Volume 26, Issue 3

Published on 30 June 2023


Spatial Disparities in Vaccination and the Risk of Infection in a Multi-Region Agent-Based Model of Epidemic Dynamics
   Myong-Hun Chang and Troy Tassier

Superiority Bias and Communication Noise Can Enhance Collective Problem Solving
   Amin Boroomand and Paul E. Smaldino

On the Interplay of Gullibility, Plausibility, and Criticism: A Computational Model of Epistemic Vigilance
   Daniel Reisinger, Marie L. Kogler and Georg Jäger

Classification-Based Opinion Formation Model Embedding Agents’ Psychological Traits
   Carlos Andres Devia and Giulia Giordano

Polarization in Social Media: A Virtual Worlds-Based Approach
   Dennis Jacob and Sven Banisch

Agent-Based Simulation of Policy Funding Tradeoffs Through the Lens of Legitimacy and Hardship
   Jack Mitcham

An Agent-Based Simulation Model of Pedestrian Evacuation Based on Bayesian Nash Equilibrium
   Yiyu Wang, Jiaqi Ge and Alexis Comber

Identifying the Impact of Artifacts-Based Exploration and Exploitation on Routines’ Formation Dynamics: An Agent-Based Model
   Dehua Gao and Yumei Yang

Corrigendum to 'the Role of Argument Strength and Informational Biases in Polarization and Bi-Polarization Effects', Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 26 (2) 5, 2023
   Carlo Proietti and Davide Chiarella

Special Section on "“Social Identity Modelling, PART II" (Guest editors: Nanda Wijermans, Geeske Scholz, Martin Neumann, Rocco Paolillo, and Anne Templeton)

Editorial: Social Identity Modelling
   Nanda Wijermans, Geeske Scholz, Martin Neumann, Rocco Paolillo, Anne Templeton, Vhonani Netshandama and Doris Neuberger

How Polarization Extends to New Topics: An Agent-Based Model Derived from Experimental Data
   Dino Carpentras, Adrian Lueders, Paul J. Maher, Caoimhe O'Reilly and Michael Quayle

When "I" Becomes "We": Modelling Dynamic Identity on Autonomous Agents
   Inês Lobo, Joana Dimas, Samuel Mascarenhas, Diogo Rato and Rui Prada

The Role of Social Identity in a Population's Adoption of Prosocial Common-Pool Behavior
   Garry Sotnik, Serhii Choporov and Thaddeus Shannon

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