SWARM
   Pietro Terna

Simulating Social Phenomena (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Conte, Robert, Hegselmann, R. and Terna, P. (eds.)
Reviewed by Scott Moss

Modélisation Et Simulation D'ecosystemes
Coquillard, Patrick
Reviewed by David Servat

Volume 1(1) published on 31-Jan-1998

Kinship Based Demographic Simulation of Societal Processes
   Dwight Read

Qualitative Modeling and Simulation of Socio-Economic Phenomena
   Giorgio Brajnik and Marji Lines

Simulating Collective Misbelief
   Jim Doran

Social Order in Artificial Worlds
   Michael Macy

Through the Minds of the Agents
   Cristiano Castelfranchi

The Complexity of Cooperation: Agent-Based Models of Competition and Collaboration
Axelrod, Robert
Reviewed by Ken Binmore